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It's the oil, stupid

An excellent article covering the facts of oil and the Unied States' war crimes to obtain it

If you haven't seen it yet, the article referenced here is well worth the 10 minutes or so it will take to review it. The reason why the Bush regime invaded Iraq was to seize control of their oil -- obviously. However the article covers how the US is attempting to seize control of the oil while at the same time defend their theft attempt in the North and South of Iraq from the people who actually own the oil: the Iraqi people.

The best hope of the Iraqi freedom fighters is to continue to target the oil infrastructure to ensure that the fascist regime does not profit for their war crime atrocities against humanity. Even more so, were the Bush regime able to manage to steal the country's oil, that would embolden other nations to try to pull the same mass crime against other oil producing nations.

Reducing the nation's reliance on oil is a phenomena that _will_ eventually have to take place, and the US and other fascist regimes will eventually be forced to impose extensive, massive rationing. But that won't happen so long as these fascist regimes are willing to engage in indiscriminate, massive, wonton slaughter of brown people who stand on top of oil. If the people fighting for their lives, their children's lives, their country, and their nation's oil were to focus on targeting the oil infrastructure to ensure that Unocal, Exxon/Mobile, and the rest of the fascist corporate regimes can't steal the oil, petrolium rationing in the industralized nations will be forced upon the populace that much sooner.


homepage: homepage: http://www.atimes.com/atimes/Middle_East/GI22Ak01.html

... 27.Sep.2005 17:42

this thing here

what's the real and proper name for the debacle in iraq? yes, that's right... Operation Iraqi Liberation. as an acronym, what does that spell?

liberate iraq's oil from saddam, thereby liberating iraq's oil from an embargo and a derelict iraqi oil industry, thereby increasing worldwide supplies of oil by "x" amount, thereby lowering it's price by "y" amount, thereby helping to keep america's unsustainable economy grind on for however much longer. that's called a "prime national security objective". that's called a reason for war. oh yeah, then there's these countries called india and china, and they're going crazy for that shit just at the same time we are. just like the rest of the world is. is there enough to go around?...

now, all that was needed was an excuse to start the war. a big, fancy, special excuse. one that pushes the fear button in citizens really really hard, one that get's them to respond like puppets on demand. hmm, what about something with big explosions and collapsing buildings, coming out the clear blue sky one day when no one was expecting it. you know, a big production...

Hey This thing here 27.Sep.2005 18:46


It's actually Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Which spells OIF.

It's all about the Oif? Nope, probalby it's just a name.

Hey Jason 28.Sep.2005 13:02


United States military operations were conducted first under the codename Operation Iraqi Liberation, quoted by Ari Fleischer on March 24, 2003, but was soon renamed Operation Iraqi Freedom, as quoted by George W. Bush on April 3, 2003. It was rumored that the name change was to avoid the first codename's acronym, O.I.L.


What you mean "US" ? 28.Sep.2005 13:48

reader 2

Good notes, Fred Rice, but one thing needs to be corrected. You say: "The reason why the Bush regime invaded Iraq was to seize control of their oil -- obviously. However the article covers how the US is attempting to seize control of the oil"

The oil isn't for the US, it's for the Empire, the New World Order, for global capital. We, here in the US, can get some part of the oil if we pay for it in blood, sweat, tears and gold. BUT it ain't for us, we are not supposed to ever gain control of the oil of Iraq. As for the profits from the sale of the oil that belongs to Iraq, those belong to the Bush crime family and their international associates.

What you mean "US"?

It's the ISREAL, stupid 29.Sep.2005 00:00

Oded Yinon

please review your evidence.

who wrote, in 1982, that IRak should be broken into three little pieces?

Who was he writing the policy for?

US means you 29.Sep.2005 00:10


Until there is some evidence that you are seriously attempting to regain control of your government, US means you. The state is crammed tight with folks like you, piously muttering platitudes, swearing innocence with eyes squeezed shut, lining up for their fairshare of the loot.

It is no longer possible to claim ignorance, reader2. Do something. Anything.

You are just milling around getting in the way of the real people.