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Sen. Ron Wyden says he will vote in favor of Roberts
In an article published on the KATU-TV site [ http://www.katu.com/news/story.asp?ID=79992], Wyden is quoted as saying he will support Roberts' nomination. Is there a chance we can get at one Democratic Senator in Oregon. Jeez!
what next 28.Sep.2005 17:55

red tree

As a looooong time Democrat, I must say, it seems there is no chance of 'us' ever finding a "real" Democrat anymore. Give it up. It is hard for me to say this, coming from many years of supporting the Democratic Party. I know that many who contribute to this blog already knew what I am just now learning. There is really no difference between the parties.....all are held hostage by the corporate world. Don't read this and think, "gee what a clueless person"...think instead, "here is an older citizen whom I never believed would ever come to realize that this is not the America in which she grew up."

Wyden is a Turd 28.Sep.2005 20:34


Agreed, must go.
For my Union sisters and brothers out there... Bring these issues up at election time.. Wyden gets plenty of PAC dollers..

The Lesser of Two Evils 28.Sep.2005 21:00


I suspect that Wyden has figured the angles and knows who he can kick out of the boat and who is going to keep him in office. He likes the job and has gotten better at calculating and cultivating his power base. As long as he looks and sounds more liberal than Smith, he is saying, "It's me or a fundamentalist elitist," and everyone caves in.
Along with that level of electoral calculus comes personal risk taking, going after the big donors. What ever becomes of those highly publicized "investigations" that he gins up? Seems they sort of taper off into inconsequential mumbling. Now it remains to start scrutinizing his levels of corruption and fast deals. He's sold out to someone(s).
Maybe he's looking for personal traction on the Hillary bandwagon, getting a ride with the Dems Leadership Conference.
Who knows, maybe he's even getting ready to change "parties"!

but, red tree, we must still struggle 29.Sep.2005 23:16


Red, I am sorry to say that you're right. Wyden is in there good. Some day, he will die, retire, move on. If you throw in the hat and don't bother (forget mention of Democrat or Republican), you are tipping the scales in favor of those who support corporate whores like Wyden. By standing against what Wyden stands for, you may not get him booted out of office, but you will be doing your part to keep the populus from growing to think that Wyden's actions are acceptable.

I don't know anybody who likes the job Wyden is doing; it's always a vote for the lesser evil. That makes a big difference. If people gladly elected Wyden, then not only would we be living with the consequences of his bad governmental actions, but we'd also be living with people who thought that Wyden was doing good things. So let us keep up the good fight.