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KBOO supernova

the things we could do.....
KBOO is currently in a last sprint to prise $220 K from a reluctant CPB. Among the Staff and the Board, this is viewed as a worthwhile goal, but as only a part of the Pledge Drive. We've defied CPB cuts before, and we sailed past the Republican "death sentence" cuts years ago, because we decided to take our case directly to the people. This is in contrast to other "community radio" stations around the nation, who buckled under to Federal pressure to abandon dissenting commentary and "real news" in favor of boutique, balkanized ethno-music schedules. If we get the CPB money (based on a harsh deadline), great, and if we don't, the Feds can screw themselves!

At present, KBOO seems to be building a greater national presence (see KBOO.FM). Despite some problems with maintaining news department continuity, we are on track to start up some decent reporting. And the Internet has had the effect of breaking the AP News propaganda buzz. We hope to do more local reporting soon.

The new Board is chock-full of bright, eager, experienced activists. Expect some changes. And they are ready to listen to you.

I am writing this, however, because I have been chafing at the seemingly intractable restrictions of having only one frequency. I agree with the KBOO mission of serving under-served communities, and the result has been awesome, not only in terms of ear-pleasing eclectic/cultural music shows, but -well—we have the only non-commercial noticieros latinos program, and it RAWKS.

Che Guevara once frightened the piss out of the Dulles Brothers by saying "One, two...many Vietnams." We need to do the same with KBOO-owned radio frequencies, in my opinion. It's time to strike while the iron is hot, that is, while the Republiscum/Demodummy capitalist juggernaut is in confusion. I say we find a way to buy one—or some—of the available FM and AM frequencies in the area, and use them to greatly expand anti-corporate public affairs, news, and talk programs.

What do *you* think? Are those of you in the Left foundations (hello McKenzie!) reading this? Start-up funding can be paid back with fund drives and with local-business sponsorships. We have enough room at the KBOO facility to expand;—the building has been approved for a second story. We could have more live local music, City Council live broadcasts with commentary, hourly news, a second or third time for Democracy Now broadcasts, all without stealing time from local under-served communities. With the increased funding our greater presence would bring, we could buy time on Sirius Satellite, expand our Webcast with archived shows, et cetera.

This is the time to think big—"There is disorder under heaven, and the situation is excellent." Did you know that there are feasible ways to reverse global warming? That the $11.5 trillion sitting in unseized offshore tax havens could fund a revolution and destroy world poverty? That the US government is poised to depopulate us with zoonotic avian influenza right now? These are things that a nationally expanded KBOO could have an impact on.

Contact KBOO at 503-231-8032 for information about Board meetings (legally open to the public) and about expressing your opinions via written commentary to the Board.

Hasta la Revolucion, siempre

Dylan Special 29.Sep.2005 17:26


I loved the Bob Dylan special today! I was reminded I needed to do my annual pledge, and I did call in with it today. I'm appreciative of KBOO.

I agree with you 30.Sep.2005 06:48

analysis by the dude

I agree T. Got to get on that dial. Das FCC rules are a bit baffling and financial operation is prolematic,b ut the idea seems sound.

Didn't KBOO make the $90k goal? 06.Oct.2005 09:08

KBOO Member

My understanding is that KBOO reached its $90,000 goal by last Friday (the deadline), and is thus eligible for the $200K+ federal funds.

True? False? Only half the story?


Open Up 06.Oct.2005 10:30


I think KBOO could stand to get rid of some old shows and get some new shows. Or, if not get rid of some shows move them to later hours or chop the times in half, etc.

Yes to all of the above 06.Oct.2005 16:56

Johanna Gnade

Another frequency would be oh, so nice. The programming committee does this fantastic juggling act right now, trying to serve all segments of the community. That's gotta be a tough job, cause no matter what you do, somebody will have something to say. There's lots of programming and only 24 hours in the day, mind you.

Another frequency, another 24 hours would be filled so quick! There are already "web-only" specials spilling out of the website. They can't all be aired on account that there just ain't enough time in the day. Theresa's right. Right now the place is fair bursting with energy. New faces and new ideas, just nowhere to put them all.

Another frequency! Yes, think big. Any board members listening? To the table!