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is there hope at the end of this madness

One day on the bridge a woman asked me why I call myself the Lone Vet. She also was interested in what I saw for the future of our beloved country. I remember answering that I did not know but there is always hope. For the second time a friend asked me about this most important concept, so I will try to answer the question, "Is there hope?"

Our republic, in my opinion, is based on trust. We elect people to represent us in Washington and we trust them to do honorable work for the betterment of the country. Most of us want to be free from the nuts and bolts of running this country that we call the United States of America, we are busy trying to live our lives. We are in the grips of a criminal administration and are now forced to look at the decisions that were made and the reason for those decisions. We trusted our politicians and the trust was broken almost from the first day Bush took office. I do have hope, and it is you.

Today, as I write this, I am aware that most Americans now say that invading Iraq was a bad idea, that the president should have moved faster on Katrina and overall is not doing a good job. I am also aware that as the polls fall for Bush so will his ability to frighten the news media and others who are terrified to criticize this family of wolves. There is great hope here, and people have just taken to the streets in the hundreds of thousands to protest many of the Bush policies. The Republican Party is faced with investigations, indictments and just had one of their worst weeks in years. There is hope here.

I expect in the coming months that Bush and Rove will attack those who criticize to such an extent that honorable republicans will also begin to oppose them. That will be the kiss of death for the "Bush Crime Family."

I now go to my bridge on Thursday and Friday with my sign because I do see hope, a flicker of light in this dark tunnel we are all trapped in, just a flicker. This is not the time to slow down, this is the time to double everything that you are doing, protest more, write more, call more, because without hope there is only the Bush Criminal Family to laugh at you. Each of us throws a rock into the ocean of corruption, soon, very soon you will see a wonderful new Island being created, we shall call it the Island of Hope. When I do despair, I think of these words :

"I remember that all through history, the way of truth and love has always won; there have been tyrants and murderers, and for a time they can seem invincible, but in the end they always fall."
Mahatma Gandhi,

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whatever 01.Oct.2005 11:49

question authority

There is something to honor and beauty, WHATEVER the whatever-sayers say.

It was FEAR and now there's HOPE. It's beautiful writing. An honorable stand.

Who needs "whatever"? There may be base survival in "whatever" -- but no more than that.

But if survival is your thing, your need I presume, why not do it right and keep so busy that you have no time to waste posting yet another "whatever" on IndyMedia? -- oh, well, whatever ...

I understand 04.Oct.2005 07:22

Working Class Mama

My disillusionment started earlier, under Clinton, and because of that I have a bit more critique when it comes to the system, but I relate to your feeling. I too think there is finally hope(despite all my doubts and fears). There are many people now forced to be aware of the system's shortcomings. When that happens, many amazing things can get accomplished, and another generation is changed forever. The WTO meeting under Clinton for example. I just hope that we can take this time of turmoil, this opportunity to look at our system and change it fundamentally to eliminate imperialism from our lives and the world. Then hopefully others will be inspired and do the same. Again, thank you Joe. We are not alone. If not in body, then in spirit.