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Slaughtering Journalists by the Book

American troops are killing journalists in Iraq with regularity with no repercussions because under the Pentagon's "rules of engagement," slaughtering anyone a soldier thinks might be suspicious is the right?indeed the heroic--thing to do.

The US military has decided that although American troops killed Knight-Ridder reporter Yasser Salihee in Baghdad, no one needs to be punished, because the sniper who shot him in the head as he drove to get gas for his car to take his daughter to a swimming pool had followed the Pentagon's "rules of engagement."

But that's the problem, isn't it?

Those "rules of engagement" that are being used by US occupation forces in Iraq have led to the deaths of 13 journalists--an astonishing toll of slaughter. And these same "rules" have led to tens of thousands of Iraqi deaths in the same manner--deaths we don't even hear about.

The number of journalists killed have led Reuter's global managing editor, David Schlessinger, to write to Senate Armed Services Committee Chair Sen. John Warner (R-VA), saying that the US military in Iraq is "out of control." A total of 66 journalists have died so far, including three from Reuters.

What's needed aren't more investigations--though clearly there should be an investigation of every civilian death, and of every reporter's death. What's needed are new "rules of engagement" that don't lead to the slaughter of innocents.

Better yet, let's bring these uniformed "heroes" home right now before they kill again with official sanction.

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war on intellectuals 02.Oct.2005 12:20


It's simply war against intellectuals. Just like 'Operation Phoenix' in Vietnam. Snipers cleanse the theatre of those who can clearly interpret the situation, especially those operating independently. No one is pulling that trigger by accident when it comes to journalists. Welcome to the wonderful world of modern warfare, an excercise in slaughter whose roots are Hitlerian in nature. At one time it was just the 'Special Ops' whose morality was non-existent. Even regular troops shunned most of the spook types, whose midnight forays of kidnapping and mayhem went beyond the precepts of basic training by light years. Today's 'regular' troops have assimilated this spook consciousness completely. Routine torture and abuse of all and any prisoners is now acceptable to the most virtuous among the troops. Laugh if you must about what some call the Nazi tendencies in today's services, but a true study of the Bush family's history (try Kitty Kelley) reveals an intimate relationship between family patriarch Prescott Bush and Adolph Hitler's rise to power. Bush's CIA (Their Headquarters Bldg. is named after Herbert Walker) morphed from WWII's OSS, a nest of Nazi spies imported by Harry Truman to keep the Russians at bay. The initials 'SS' weren't put there by accident either.

... 02.Oct.2005 12:52

this thing here

one more morally repugnant, failed tactic in yet one more war that never should have been. who the fuck in the american military thinks that killing journalists will "help america win the war against the terrorists"? the illogic is staggering and unexplainable. might as well kill all the trees in iraq, or shoot all the farm animals, for the good it will do in "winning". the stupidity, the stupidity...