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The FBI scares the public by framing the threat as one coming from activists instead of coming from global warming, and earth destructive corporations. It is dangerous to adopt the rhetoric of the FBI, as many Hearn and other progressives seem to. The label "eco-terrorist" was originally coined by timber industry public relations firms, & quickly adopted by law enforcement and mainstream media. However, when progressive journalists uncritically adopt and use terms such as "eco-terrorist" and "extremists" they are not being accurate. You are only legitimizing the FBI's point of view.

The FBI scares the public by framing the threat as one coming from activists instead of coming from global warming, and earth destructive corporations. It is dangerous to adopt the rhetoric of the FBI, as Kelly Hearn of Alternet.org and other progressives seem to. The label "eco-terrorist" was originally coined by timber industry public relations firms, & quickly adopted by law enforcement and mainstream media. However, when progressive journalists uncritically adopt and use terms such as "eco-terrorist" and "extremists" they are not being accurate. You are only legitimizing the FBI's point of view.

Eco-activist, Jeff Free Luers is serving a 22 year 8 month sentence (twice the sentence received by the Abu Grahib sadists) for burning 3 SUV's at a deserted dealership in Oregon (not California). He once said, the "REAL eco-terrorists, are the ones terrorizing our eco-systems". The terrorists are arguably companies such as Weyerhauser, Monsanto, Union Carbide and Halliburton, who have had an enormous destructive impact on both the natural world, and on human health. As Utah Philips said, these people "have names and addresses."

The FBI's attitude towards Greenpeace reveals that one does not have to break the law to become a target or be treated as a terrorist threat! The FBI put the ELF/ALF (who have never targeted or threatened life) in the same category as the KKK, which has terrorized, burned and lynched 100's of black people.

Forms of dissent which cannot be easily controlled and safely neutralized like marching, voting, lobbying, letter writing, etc. are defined as "terrorism." However, property destruction has been a part of American dissent since the Boston Tea Party. While some re-arrange the deck chairs on the Titanic, the real life icebergs are melting from climate change. Jeff Free Luers, wants us to turn the ship around. With a corporate media blackout on environmental issues (as they sell millions of SUV's) it becomes necessary to get the truth out through other means.

Recently CNN wanted to interview Jeff, but was denied access by the prison he is in. Why? Because Jeff is a well spoken, convincing, intelligent and passionate person, whose words and deeds have a power to inspire those who feel like this is a sinking ship. America is collectively asleep at the wheel of its gas/blood guzzling SUV's on collision course with a disaster that will make the flood in New Orleans look tame.

PLEASE SEE Jeff's website to support his appeal, and read his brilliant essays.

homepage: homepage: http://freefreenow.org

Terrorists???? 02.Oct.2005 13:12

eva destruction

This brings up the issue how the public relations industry is attempting to undermine efforts to hold those who rape the earth accountable for their actions. I had the pleasure of reading the book, "Toxic Sludge is Good for You." It detailed how the PR firm Burston Marstellar recommended to the fossil fuel industry that they espouse the idea that global warming is uncertain to stall action on the issue. I guess that another or the same firm recommends now saying that the actual warming could be caused by other sources. The publishers of the book have a website dedicated to exposing the PR industry. It is  http://prwatch.org/
Ecoterrorists? Hardly. Not like they've killed anyone- ever. I prefer to call SUV drivers terrorists. Or at least "gas guzzling facists."

SUVs are dangerous for people driving more reasonable cars 02.Oct.2005 16:11


SUVs are more likely to kill drivers in smaller cars. A combination of self-presevervation and lack of caring about the common good causes people to buy these things. "If you're gonna crash into a brick wall, get a Volvo. If your gonna crash into a car, get a truck!"

GM/Daimler Chrysler and Ford are the real terrorists for marketing big heavy vehicles that destroy the environment, motivate oil-wars, cause global warming and kill people who drive little hondas!

Giving somebody 22 years for arson is extreme and obviously politically and/or fear motivated. It's obscene. Go get some rapists or find osama or something... sheeit.

Remember Judi Bari! The First Named An Ecoterrorist? 02.Oct.2005 23:06

King Madrona and the Fronds

The Scene: Camping in Oregon in the Early '90's. Headline in newspaper.......Ecoterrorist victim of own bomb----FBI Investigating. Activists and family members shaking heads around a campfire while a wizened elder describes the Black Panther movement and its systematic destruction and subsequent assassination of most of its members.

The Elder breaks down the term ecoterrorist as an attempt to reframe our language and set up future activists as criminals based on, at that time, their association in the media with plane hijackers. That is, people who are ecoterrorists threaten the innocent lives of those who are along for the legitimate ride. A definite no-no in American mass consciousness of the era. While at the same time the word-framers are attempting to confuse the language of an emerging 'Ecotopian'-Cascadian consciousness. Judi Bari's assassination attempt, by whoever, was the reaction to her success in organizing the Labor movement and Earth Activists and Forest Defenders of the time. She was threatening the Corporate stranglehold on the Northwest and California by mediating the Industry-created differences between the members of these logging communities. She showed all of us how we could have old growth forests and logging too if we would organize ourselves and follow the successful examples of selective logging by family run operations over generations.

Meanwhile, the Elder went on to describe how this would be the beginning of the propaganda war for peoples hearts and minds relating to their environment. Just like the Black Panthers were maligned for the Constitutionally protected American tradition of armed self-defense, so too would environmentalists begin to face the same tactics once they became successful in overriding the brainwashing and affecting real change in the American psyche towards their collective environment. This Elder prepared those present for this time when there would seem to be no way to change the criminalization of our very being on the planet.

When the term Eco Terrorist was coined in the public domain it was a few articles from coast to coast in most daily newspapers. Then all the attention dropped until the latter nineties when we began to see the use of the term more often in reference to active resistance, i.e., animal liberation actions, anti-development direct actions, whaling operation actions, nuclear testing actions, and tree-spiking operations. Until now, in the days of 'you're either with us or you're against us' the Eco Terrorist labeling has entered the daily consciousness of digitalized people as anyone who has the trappings of an independent-organic, green lifestyle. Do you say ELF in public?

Thank you Judi Bari for waking us up. In your passing, as well as in your living, you continue to enlighten us with your wisdom. Let us not be afraid! Take back the use of language and never ever let the true revolutionaries before us to have lived and died in vain. Honor their light! Grab hold o' the reins o noble ones of earth movements. Teach the young ones to not be afraid of the branding, Let them revel in the beauty of their living strength and go forward with the conviction and courage to create a world they see fit!

Blessings Be with the Families who have had to endure the pain of losing their loved ones in these righteous battles!

She is like a mountain
Old and Strong
She goes On and On and On
You can't kill the spirit!

symbiotic anarchism & forest ecology 05.Oct.2005 15:49

luna moth

This is a continuation of a thread from Rogue imc with some individuals who chose to defend private logging corporations like Maxxam/PL, Weyerhauser, etc..

Part of debating with the opposition includes making a sound arguement in favor of what we would like to happen. This includes an end to corporate logging and a return of stolen land to original indigenous caretakers..

This can apply to Maxxam/PL, Plum (scum) Creek, Roseburg, SPI, Weyerhauser, etc..

For entire thread of comments and debate visit rogue imc article "an opposite perspective" or direct linx @;


Moon Muffin, Chane Sau, et al., you say anarchist like it's a bad thing!!

Yes, my ideology is mostly anarchist with a bit of communism and libertarianism mixed in. My actual lifestyle is caught between lesser evil "green" capitalism and trade/barterism or handout/dumpster divinism. Combine that with some primitivism, and yes, definite anti-corporatism (aka anti-fascism)! Anarchism is more than just some people throwing bottles in the street, it involves a symbiosis with the ecosystem and other people without any intervention from government or corporations. To learn more about different anarchist ideology and lifestyle..




Under this current corporatist system most people are not able to really live free on the land, since the capitalist concept of private property and police state politics tends to prevent any long term land occupation where growing food would be an option. Some community gardens show that living free would be possible if the developers would give the condominium construction a rest. The idea about hunting antelope isn't so bad (if they were restored to a greater herd size), only that antelope and bison were driven to near extinction by European immigrant's commercial hunting, not the thousands of years of indigenous sustainance hunting. For vegans and vegetarians, there are also many native plants in the ecosystem capable of providing people and animals with their nutritional needs, as example, acorn bread (from oaks) is delicious after leaching acorns!!

BTW, the current US model of corporate forestry is actually corporate socialism, with large corporations being given tax breaks and even subsidies from taxpayers. Ask any libertarian, this is NOT considered an example of free market capitalism, nor is corporate socialism an example of socialism for and by the people. Cuba is doing a good job of providing people with food post industrial agriculture. Community gardens in downtown Havana and people raising beneficial insectos on rooftops shows that we can take care of ourselves without corporate agriculture..


The merger of corporations and government = fascism. That is what the reality of modern day corporate US government gives the people and ecosystem. Short term profit for stockholders is valued above long term ecosystem health, whether in forests or farmlands. Maxxam/PL, Weyerhauser, Plum (scum) Creek, Roseburg, Sierra Pacific Industries are all private timber corporations, to add insult to injury, they also can engage in clearcutting on public (national forest) land. For more info on timber corporations;

SPI corporate profile;


The Haida Nation is an example of indigenous north americans being better able to manage the forest ecosystem than private (for-profit) corporations like Plum Creek, Maxxam/PL, etc. Most indigenous cultures include ecology in their spiritual beliefs and think of the well being of the seventh generation into the future when making decisions today. This is the vital component missing from today's corporations. The idea of perpetual growth and profit under capitalism doesn't mesh well with seventh generation ecology. The history of corporations in north america and elsewhere is mostly about workers struggling to survive and preventing corporate monopolies from driving people and ecosystems into the ground..

"Xaaydaa Hlk'iiyan K'aaws Kyaang.aay Laa
(People who look after the Forest)

Haida culture is our relationship to the land in its totality. Ginn7waadluwaan gud7ahl Kwaagiidang-everything depends on everything else. The old forests of Haida Gwaii have sustained and continue to sustain our way of life. In the past fifty years, industrial logging has transformed the landscape of Haida Gwaii from diverse old forest to young, even-aged stands of one or two species. The major river systems that once provided Haida villages with salmon; large cedars for longhouses and monumental art; and, plants for food, medicines, fiber and animal habitat have been eradicated by logging without consideration for these values..

The Haida Nation is not against logging per se, but believes that logging can be done in a more responsible manner. Our position is that some places must be left intact and that logging be practiced in a way that does not spoil the land or waterways. This applies to every one who is logging. Nobody, including ourselves, has the right to wreck the land."


One doesn't need to be an anarchist, communist or other "ist" to recognize that the indigenous people of North America know something that European immigrants may have forgotten. The claims that corporations make on owning land is only because the original indigenous caretakers of the land were forced off by genocide and relocation pogroms. My opinion is that the stolen land currently claimed by private timber corporations be returned to the indigenous people today whose ancestors once looked after the forests. The private timber corporations have proven themselves ineffective at logging without creating severe ecological damage. Now is the time to give indigenous communities the chance to restore and reclaim the wounded forest lands into their care..

Am giving invitation to Moon Muffin, Truth Detective, Chane Sau, etc. to debate why the corporations should be allowed to continue claiming land as property that was stolen from indigenous peoples by genocide and forced relocation..