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YEA!!! for KBOO! Send them $ - any amount

I am so appreciative of KBOO and all the great work they do to bring our community together. Not just whitey whites preaching, it's so diverse and cultural.
That's why I scraped up some $ and made a contribution to KBOO. In the past, I maybe gave $15 here and there, but this year I worked over time a couple days so I could afford more for KBOO.

KBOO is the only radio station in town that speaks highly of Indymedia, and has from the get-go.

Demonstrations would not be as populated w/o KBOO and all the great public affairs hosts who promote events, and without the community calendar.

They're in the STREETS! reporting on REAL community issues with TRUTH!

Also, the cultural programming honors the cultures of our community with music and information.

I learn so much from KBOO.

I really want to see KBOO grow strong so we can really stick it to the man, show the dominant corporate media that we don't need them, KEEP OUR MONEY LOCAL AND VIBRANT!

You can call them at 503.232.8818 or go to www.KBOO.fm and click join now.

ditto 03.Oct.2005 09:55


In all the country it is the best (not perfest, yes, but then what is?)
and amazing to have held it together sometimes with duct tape, and survived.
Portland would much diminished without KBOO

that support 03.Oct.2005 17:48


I agree. I get my news from KBOO. That daily news - that's some cool shit. They tell the truth in ways that OPB doesn't at all (nor, or course) does the even more corporate edia sources (b/c OPB is corporate as well - all public radio is. KBOO isn't public radio, it's community. truly community. there's a technical financial difference).