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New Orleans police "Loot Squad" beat 64-year-old man bloody

I got some pictures from nola.com, the press seems to want justify the brutal actions by claiming the police have been under alot of stress since Hurricane Katrina.
Saturday 10/08/2005

Last Saturday Night a 64 year old man by the name Robert Davis was being picked up for public intoxication in the French Quarter, an AP camerman filmed the incident as it happened. It appeared Mr. Davis was not resisting but was reapetedly beat and kicked by police until he was laying in pool of his blood. Another New Orleans officer ordered an AP producer to stop the camerman's filming, when he provided press credentials the AP producer was thrown against a car and punched in the stomach. The next day three officers were suspended and charged with assault/battery.

Please click on this link below for the full AP report:

 link to www.nola.com

BBC link about this story

More photos 09.Oct.2005 23:47


goddamned cops

even more photos 09.Oct.2005 23:49


to serve and protect

forgot one 09.Oct.2005 23:54



Small Photo is cop throwing the AP Producer against the car 10.Oct.2005 00:02


here is the link to the photos

 link to www.nola.com

Pork Riot 10.Oct.2005 21:40

farm bureau

Is it the unrestored power problems that caused their Tazers' batteries to go low so the paramilitary thugs and mercs--emergent SA Brown Shirts-- had to resort to other "less lethal" methods? Or was it just another case of "wuchoo lookin' at, boah?"
Different Day, Same S--t
Different Day, Same S--t

Never in Portland 11.Oct.2005 16:27

Kando Sudoku

The Portland police would never have attacked a 64 year old black man in this way.
They would have shot him!
Help the police, beat yourself up! Or shoot yourself.........