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blame the little guy

They're apparently charging the bus driver in that incident during the hurricane rita evacuation with 23 counts of negligent homicide...
The bus was leased, and then subleased to Global Limo company... The driver is was a mexican national, and was picked up on immigration violation of some sort...

as far as I can tell from the katu article on the web, one of the rear brakes was dragging. Brakes stop your car by changing energy into heat- and if they are dragging, they can heat up to the point that they catch on fire, Once those tires are on fire you are then having a real bad day... This can and does happen without a driver knowing about it.

Unless the driver ignored a warning light etc- charging him with homicide is one hell of a stretch...

The news out of that accident stated that the driver repeatedly went back to attempt to save his passangers, now that's being denied.

Just about anything becomes really flammable in an oxygen enriched environment. Youve got enough folks on oxygen on a closed bus...

It just seems like theyre using this mexican driver as a scapegoat so that a lot of people higher up don't get sued... Or perhaps so consumers do not becom e afraid of spending money on medical products, or bus trips.

What if anything can we do when this kind of thing happens?
"What if anything can we do when this kind of thing happens? " 18.Oct.2005 07:40

Pravda or Consequences

Get his name and look for a family/firend contact. Contact the ACLU in that area and donate some $ for his defense.