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Online newspaper renowned for Katrina coverage needs your help...

The NewStandard ( http://newstandardnews.net), which has been cited by Chicago Indymedia for a number of Chicago-related stories, is facing a key crossroads and needs the help of Chicago Indymedia readers.
The NewStandard ( http://newstandardnews.net), which has come to wider attention for its excellent Hurricane Katrina coverage (it discounted lies about mayhem before it even had a reporter on the ground there), is facing a key crossroads and needs the help of Portland Indymedia readers.

This week marks the beginning of TNS' vital Fall Membership Drive. TNS reports:

"It is critical that we sign up about 500 new members [to double existing membership] in order to keep publishing, as a small group of readers is offering to match that achievement with an additional injection of up to $80,000.

"After two years of operating with an inadequate budget, working sleepless hours at far below a living wage, we are exhausted and need to grow. If we cannot expand our staff and operations, as reflected and supported by a growing membership base, we expect to shut TNS down for good by January 1, 2006.

"Please show your appreciation and support for our work by becoming a Premium Member today, donating what you can on a monthly basis to guarantee the continuation of our worthy efforts."

To learn more about TNS, why you should help their efforts, and how you can help, please visit: