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Waveland Update, 11/14/05

This just came out on the Rainbow Family listserve, and if anyone reading this doesn't know what the Rainbow Family is, you can go to www.welcomehome.org and find out a little about this group that has been working together to form intentional community in the forest for almost 35 years... Doing this in the forest prepares us to deal with immediate food and medical needs... so some folks did just that, in Waveland, and others are still doing it in New Orleans, where volunteers and supplies ARE still needed, very much so... For more information, go to the links at:  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2005/11/328348.shtml

Volunteers, Materials No Longer Needed
Some Volunteers Seeking New Location Elsewhere
We Need Help to Get Outta Here


As things begin to wind down here in Waveland, we
are happy to announce that the New Waveland Cafe is
no longer in need of more volunteers or materials.
We wish to thank you all for your generosity with
your time, prayers and donations. We really made a
difference here on the Mississippi Coast and we
continually remind folks here that we're only the
face on a much larger effort.

The New Waveland Cafe will serve its last meal on
Thanksgiving, followed by a day of rest, then a
Party complete with Parade on Saturday, November 27,
down Hwy 90 through the middle of Waveland. By
December 1, we expect to leave an empty parking lot and lots
of good memories in the Fred's parking lot.

Many of our volunteers are currently seeking a
different venue where hurricane survivors still
require services. Some have formed a new
non-profit organization called Emergency Communities to
carry on the work we started here in Waveland, serving
people in a good way in cooperation with anyone who will
work with us regardless of political or religious
views or affiliation. We'll pass on the information as it
becomes available.

Others are heading for home after what will be
nearly three months to pick up where we left off back in
September. I'm trying to address some special
needs for volunteers who have donated all their energy
for the past couple of months. Perhaps folks out
there could help. (Note: No one asked me to do this.
I just hope we can find these things).

Theodora and Leviticus arrived a few days after
the New Waveland Cafe opened, on foot because their
van blew up on the way under the strain of the
supplies they were hauling. (The supplies made it, btw).
They have become the heart and soul of the kitchen
operation in that time. It would only be
appropriate if they drove away from Waveland in their own

If you have a van within 1000 miles of here
(and/or that you will deliver) with a clean title that
runs well to donate, please contact me. To make a
cash donation to the van effort, just use our donation
page,  http://www.welcomehome.org/REMA//?q=node/26, and
note that you are donating to the van effort.

Anne, who many of you know from Camp 44/Everybody's,
etc., Kitchen, arrived eight weeks ago hasn't
stopped working in the kitchen since. While making a
produce run to the farmer's market in Jackson, her
transmission died on her Suburban. The estimate
is $2000, which is more than we have in the bank
right now. To make a cash donation to the transmission
effort, just use our donation page,
 http://www.welcomehome.org/REMA//?q=node/26, and
note that you are donating to the transmission effort.

Additionally, we need to provide travel expenses
for 25-30 volunteers who, due to their service, have
no means to pay for their transportation out of
here. We hope to be able to help them along their way.

This would be a good time for folks in
undestroyed places to hold fundraisers in order to help us
with these needs.

Stay tuned.

Thanks for Your Loving Support
Arjay sutton
New Waveland Cafe

Phone: (828) 280-6338 (228) 224-1253
email:  newwavelandcafe@yahoo.com
Donations: www.REMARelief.net