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Hurricane Katrina Survivors Looking for their Furever Home

While doing pet rescue in New Orleans, I was dispatched to a home that had five adult cats whose guardian had relocated and she could no longer keep them. She was desperately worried about her babies. One cat had already died since the storm and when we arrived, Batman, was also dead. The other three, Petie the 13 year-old momma cat and her two 12 year-old offspring, Lil' Shit and Gumbo, were alive, scared and hiding. It's hard to imagine what trauma these cats have been through as Katrina survivors, and now their once-stable life was about to get upturned again.
Lucky for these cats, the guardians did not follow the bizarre advice of the Louisiana Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, who apparently didn't have time to help catch the cats and recommended these lifelong declawed house cats be shooed outside to be trapped later! We were able to catch Gumbo in a live cat trap in the house but by the end of the day, the other two were still hiding. We carefully moved furniture and used a big comforter to capture the other two.

We made special notes on the cats' paperwork explaining how they were bonded and needed to stay together, but soon it became apparent that in the compassionate chaos of these rescue efforts, it was likely that they would be separated. After all these poor felines had been through, we decided to bring them back to Portland with us so we could see to it that they find a forever home, together. Because of a mix up at the airport, only Gumbo came on the first flight. We were so upset and determined to get the rest of Gumbo's family back with her where they belong. About a week later, we were able to arrange to have Lil' Shit and Petie flown to Portland to join Gumbo. Now all three cats are together again and are being fostered at the IDA office. Already they are starting to bounce back and are letting us pet them.

If you have room in your home and heart for three elderly cats who have been through so much and who really need and deserve some stability and tender loving care for the rest of their lives, please call or email us at: 503-249-9996 x2 or  matt@idausa.org. Pictures available upon request. Gumbo is pictured.

Thank you for caring!

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