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New Orleans First responders Turned away by Nat. Guard

News Direct from New Orleans via first responder hippies (who don't type stuff)

PS If you want to help your own community in the event of a natural disaster: research the ICS system firefighters use, it is a valuable tool for any community as well as training in Black cross / Red cross CPR - First Responder
Before I submit the following development in class solidarity There is some "news" I'm obligated to share via New Orleans. *I should mention that one of the biggest things they could use are fishing boats, boat repair stuff, etc.
Almost all fishing infastructure was damaged during hurricane katrina/ the principal 'livelyhood' for low income residents. *

A group of oldskoolers living in NorCal recently returned from a trip to New Orleans after building a radio station for the Huma Indian nation. Thanks in small part to KMUD garberville; and have interesting footage that needs to be edited and distributed immediatley. Please contact KMUD for further information help is requested / contact "kevin the old hippy guy".

Apparently just days after hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans members of "the farm" made famous in "Spiritual Midwifery". Sent a very large caravan consisting of several medical tents and highly qualified personal, water, food and housing supplies were forced by federal FEMA government officials and National gaurd to leave.

Word on the ground - straight is that they were very actively in the process of support and rebuilding when forced to abandon by the military in a concience move to leave Low-Income New Orleans Helpless and to die; in what is postulated by many in an effort to reclaim the city for the ruling elite.

Many residences (direct interviews I heard on video) were perfectly suitable for habitation with little or no damage to them; especially govt. stylee housing projects [section 8 type]. Returning residents found electrical boxes disconected, removed, or destroyed by landlords wishing to evict tenents in an effort to raise rents (by switching over to swankiness?). And when residents tried to return were forced to leave despite it all.

((Please excuse the lack of dates, etc. the original notes for the story were discretely taken by homeland security agents at Redding Airport on or about 12/30/05))