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New Orleans plan opens all of city for rebuilding

The city's official blueprint for redevelopment after Hurricane Katrina to be released Wednesday, will recommend that residents be allowed to return and rebuild anywhere they like, no matter how damaged or vulnerable the neighborhood, according to several members of the mayor's rebuilding commission.
The proposal appears to put the city's rebuilding panel on a collision course with its state counterpart, which will control at least some of the flow of federal money to the city.

The primary author of the plan, Joseph Canizaro, said teams of outside experts would try to help each neighborhood return to normal, and those communities that drew enough people to justify the expense of city serices would be permitted to grow.

But ultimately, those areas that fail to attract a critical mass of residents in 12 months will probably not survive as residential neighborhoods, Canizaro said, and are likely to end up as marshland as this city's population declines and its footprint shrinks.

People who rebuild in these areas will be forced to leave, according to the proposal. Though such a requirement would be emotionally wrenching, the commision will propose a buyout program to compensate those people at the market price before Hurricane Katrina, but it is not clear whether there will be federal financing for such a program.

Assuming the commission's recommendations are adopted by Mayor C. Ray Nagin, the plan would effectively defer for a year one of the most contentious issues in the city's struggle to recover from the flooding that followed the hurricane: the fate of the most heavily damaged and flood-prone neighborhoods.

I submit the following development in class solidarity.
*I should mention that one of the biggest things they could use are fishing boats, boat repair stuff, etc. Almost all fishing infastructure was damaged during hurricane katrina / the principal lively-hood for residents. *

A group of oldskoolers living in NorCal recently returned from a trip to New Orleans after building a radio station for the Huma Indian nation. Thanks in small part to KMUD garberville; and have interesting footage that needs to be edited and distributed. Please contact KMUD for further information help is requested / contact "kevin the old hippy guy".

Apparently just days after hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans members of "the farm" in Tennesse [made famous in "Spiritual Midwifery".] Sent a very large caravan consisting of several medical tents and highly qualified personal, water, food and housing supplies. Just two weeks after they arrived first responders were forced by federal FEMA government officials and National gaurd to leave.

Word on the ground - straight - is that they were very actively in the process of support and rebuilding when forced to abandon by the military in a consience move to leave Low-Income New Orleans Helpless and to die; in what is postulated by many in an effort to reclaim the city for fun & profit.

Many residences (direct interviews I heard on video) were perfectly suitable for habitation with little or no damage to them; especially govt. stylee housing projects [section 8 type]. Returning residents found electrical boxes intentionally disconected, removed, or destroyed by landlords wishing to evict tenents in an effort to raise rents (by switching over to swankiness?). And when residents tried to return were forced to leave despite no damage.

((Please excuse the lack of dates, etc. the original notes for the story were taken by homeland security agents at Redding Airport on or about 12/30/05))