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Solidarity, not charity in New Orleans: learning to build Common Ground, with Malik Rahim

Sunday, February 12, 5:30pm at Talking Drum Books/Reflections Coffeehouse: 446 NE Killingsworth St. at MLK, next to Blockbuster Video.

Join us for an evening with Malik Rahim (founder of Common Ground Relief in New Orleans, former Black Panther, long-time community organizer) and Kerul Dyer (organizer with Common Ground, Oxygen Collective)

Food and drink will be available for purchase. Please support our kind host!

Dear Allies,

Help Portland connect with the grassroots relief and rebuilding work in New Orleans! Malik Rahim, long-time Black Panther and Green Party community activist in New Orleans, and founder of Common Ground Relief in the days after Katrina, will be in Portland on Feb 12, launching a quick tour down to SF. An inspiring speaker, he will address the power and relevance of grassroots mutual aid and constructive direct action to meet community needs in the face of local, state, and federal government failure, obstruction, and racism.

Malik will invite us to support the work in New Orleans and the Gulf coast. But he will also invigorate our commitment to building community collaboration across difference in Portland now, before disaster strikes.

This can happen if we learn the lessons of Common Ground's experience: committed activists and historically neglected communities, joining across differences to work together, can achieve remarkable success. But we must develop skills of collaboration, respect, and understanding, ensuring that we're able to include people from many backgrounds without undermining our commitment to anti-racism and justice.

See you Sunday! Common Ground Collective Co-sponsored by Portland Jobs with Justice, Black Rose Collective

www.commongroundrelief.org commongroundrelief@gmail.com 1415 Franklin Avenue New Orleans, LA 70117

homepage: homepage: http://www.commongroundrelief.org/

don't miss it y'all! 09.Feb.2006 00:52


Malik is a great and impassioned speaker, and a really amazing guy. Common Ground is one of the most inspired radical project happening in the US.

sneak a peek 10.Feb.2006 14:02


Some special guests will be at a benefit event for Geaux Nutz (the Green Machine to New Orleans), Common Ground, and City Repair
- This Saturday Feb. 11 from 6pm to 1am at Pendarvis Farm 16581 SE Hagen Rd 97009