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Last Chance to Keep Wal-Mart Out of Cornelius

Our fight to put Cornelius first and stop Wal-Mart from building a new Super Center in Oregon is at a critical moment. We have one last chance to let our elected officials know where we stand and why we oppose a new Wal-Mart in Cornelius. We can defeat Wal-Mart, but we need your voice next Tuesday night at the Cornelius City Council meeting.
We have one last chance to fight for our community and demonstrate the massive community opposition to this project. As we know, Wal-Mart Super Centers increase traffic, congestion and crime, decrease wages, lower or eliminate health care benefits and undermine local area businesses, often resulting in the closing of small, family-owned businesses.

Already, hundreds of communities all across this country have stood up for an America that reflects our values - fair pay, decent health care, strong local communities, gender and racial equality and basic community standards - and won against Wal-Mart. Please make sure your voice is heard.

What: City Council Meeting
When: Tuesday, February 21 at 7pm
Where: 1310 N. Adair St. in Downtown Cornelius

You still have an opportunity to educate the City Council on Wal-Mart's irresponsible and immoral business practices. Bring your family and friends, and let your elected officials know where you stand. This may be our last opportunity at the city level to stop Wal-Mart. If you are unable to attend, please contact your elected officials by phone or email:

Terry Rilling, Mayor:  trilling@ci.cornelius.or.us
Jeffrey Dalin, Councilor:  jdalin@ci.cornelius.or.us
Amy Scheckla-Cox, Councilor:  ascheckla-cox@ci.cornelius.or.us
Alfredo Solares-Vega, Councilor:  asolares-vega@ci.cornelius.or.us
Brad Coffey, Councilor:  bcoffey@ci.cornelius.or.us

City of Cornelius
1355 N. Barlow Street
Cornelius, OR 97113
Phone: (503) 357-9112
Fax: (503) 357-7775
Email:  info@ci.cornelius.or.us

Wal-Mart's corporate lobbyists and special interest money is no match for our grassroots community campaign here in Cornelius, throughout Oregon and all across this country. Thank you for your support.