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THE NEOCONS AND KATRINA - A Close Look Behind The Scenes.

A timeline of the Government's war against American Citizens.
A Close Look Behind The Scenes.
-A timeline of the Government's war against American Citizens.-BC-


by Beowulf

A lot of things went on during and especially after Katrina passed.
Rather than belabor the current video's release of the pre-Katrina
briefing,that irrefutably proves Mad King George lied again,
let's explore some of the 'side-work' going on during the continuing
hostile corporate takeover of America - 'With Extreme Prejudice'.

Let's Get This Out Of The Way Now Dept.

Let's all agree that Bush is an Organ Grinder's Monkey.
He's an idiot, dancing on his leash for his handlers,
spouting gibberish for treats.
An especially spoiled rich kid who was given a job
he doesn't deserve.
He's part of a large family of interests that believe in Eugenics.
He's a traitor and should be in prison.
The whole traitorous cabal should be in prison.
Byte Me.

With this in mind, we must examine this in the bigger picture.
- Who stands to benefit from the willful neglect afforded New Orleans
and all the surrounding environs ?

Simply, it's part of a global effort at reconstruction by a group of
insane fanatics.And, according to one of its chief architects,
Francis Fukuyama, it's failing.

Some of this will seem nuts. Bear with me.
I'll wrap it with a bow at the end.

Once you've realized that 911 was an inside job,
it's possible to marvel at the continuing level of sophistication
and technology used by the NeoCons to try to Rule The World.

I'm going to mostly avoid the human suffering and/or the
extraordinary efforts of Americans helping each other,
and instead concentrate on "Them".

I need to add a preface here and explain what happened to FEMA.
FEMA was well on it's way to being a well oiled machine.
Incredibly efficient. Competently staffed with professionals.
The NeoCons looked at FEMA and saw one thing.
FEMA was the ONLY agency that could unilaterally declare Martial Law.
If FEMA was absorbed into HomeReich Security, then Mad King Bush,
by virtue of Unitary Powers, could declare martial law at will.
They gutted FEMA and staffed it with Bush loyalists.

I say again -
FEMA was absorbed by Homereich Security for one reason only.
FEMA had the power to declare martial law.
Now "They" have it.

And Now For Our Feature Presentation

Katrina is a category 5 hurricane.

Then it gets weird. Starting with radar anomalies.
Katrina was steered. Several technologies were used.
But How ?

Radiant spirals appear on radar screens days before Katrina
arrived even thought the skies over Noe Orleans were clear.
Unique "thermal microwave signatures" show up on radar screens
as it gets closer, atmospheric side-effects of a last-minute HD
electronic fence designed to push and pull the Hurricane into

Continued Weirdness Dept.

2 days before landfall, Der Monkey in Chief is briefed in no
uncertain terms.

In spite of the massive development of the buffering wetlands,
by second landfall on August 29th, Katrina downgrades itself to
a category 3.
(Good news. Kinda.)

The Storm Hits and passes.
It still manages to trash homes and people's lives big time.
Predicted. Expected. Tragic nonetheless.

Whew. That was a close one.

Then it gets even weirder.

We're going to examine some details you may have missed in the
New World Order's New Orleans Lockdown Beta Test.
(Note: Much of the information has been scrubbed and is no longer

The Levees Dept.

The 17th Street Canal levee blows.
-Boom !
The Industrial Canal levee blows.
-Boom !
The London Ave. Levee blows.
-Boom !
7 breaches in all.
Boom ! Boom ! Boom ! Boom !

Developers have been trying to get their hands on the 9th Ward
since Hurricane Betsy in 1965.

[On June 23rd 2005 in Connecticut, a new Eminent Domain Law,
Kelo Vs.. New London passed 5-4 by the Supreme Court allowing that
a city could claim property for economic development.
That's why the levees were blown.
That's why 6 months later - nothing has been done.
That's why the residents were scattered to the four winds.
That's why they're not allowed back.
The legal term is 'blighted'.
It's a land grab.
(The misery caused on the citizens, that's another part
of the NWO Beta Lockdown.)]

According to eyewitnesses and explosives experts,
the levees 'Heaved' upward from below.
Residents heard a 'Ka-Boom !'
Explosive residue is found at the bottom of the breaches.
(Precedent - They blew them in the Great Mississippi Flood of 1927.)

'Chuck', a long time resident, regularly walked by the 17th St.
Canal. He said "...As far back as 9 months before Katrina hit,
I saw Homeland Security vehicles riding up and down the street
alongside the levee, I knew that they were Homeland Security
vehicles because they were all white with tinted windows and
had 'Government DHS' on their license plates. I couldn't figure
out what they were doing there but now I think I know...
they were probably wiring the levee."

An Engineer who conducted a job interview with a guy who lived right
on the 17th Street Canal told him that the day after the storm
someone from the Corps of Engineers knocked on his door and told him
he had to leave because they were going to blow the levee.

Evacuee Clara Barthelemy stated - "The 17th Street levee was bombed
by the Army Corps of Engineers to save the more valuable real estate
in the city...to keep the French Quarter protected,
the Ninth Ward was sacrificed...
people are afraid to speak out...
everyone that was near there heard the bombings...
they bombed seven times. That's why they didn't fix the levees...
20 feet of water. Gators. People dying in water.
They let the parishes go, not the city center.
Tourist trap was saved over human life."

-Martial Law is imposed in the Jefferson and Plaquemines Parishes.

Panic In The Streets Dept.

-Approximately 500 people stranded in the French Quarter pooled
$25,000 of their own money and ordered 10 buses to get them out
of there. 48 hours later the buses were confiscated by the Army
at the City Limits.

-About 200 people are told by Police to head to Highway 90, a bridge
that spans the Mississippi River, and walk until they saw the rescue
buses promised to be waiting for them. Late Wednesday afternoon,
on a bridge called the Crescent City Connection, they were met by
more police officers, from Gretna, La.,who weren't letting anyone
pass. The officers fired warning shots into the air and then leveled
their weapons at members of the crowd saying ..."there will be no
Superdomes in our city."
So the people set up temporary shelters on the highway.
Gretna police came back a few hours later, fired shots into the
air again, told people to "get the f-- off the bridge" and used
a helicopter to blow down all the makeshift shelters.
One of the officers took the group's food and water,
dropped it in the trunk of a patrol car and drove away.
(You may have seen the people on the bridge on TV.)

"I don't think anyone anticipated the breach of the levees."
~ G.W. Bush

-Delta Force troops drop in from a couple of choppers at a helipad
at the Superdome. Suddenly, up and down the river, prime real estate
is catching on fire and burning down. First the warehouses,
then the Riverwalk Shopping Mall.
(a structure originally constructed for the 1984 World's Fair.)
The Police complain of sniper fire trying to take out police and
fire rescue teams.

- "Brownie, you're doing a heck of a job !."
~ President Bush, to FEMA Director Michael Brown,
while touring Hurricane-ravaged Mississippi.

Mayor Ray Nagin - "I told him we had an incredible crisis here
and that his flying over in Air Force One does not do it justice.
Don't tell me 40,000 people are coming here.
They're not here. It's too doggone late.
Now get off your asses and do something...
You know, God is looking down on all this, and if they are not doing
everything in their power to save people, they are going to pay the

What Happens Next ?

- Guardsmen halt the evacuation from the Superdome
The busses quit coming for the remaining 8 - 10,000 people inside
the Superdome, where shoulder to shoulder temperatures reached 125
degrees. Remaining busses went to the Hyatt to evacuate 700 guests
where Mayor Nagin had set up his headquarters.

- 500 Florida airboat pilots who voluntarily spent thousands of
their own dollars stocking their boats and swamp buggies with food,
water, medical supplies and fuel remained on standby since Monday
the 29th. FEMA wouldn't authorize the airboaters to enter New
Orleans and threatened them with arrest.

- The President of Jefferson Parish Aaron Broussard told Meet The
Press that FEMA cut his parish's emergency communications lines and
he had to have his sheriff restore the severed lines and post armed
deputies to ensure that FEMA did not try to cut the communications
lines again.

Broussard's statement: "Yesterday - yesterday - FEMA comes in and
cuts all of our emergency communication lines. They cut them without
notice. Our sheriff, Harry Lee, goes back in, he reconnects the
line. He posts armed guards on our line and says,
'No one is getting near these lines."

- The airport has been converted into a triage center.
The stench of death reeks inside the airport.
There are so many bodies that medical staff are using the baggage
conveyor to carry the stretchers. The patients range for babies who
are 2 months old to a 91-year-old man.

-FEMA orders 3 cruise ships from Carnival Cruise Lines for $236
(A tax exempt Israeli-founded corporation registered in Panama.)
"They" live there. They're only half full.

U.S. Senator Mary Landrieu, D-La.: "I understand that the U.S.
Forest Service had water-tanker aircraft available to help douse
the fires raging on our riverfront, but FEMA has yet to accept the
aid. When Amtrak offered trains to evacuate significant numbers
of victims - far more efficiently than busses - FEMA again
dragged its feet. Offers of medicine, communications equipment and
other desperately needed items continue to flow in, only to be
ignored by the agency."

-Shoot-out on the Danziger Bridge

The 'official' story was that barges rocked by the hurricane ran
into the levee and caused the breach.
(The barges DID NOT cause the breach.
I repeat - The Barges DID NOT cause the breach !)

14 contractors under police escort were on their way to get the
barges and move them to the breach to start plugging it.

As they cross the Danziger Bridge heading to the 17th Street Canal,
they come under heavy sniper fire. In the gun battle that followed,
N.O. Police officers shoot to death five or six men identified as
working for the U.S. Defense Dept.

[At later Senate hearings, Mayor Nagin told reporters outside the
hearing room that the levees may have been blown and that the
military was gunning down unarmed civilians.]

- FEMA has barred rescue teams from entering New Orleans.
And now the feds are dragging people out of the city by gunpoint.
Jefferson Parish President Aaron Broussard explained on NBC's Meet
The Press that FEMA is even making war on local authorities.

BROUSSARD - "We had Wal-Mart deliver three trucks of water.
FEMA turned them back. They said we didn't need them.
We had 1,000 gallons of diesel fuel on a Coast Guard vessel docked
in my parish. When we got there with our trucks, FEMA says don't
give you the fuel. Nobody's coming to get us. Nobody's coming to
get us. The secretary has promised. Everybody's promised.
They've had press conferences. I'm sick of the press conferences.
For God sakes, shut up and send us somebody."

Jefferson Parish Emergency Director Walter Maestri - "FEMA broke
signed agreements to have sufficient assets on the ground within
48 hours of an emergency. FEMA assets are blatantly wreaking havoc
and making war on the people of Southeast Louisiana.
As residents "temporarily" stream back in tomorrow, they should
bring with them generators, gasoline, weaponry, and weeks or months
worth of provisions. Sheriff Harry Lee needs to deputize every able-
bodied male of Jefferson Parish who returns to patrol key
infrastructure and keep an eye on all federal thugs who may be
provacateuring, sabotaging infrastructure or withholding supplies."

-Ham and radio operators complain that their signals
are getting jammed.
Jefferson Parish Police find their radio frequencies are jammed.

[Jamming radio and other communications such as television signals
is part of a Pentagon tactic called "information blockade"
or "technology blockade". The tactic is one of a number of such
operations that are part of the doctrine of "information warfare"
and is one of the psychological operations (PSYOPS) methods used
by the US Special Operations Command. Jamming is currently
being used by US forces in Iraq and was used by the US Navy in the
botched coup attempt against President Hugo Chavez in April 2002.
US Navy ships off the Venezuelan coast jammed diplomatic, military,
emergency services, police, and even taxi cab frequencies in Caracas
and other large cities.]

- FEMA and DHS outsourced the job of setting up a mobile morgue for
handling and counting bodies in Baton Rouge, Louisiana to 'Kenyon
International'. Kenyon is a subsidiary of Service Corporation
International (SCI), a scandal-ridden Texas-based company operated
by a longtime friend of the Bush family. Recently, SCI subsidiaries
have been sued for illegally discarding and desecrating corpses.

[The Menorah Gardens cemetery chain, owned by SCI, desecrated vaults,
removed hundreds of bodies from two cemeteries in Florida and dumped
the gruesome remains in woods frequented by wild hogs, investigators
discovered in 2001. In one case, a backhoe was used to crack open a
vault, remove corpses and make room for more dead bodies.
Some vaults designed to hold one body each had 67 sets of human
remains stuffed inside. The lawsuit ALSO accuses SCI-owned funeral
homes of sending bodies to Tri-State Crematory in Georgia,
an unlicensed, unregulated crematorium,where never-incinerated
corpses were found piled outdoors and stuffed in sheds in 2000.]

All these companies are known for their "experience" at hiding and
dumping bodies.

Bush Violates The Posse Comitatus Act Dept.

-Troops begin combat operations in New Orleans to fight 'insurgents'.

Texas Congressman Ron Paul -
"Any Mexican troops here period is illegal and unconstitutional."

(I woulda' thought so too, but here we are.)
-Texas DPS stated that a convoy of Mexican troops consisting of 45
vehicles was escorted by the US Army and Texas State Police to San
Antonio Air Force Base at around 4:30pm on Thursday.
Many were armed with Heckler & Koch German assault rifles.

The first sighting occurred at 12:30 on Highway 183 traveling
towards Austin. The eyewitness described at least ten vehicles,
four jeeps,(Other witnesses described them as Humvees), and six
combat trucks brimming with armed Mexican troops wearing body armor,
helmets and rifles. The troops riding in the jeeps were wearing
holstered hand guns.

The second sighting occurred north of Austin on 135 near Georgetown,
Texas.These vehicles were not being escorted by the US Army or any
other government vehicles and the vehicles were festooned with
insignia reading 'Mexico MPs' and the Mexican flag.

- Aid is literally cramming warehouses in Texas, Louisiana, Alabama,
Mississippi, and Florida. The problem is that FEMA will not deliver
it to the estimated 10,000 victims of Katrina, who have refused to
leave New Orleans.FEMA stated that these people would not receive
any food or water.

- Barbara Bush, referring to the evacuated poor who had lost
everything, "...And so many of the people in the arena here,
you know, were underprivileged anyway, so this --this (she chuckles
slightly) is working very well for them."

Mayor Nagin speculated on the slow response and the amount of dead
that may be found, "Some computer models say 10,000. I don't know
what the number is. But it's going to be big. And it's going to
shock the nation."

He also said that water samples may have signs of toxic waste.
"We've taken some water samples. The water colorations are changing
dramatically, I think there's some toxic waste in there,
or something going on."

(Remember yesterday when the body extermination company showed up ?
Let's jump forward to October 2005 - The body count is called off.
December 10, 2005 - The Hunt continues for 1,300 missing children.
'Official' figures are released on December 16, 2005.
Only 1,321 bodies are found.)

- American Red Cross spokeswoman Renita Hosler, said that "FEMA
authorities would not allow them to deliver aid. The Homeland
Security Department has requested and continues to request that the
American Red Cross not come back into New Orleans."

Bush Refuses International Aid.

- Russian rescue crews on four cargo planes with helicopters on
board sat idle at an airport near Moscow waiting for a green light
they never got; Cuba had 1500 doctors with 26 tons of medical
supplies, but they were refused entry to the U.S.;
Venezuelan disaster rescue teams wait for a go signal they never got;
Dominican Republic crews with hurricane recovery experience waited,
and waited,
and waited.

The same scene was repeated at airports around the world.

- FEMA turned back 8 buses from Washington, D.C. intended to bring
400 evacuees to the DC Armory which has been stockpiled with just
about every need.

- Families are separated and shipped all over the country.

Example -
Krakow in Oklahoma Dept.

FEMA Detainment Camp in the Arbuckle Mountains of south central
Men And Women Are Separated.
No personal possessions.
You're not supposed to leave. If you do, you can't come back.
You're not allowed to cook. 2 meals a day will be prepared for you.

[Last month, HomeReich Security hired Halliburton for $385 Million
a year, for 5 years, to build detainment centers across the U.S.
"The contract may also provide migrant detention support to other
U.S.Government organizations in the event of an immigration
emergency,as well as the development of a plan to react to a
national emergency, such as a natural disaster. In the event of a
natural disaster, the contractor could be tasked with providing
housing for ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) personnel
performing law enforcement functions in support of relief

-Multiple parishes' revolt.
Locals arm themselves to defend against the Feds.

- Bush strikes down the minimum wage. He issues an Executive Order
suspending the Davis Bacon Act, that requires employers to pay the
locally prevailing wage to construction workers on federally
financed projects. The suspension applies to parts of Louisiana,
Mississippi, Alabama and Florida.

- HomeReich Security hires 'Blackwater' to patrol the streets.
New Orleans Duty Pay is $350 a day. Blackwater is a heavily armed
for hire mercenary company that DHS authorized to make arrests and
to use lethal force without accountability.
(They are better known for their brutal exploits in Iraq.)

- Bush visits for a photo-op and to let FEMA hand out $2,000 dollar
credit cards.The Astrodome is locked.
According to an eyewitness , "No reliant employees, no one,
no officers, no one to ask, people screaming and panicking, locked
out of what is now their home, their kids are in here, etc. no one
in the dome knows what is happening."

- Tom Delay to evacuees at the Reliant Astrodome in Houston,
"Now tell me the truth boys, is this kind of fun ?"

-Reports of Dogs Eating Corpses Begin To Surface.

Mayor Ray Nagin orders the New Orleans Police, the National Guard,
the Oklahoma National Guard, and U.S. Marshals to begin breaking
into homes at gunpoint, confiscating lawfully-owned firearms,
and evict the residents.
P. Edwin Compass III, the superintendent of police said -
"No one is allowed to be armed. We're going to take all the guns."

- Bush flew to Jackson Square in the French Quarter of New Orleans
17 days after Hurricane Katrina churned the city and displace a
million people, had the power turned on for the photo-op and said to
the cameras - "The work that has begun in the Gulf Coast region will
be one of the largest reconstruction efforts the world has ever
seen. When that job is done, all Americans will have something to
be very proud of.

When he finished, they turned off the power and plunged the city
back into darkness.

That same day,
- Bush puts Karl Rove in charge of the $200 Billion Rebuilding Fund.

- Relief agencies are not allowed into the disaster zone to assess

- FEMA orders officials in the agency's Preparedness Division to
stop all Katrina relief efforts and move their offices from agency
headquarters to new DHS offices in Virginia by Monday.

The British Government donates 400,000 NATO ration packs of food.
Including 70 large pallets of vegetarian MRE's.
The FDA approves it for distribution. As scores of trucks head to
Louisiana, all of it is suddenly recalled by the U.S. Dept. of
Agriculture, sent to Little Rock, Arkansas, and burned in an FDA
incineration plant.

Food from Spain and Italy is destroyed.

Thousands of gallons of pear juice from Israel is destroyed.

- The badly decomposing and mutilated bodies of three FEMA workers
are discovered hanging from a tree inside the courtyard of a French
Quarter apartment. The bodies, found by U.S. Military Police units,
bore crudely written placards that read, "FEMA THIEF - DIE",
Also found with the badly mangled bodies were expensive leather
luggage, apparently looted from Saks Fifth Avenue's New Orleans
store and containing very expensive women's clothing, jewelry,
several boxes of Davidoff cigars, three Rolex watches and nearly
$3 thousand in small bills.

A so-called manifesto was also found, tied to the feet of one of the
victims that called for violence against President Bush and the head
of FEMA, Brown.
(Sounds like a set-up to me.)

- Bush suspends affirmative action in Louisiana, Mississippi,
Alabama and Florida. He struck down government requirements that
contractors have an affirmative action plan addressing the
employment of women, members of minorities, Vietnam veterans,
and the disabled for contractors working on reconstruction in the
wake of Hurricane Katrina.

- FEMA awards more than 80% of 1.5 billion in no-bid contracts to
Kellogg Brown & Root, a subsidiary of Halliburton, (the former
employer of vice-president Dick Cheney), and the Shaw Group.
The lobbyist Joe All Baugh, George Bush's former campaign manager
and a former head of FEMA, has represented both companies.

- A $568 million contract is awarded to 'Ash Britt', a Florida
company that was a client of the former lobbying firm of Haley
Barbour, the governor of Mississippi.

- FEMA cuts the $2,000-per-household emergency assistance program
for the 752,000 households that signed up. Families are now
expected to apply for food stamps or unemployment benefits,
or for assistance from private charitable groups.

- There are approximately 28,000 people living in shelters.
There are probably 38,000 public housing apartments in New Orleans,
many in good physical condition. None have been reopened.
Louisiana Congressman Richard Baker (R-LA) said, after the hurricane,
"We finally cleaned up public housing in New Orleans. We couldn't
do it, but God did."

- Renters are returning to find their furniture on the street and
strangers living in their apartments at higher rents - despite an
order by the Governor that no one can be evicted before October 25.
Rent in the dry areas have doubled and tripled.

- The earth and air in New Orleans area appear to be heavily
polluted with heavy metal and organic contaminants from more than 40
oil spills and extensive mold.

- The jails and prisons are full and staying full. Despite orders
to release prisoners, state and local corrections officials are not
releasing them unless someone can transport them out of town.
Lawyers have to file lawsuits to force authorities to release
people from prison who have already served all of their sentences.
Judges are setting $100,000 bonds for people who steal beer out of
a vacant house, while landlords break the law with impunity.
People arrested before and after the hurricane have not even
been formally charged by the prosecutor.

- New Bankruptcy law takes effect.
(Home and life wrecked ? You're still on the hook.)

- FEMA spends $1.3 billion buying 95,151 travel-trailers to shelter
evacuees. So far, 16,029 trailers are occupied in the hurricane-hit
states of Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas, mostly in
commercial trailer parks, at state parks or on individually owned
parcels. The rest sit fallow. They still do.

- FEMA bills Louisiana $3.7 billion for Katrina response.

- A large number of people along the Louisiana and Mississippi
coasts develop "Katrina cough".

- Hundreds of illegal immigrant workers are brought in for relief
work. Many end up being unpaid for their work. More than 150 workers
are owed more than $100,000 by five contractors.
(Example - Tovar's KTS Services.)

- Entergy New Orleans, a subsidiary of Entergy Corp., states there
is no plan to restore power until the summer of 2006.

- Some returning families have found 104 bodies so far.

- People in Vermilion Parish, on the coastal areas of Louisiana,
are/were inhabited with generations of Acadian/Cajun people.
(Where the dying language of Cajun French is spoken.)
Thery're still out there, begging for food and blankets.
Nobody's been by to check.

- St. Bernard Parish President Henry "Junior" Rodriguez,
"We got a serious situation in St. Bernard Parish,
we got people living in tents and automobiles.
We got people living in barns.
This is the beginning of winter.
This is unacceptable."

- FEMA won't release 1,400 trailers sitting unused in the Parish.

- Tuesday morning, it was 41 degrees in New Orleans.

- Standoff. Homeowners in the 9th Ward temporarily save their homes
from bulldozers.

- 3,200 people are officially still unaccounted for nearly five
months later.
(Remember the Bush friendly body disposal company hired on 9.5.05 ?)

- WASHINGTON, Jan. 24 - The Bush administration, citing the
confidentiality of executive branch communications, said Tuesday
that it did not plan to turn over certain documents about Hurricane
Katrina or make senior White House officials available for sworn
testimony before two Congressional committees investigating
the storm response.

- The Investigation.
FEMA Blocked Aid. Bush Blocks Investigation.

Ok, I think You Get The Picture Now Dept.

Here's where I wrap it up with a bow.

New Orleans was a practice run at Using/Helping/Creating an emergency
in order to make a whole City disappear in plain sight.
Using the best technology and think tanks crooks could buy.

Essentially, "they" want to reduce the world's population by half.
(No, not Bush, rather, his boss's boss's boss.)
Reclaim and Control all the world's resources.
(Local example: Trans-Tex Corridor.)
With One Money.
Under One God.
And, driven by fundamentalists, the faster they can destroy
everything in the process and invoke the rapture, the better.
(Systematic destruction is part of their ritual.
We gotta stop 'em. They're crazy !)
Condoleeza Rice tells evacuees it's ok, because that means Jesus
will come soon. (Kinda like the 72 virgins thingy.)

Until then, I guess they figure they can make us mow their lawns.
Byte Me.

They've been planning this for a long time, they're prepared.
That's why it's moving so fast.

What's happening to me and to you, my readers and dear friends,
is that when you hear them talk about leveling the playing field,
it means leveling the playing field by making all of us third
world workers.

Exporting jobs.
Importing immigrants from India and Mexico.
Legally or otherwise.
It's going to be a return to serfdom.
On a global scale.
That's what they mean.
In a very bad way.
For us.
Not "Them".

You've seen what New Orleans looks like now.
It looks like nothing has been done.
Hopefully you'll have a good idea why now.

It's up to us.
Get involved.
Or lose it all.
This is it.

Retake America.
Vote the Crooks Out In 2006.

Unless the voting machines are rigged again,
Then God help us all.

"Think For Yourself" (c)

homepage: homepage: http://www.baywolf.net/FeedingFrenzy.html

Scalar 18.Apr.2006 22:21

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

In mathematics, physics, and computing, a scalar is a quantity usually characterized by a single numeric value or not involving the concept of direction. The term is often used in contrast to entities that are "composites" of many values, like vector, matrix, tensor, sequence, etc.. The first recorded usage of the term was by W. R. Hamilton in 1846.

* In mathematics, scalars are components of vector spaces (and modules), usually real numbers which can be multiplied into vectors by scalar multiplication, or produced from vectors by scalar product. The real component of a quaternion is also called the scalar part. See scalar (mathematics).

* In physics, a scalar is a simple physical quantity that does not change under a change of coordinate system; for example, speed (180 km/h) is a scalar, while velocity (180 km/h north) is a vector. See scalar (physics).

* In computing, a scalar is a variable or field that can hold only one value at a time; as opposed to composite variables like array, list, record, etc.. In some contexts, a scalar value may be understood to be numeric. A scalar data type is the type of a scalar variable. For example, char, int, float, and double are the most common scalar data types in the C programming language.

Here are some links for you all 19.Apr.2006 15:49

Jody Paulson

Earwitnesses say the levies were "blown":

FEMA cuts communication lines:

An old lady get body slammed, have her gun taken away and carted out of her own house like a criminal:

Halliburton's Kellogg, Brown & Root hired undocumented workers (who were never paid) to work, essentially as slaves, cleaning up after Katrina (originally printed at Salon.com):

Our own Portland Indymedia comments about the "steering" of hurricane Katrina using HAARP-like technology: