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Stick a Fork in Congress' Ass, Turn it Over, It's Done

Congress gets what Congress asked for.

Stick a Fork in Congress' Ass, Turn it Over, It's Done

Author: Stephen DeVoy

House Speaker Dennis Hastert woke up Tuesday and realized that Bush wiped his ass on more than the Bill of Rights when he plunged the Constitution into his oversized asshole. Like the countless self-indulgent enablers of men like Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, and Pinochet, the U.S. Congress is now confronted with the hungry tyrant at the door, clawing away even at the privileges of the elite. When we had a Constitution with a Bill of Rights, I would have immediately stood up to denounce the President's stomping on that document. However, the Bill of Rights was really the only part of the Constitution that ever mattered to me and now that it is gone, I only wish Bush's storm troopers would have invaded the hallowed halls of the Legislative branch with machineguns firing away, leaving only when a bloody mess flowed out of the doors. How nice it is when one enemy liquidates another. It makes things simpler. If We The People cannot be free, let's put away the facade of democracy which is merely a big banquet table for the elite and see things for what they really are: a totalitarian dictatorship. Once that fact becomes undeniable, revolution becomes the only solution worth entertaining.

House Speaker Dennis Hastert didn't really give a rat's ass when we discovered that the N.S.A., in violation of federal law and the Constitution, has been data mining the telephone calls of all Americans. Congress still signed PATRIOT Act II, even after we all knew that PATRIOT Act I made a mockery of our rights and was used for investigations that had nothing at all to do with terrorism. Photos of U.S. soldiers torturing prisoners and violating international law were shown to Congress. These photos have been found to be the consequence of a systemic abuse of human rights stretching all the way up to the Attorney General who invaded the Congress last weekend. Congress has not impeached anyone over it.

If Congress is looking for the sympathy of the American people, Congress can go fuck itself. After all, after fucking over the American People and nearly everyone else in the World, perhaps the Congress only has itself left to fuck.

Fuck you, Congress.

If congress lets this stand 24.May.2006 19:35

Jody Paulson

Bush might as well go on TV and declare himself sole dictator. Imagine if it had been the other way around -- congress, supposedly an equal branch of the government, ordering a raid on the oval office (not that there'd be no *reason* to!). This is what is called the usurpation of a government. It crosses the line. Not that Bush hasn't crossed enough lines already. Wiretapping American citizens without a warrent. Stealing elections. Illegal detentions, an illegal war, the torture and *mass murder* (think 9-11 and hurricane Katrina) of American citizens.

If congress fails to stand up for itself, it is up to the people to defend this republic from its enemies, foreign and domestic.

the power behind the throne 24.May.2006 20:05


notice how much more compliant congress has become since Negroponte took over as intelligence chief? Nobody wants anthrax for breakfast. Only an outraged people can stop this. Reach out. Even redneck types will get pissed off about the new national ID cards with GPS chips. It will be like wearing an invisible slave chain.

And I'm sure 24.May.2006 20:54


that like so many other complicit bastards of authoritarian governments in the past, Congress never thought that THEY'D have to use the vaseline. It is fun to watch them squirm as they get it, even if we're the ones with wires to our genitals and our hands chained to the ceiling.