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Why do we need terrorists when we have Verizon?

Yes, it's treason.
Why do we need terrorists when we have Verizon?

Business Week has reported that the telephone companies that are
trying to proclaim their innocence of not handing the Bush regime
our private calling records without a warrant, subpoena, or court
order may feel capable of lying because they likely hired out
their felonies and treason to third-party companies.

Verizon denies its felonies and treason:

 http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/ 2006/05/16/national/main1620814.shtml

These third-party companies are called "scapegoat" companies
because they are often created in an attempt to isolate the
heavily moneyed criminals and traitors from criminal prosecution
and from civil lawsuits while the scapegoat company is allowed to
be judically destroyed, leaving the real crooks and their
corporations virtually untouched and unpunished.

It's possible that these telephone companies are innocent. How
likely is that given what's been disclosed so far?

For background and to draw your own conclusions:


The Bush regime's crimes against humanity and treason against
America over the past five and a half years have been utterly
devastating to the United States. These Neocons have damaged the
country far greater than any Islamic band of crazies ever could.
Only these Neocon butchers and traitors could have inflicted the
massive assaults and damage against American's rights, liberties,
and freedoms. The likes of Osama and his Saudi Arabian buddies
could have never hoped for or prayed for the destruction levied
against America at the hands of the Bush Regime.

Along comes the nation's telephone companies, by all available
evidence to date selling out nearly every American's privacy,
Constitutional rights, and our Democratic heritage, one that was
once predicated upon the Rule of Law -- and the telephone
companies apparenly did it solely for money. These telephone
companies apparently committed -- and apparently continue to
commit -- felonies and treason against the American people --
their customers -- solely for money.

It's been reported that the Bush regime has signed contracts
with these telephone companies to hand over our private calling
records and while the amount of blood money they're getting for
their treason has yet to come out (from whistleblowers or during
questioning under oath in an endless series of hoped-for
courtroom trials) you can be sure that we're talking about
massive amounts of money. So much so the Bush regime has tried
to stop the civil class action lawsuits against AT&T files by
the Electronic Frontier Foundation.


So much so that one of the traitors -- AT&T -- tried to get the
evidence of their felonies and treason sealed so that the
American people couldn't see it. They claimed that the evidence
of their crimes and treason were trade secrets that were some
how stolen and as such couldn't be entered into the lawsuits
against them.

For copies of the one-time-secret evidence, download and
mirror the PDF file:


Most Americans wouldn't commit treason against virtually every
one of their fellow countrymen just for money. To be sure there
is always a percentage of any populace that would, but who would
have thought that they all work for the telephone companies?

The Bush regime invaded an innocent country and started raping
children, kidnapping innocent people, murdering innocent people
by the thousands, resulting in at minimum a quarter of a million
dead Iraqi innocents. Why did he do it? To seize control of
Iraq's oil, by all available evidence, and to stop Saddam from
selling his oil in Euros rather than U. S. Dollars.

Why did these fascist terrorists claim they did it? One of their
claims has always been to safeguard America's rights, liberties,
and freedoms. "They hate us for our freedoms," the head mass
murderer claimed. "We have to fight them over there so we don't
have to fight them over there" -- never mind the fact that the
Iraqi people never constituted a threat to America and there was
no need to murder them _anywhere_ at all.

With this fascist regime and the traitor telephone companies
destroying utterly our dearly-held, deeply-cherished rights,
freedoms, and liberties as American citizens what do we need Osama
bin Laden for? These fascist terrorists with their telephone
company cohorts are doing Osama's job just fine, thanks, and Osama
and his pals need not life a single finger.

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