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If you don't like the way the government operates...

Then you should not vote. Voting in government elections does nothing other than legitimize the systems that are currently in place. The individuals who are in office do not affect the big picture...that is, the fascist corporate government under whose rule we all live. No matter who you vote for, the government wins. Think about it this way...if the government wants things one way, and the people want them another, why should the people try to create change by working under the government's rules? Those rules are there for a reason...as long as the government controls the game, it will always be the winner. If you want real change, stop playing their game. Organize and revolt.

Organize WORKERS COUNCILS.. 25.May.2006 18:05


The real advantage there is speed. The St Petersburg Sovet(council) was materialized within a matter of hours prior to the 1905 revolution. Of course, the Russian Proletariat had extensive cultural associations with all forms of popular councils in the years prior through village institutions known as the "Starosky"(elders councils). Later the various czarist governing agencies, Dumas and such formally recognized these bodies(councils) and even funded them at certain periods of crisis.
The Councils should be composed of Strike Committees that are democraticaly elected at the rank and file level with immediate recall votes in case of malfeasence or other defects of elected Delegates. The purpose of the councils is political organization,... not economic demands. Strike funds should be assessed and collected in leu of "union dues" which are only used for the election of bureaucrats. Refuse to pay union dues. Broader Councils should be organized at the three levels of: Community, Factory(Office) and Campus or Student & Teachers level.

b.s. 25.May.2006 18:47

Republikkkans never want you to vote

vote and join a union and pay your union dues. When the people's union, the unit, the organization is strong the people are strong. Don't let them tell you to drop out. Keep fighting.

A Vote can still be a tool for good 25.May.2006 19:03


This is one of the most ridiculous and defeatist arguments I've heard on Indymedia in some time. Don't Vote? Are you planning on bringing the system down tommorrow? Understand that as little as you like it the system has control over numerous elements of your life, are you planning on just turning over what limited control we have over that? Is this a post from the RNC, trying to reinforce pessimissism? Yes, the voting machines are rigged to a large degree. Yes, most elected officials don't actually pay attention to or look out for the interests of non-corporate entities. And yes, We need to move to a new system that improves all of this. But the framework isn't here yet. If you abandon your vote you allow the system to move further and further away from our aims and goals. Don't you see that creation of these desires to apathy is actively pursued by the powers that be and those behind them? They won't even need to steal elections if we all stop voting out of despondence. Take the system from all angles. Build our own networks and our own supports on the outside. Mobilize the masses. Get our message out. And work the system from the inside as well, even if it is just to elect fellow-minded politicians to office to disassemble it from the inside. For the sake of the future, don't just give up.

The first step is to acknowledge hopeless fictions 25.May.2006 23:40


Giving up is more like continuing to participate in illusions that the changes that will bring the downfall of a socioeconomic control structure that concentrates power and wealth to the few will be permitted to occur by that system. That the reform that would end that system's injustices and authoritarianism will be allowed to "sneak up", and before it can be detected, change will have taken place.

It's not easy to forego the "it could be worse" escapism, that if the "game is played" a little longer, maybe a little "smarter", success will result--that an egalitarian, biologically sustainable and just community will come to pass, perhaps as the guardians of our freedom and democracy, if not the wealth based leaders become enlightened and revert to actions in support of the seventh generation, while living in the present.

Ever vote cast always has two components. One is for a selection from among the allowed options (candidate, referendum, issue) and the other is acceptance of the processes that have determined the range and boundaries of choice--what "gets on the ballot."

The first step toward taking one's own work for change is recognizing that it won't be made exercising the hollow, depressing, hopeless spectacles and rituals permitted by those in power or seeing their inerest in sustaining those in power, who don't want that change. That the options provided are dead ends for what you want. From that point one can seriously begin building what it will take to effect systemic and not cosmetic change. Liberated from the grinding self-delusion of holding out hope against hope, one can then be more aware and opportunistic in making both the day to day decisions and seizing on more focused events directed toward dispelling the sources of socioeconomic injustice and domination. One can plan and assist in revolution, without compromise.

Liberty is taken. It's never given.

whatever 26.May.2006 00:56


The only message not voting sends is that you're too lazy, arrogant or apathetic to spend 5 minutes filling out a ballot. Don't want to vote for the "allowed options" write in someone or something else else for every vote. Or do some creative art or written expression on your ballot before submitting it. Plenty of options for those who disagree and want to send a statement. And instead of telling other people what they should or should not be doing, how about, you know, actually doing something yourself.

Have you "stopped playing their game. Organized and revolted"? Why not write about that instead? It'd be a much better read than this waste of space.

Rise Up Cascadia! 26.May.2006 06:03


The Constitution of Oregon allows Oregonians (originally including those of the states of Washington and Idaho as well as western sections of Montana and Wyoming and the Canadian province of British Columbia) to re-examine and even terminate their governments or sever their relations with fderal governments from outside the bioregion.

"Sec. 1. We declare that all men, when they form a social compact are
equal in right: that all power is inherent in the people and
all free governments are founded on their authority, and in-
stituted for their peace, safety, and happiness; and they
have at all times a right to alter, reform, or abolish the
government in such manner as they may think proper.


CHECK YOUR POLARITY 26.May.2006 11:09


What Braingel meant was 'organize outside the box'. Society is bi-polar in that the ruling bush clique asserts absolute control over U.S. society through its sham 'patriot act' and 'homeland security' hoax. In the same way the official union bureaucracy rules over the rank and file memberships like squalid monarchs in their 'kingdoms'. You can only excercise a completely free and effective vote if you are voting in an honest election where the cantidates ALL represent, to some degree or other, your own interests. This is not possible in the national U.S. elections which for the past six years have been completely rigged and fixed by the current gang. Therefore, to correct whar b.s. said; join a union, then vote but be aware that you still won't be assured of being properly represented untill you have formed rank and file councils with which to carry on real 'political struggle'.

lets just give it to the republicans 26.May.2006 17:45

nancygeorge madstitcher007@yahoo.com

Did you know that the number of registered Democrats is far, far greater than the number of registered Republicans? That preventing democrats from voting was part of the strategy to elect Bush in 2000 and 2004? Well, I guess the republicans are thanking you right now for your contribution to their stop-the-vote campaign.

stupid stupid stupid 26.May.2006 22:25

stupid stupid

"Not voting" and "organizing and revolting" have nothing to do with each other. Voting takes at most a few hours every other year or so. What you do with the rest of your time is a separate issue. If campaigning to get people to vote is a stupid waste of time, then campaigning to get people to stop voting is just as stupid.

yeah, vote democrat! 27.May.2006 11:50


you're right nancygeorge...let's elect the democrats instead. everything will change! the parking lot i'm staring out at will be converted to a sunny meadow in no time. let's do it...go blue! woo-hoo!