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Zachary Jenson update

Zachary Jenson has been recommended for release by his pretrial services
officer. Zach will have a hearing before magistrate judge Hollows where
the judge will decide whether to grant Zach bail. A date for a bail
hearing has not been set.
Zach would still like to receive letters from people. The jail has been
holding his mail so he may not have received all the letters sent to him.
He was recently given a large stack that dated back to the beginning of
April. When writing Zach DO NOT discuss his case or issues related to his
charges. All of his letters are opened by the jail and read by the
government. Please keep writing and respect these guidelines. Letters are
a huge boost to his spirit.

Zach still needs to raise $3,000 to pay his lawyer. If you would like to
donate or organize a fundraiser please contact us at

For more information on how to support Zach visit www.supportzach.org