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slave chains are being put on you while we argue about what hit the pentagon

National ID with GPS locator in 2008. A mass murderer is over all intelligence in USA. No more problems with leaks!
Instead of arguing about the Pentagon Plane, how about trying to reach people who don't understand 911 was an inside job? At least 25% of the US knows 911 was an inside job. 56% doubt the official story.

After conversion, it is time for serious action. Try www.worldcantwait.org. Impeachment will come from the anger of the people. It's our will against theirs.

Negroponte can turn death squads loose here, with the National ID card in place. It's his "thing". So is torture.

Crazy? So is getting away with 911. That has been accomplished so far.


so so so true 28.May.2006 16:33

Slave Rebellion

People it this is not the appropriate time to argue about what shade of paint was used on the burning house! It is time for action . .. um.. that means like now!

Amazing aerodynamic maneuvers of Flight 77 29.May.2006 14:06

truth revolution

The "terrorists" were able to perform some miraculous, unimaginable, (some may even say unbelievable) skills of jet flight. They were actually able to defy the laws of gravity by magically swooping the huge/heavy Boeing 757 down from the sky, leveling it out horizontally, and flying it straight forward just a few feet from the ground while they flew it towards their target. They did all this at top speed of a jet plunging down from high in the sky and amazingly did not impact the ground at all. They then were able to guide the plane into the most vacant (area of the Pentagon under construction) part of the building.

If you watch the recently released Judicial Watch video at the website provided below— you'll see 'they' actually possessed the ability to "morph" the huge jet into a much smaller aircraft/missile (?). This accounts for the lack of wing impact on the outside of the building. Not to mention, no visible [massive amount of] debris you'd expect to find from a jet the size of Flight 77. Also, we must not forget the fact of the jet fuel completely disappearing after impact. I wonder how 'they' managed this feat? There was no visible, voluminous, billowing, burning black smoke you'd typically expect to witness after a jet airliner crashes as a result of all the jet fuel. There was smoke, but different from what you'd expect to see. Odd. Also, speaking of smoke- what's up with the white smoke trail coming off from behind the incoming "object in question"? Does it resemble the exhaust of a missile to anyone with knowledge in this area? Just wondering.

*Attention: Disregard this following video. It means nothing. Your eyes are deceiving you. It's an optical illusion. Perhaps some kind of video/computer trickery. Focusing on the Pentagon relating to what really happened on 9/11 will most likely bring unnecessary attention to the fact that the "entire days events were a total and complete DECEPTION". This might accidentally EMPOWER PEOPLE to more actively demand answers and spark the long overdue REVOLUTION FOR TRUTH AND JUSTICE.

Don't bother using your own intelligence in seeing "with your own eyes" that something is wrong with this picture. Continue with your daily lives and don't bother with obvious discrepancies with the so-called 'official story' or pay any attention to annoying , disturbing details which may threaten your belief-system and may ultimately WAKE UP THE MASSES to the truth that 9/11 was an Inside-Job— with deeper connections if you bother to take the time to explore and find out.

See Video: >>>  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TAaP4Z3zls8

. . .and engage/activate your mind. Does this look like a Boeing 757 approaching the Pentagon before impact? Or, does it look more like a missile or some other unknown smaller aircraft? You decide.

Is it possible people have been brainwashed into the state-of-mind where they are reluctant/unable to see the Truth?? No. . .that's absurd!!

See Link: >>>  http://www.freedomunderground.org/view.php?v=3&t=3&aid=19296

Other sites of interest: >>  http://www.apfn.org/apfn/flight77.htm