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The Racism of Lars Larson

If you find yourself arguing with a conservative about immigrants' rights, you will invariably hear the refrain, "I'm not racist, but ...." Don't buy it. Not for a second.
I've come to believe that it's vital in these times to document and preserve statements coming from the reactionary right in this country. It's vital because -- who knows? They will deny saying it tomorrow. The next day, they will deny the denial. They will say anything.

Which is why I think it's important that everyone know what Lars Larson is saying today.

If you look at his web page, you'll find a headline/link stating: "Police search for illegal alien accused of raping/impregnating 10 yr old girl."

Click on it, and you get the first few paragraphs of an article by James Osborne at the Valley Morning Star online edition, published out of Harlingen, Texas. It's a disturbing account, yet another chapter in the ever-thickening catalog of horrors that chronicles this country's social breakdown.

But I particularly want to direct your attention to Lars' editorial comment. Tucked between the story and the headline -- not the headline that actually appeared in the Star, but one he wrote to make sure the "illegal alien" got top billing.

Lars wants to know: "And we're going to give guys like this amnesty?"

"Guys like this."

How many times have we heard Lars and his ilk insist they are not racist? "I'm not racist, but ... ." The hell with "but." There is no "but." The argument is clear: We cannot give amnesty to "illegal aliens" because they are "guys like this." Or -- at the very least and to be far more charitable than they deserve -- because the masses of brown hordes invading our country include a disproportionate number of "guys like this."

"We must stop illegal immigrants because they will rape our children!"

Lars excels at issuing reactionary bile on his program, but this little snotty remark -- with its overtly racist insinuation , tucked away on his web site -- goes quite a bit further. It is something to remember the next time you hear, "I'm not racist, but ... ." With a comment like this, he proudly aligns himself with the most extreme right-wing elements in this country, openly fascistic elements. He endears himself even to those racists he may be given to condemn on the air. But let's cut the bullshit, please. These guys speak the same language. They know the code.

The beauty of Larson's undiluted bit of venom is that is so pure. There is no code, no wink-and-nod. It is clear what he means, and he means what he says: we can't let "guys like this" in our country BECAUSE they are "like this," -- they are guys prone to raping 10-year-old girls! If that were actually true, how could one possibly argue against building a 20-foot wall topped with razor wire and a moat full of alligators along the entire U.S.-Mexican border?

Larson likes to boast, cigar in hand, that he speaks for true American conservatives, not Republicans in Name Only, but the real deal, those lost souls who worship Reagan. On that, I'll take him at his word. If one wants to understand the dark heart of darkness that beats vibrantly within the Republican Party, I present to you their unofficial spokesman: Lars Larson of KXL radio, Oregon's own right-wing, racist pig.

Yes, racist. Racist to the core.

I'm not racist, but ... 28.May.2006 09:51

Lyle Wallace

I think it's self-evident. Think it through.

The issue front and center is the fate 12 million undocumented workers. Notwithstanding the obvious fact that there are deeper, more profound long-term socio-economic dynamics in play that must eventually be confronted, the question policymakers are wrestling with today is: What are we going to do with these 12 million people? Shall we send them all back? Shall we extend citizenship, or amnesty, to them? Shall we send some back and put others on a path to citizenship? Etc.

Larson has scoured the news wires and found a particularly henious crime. Putting aside the issue that the article doesn't even establish that the rapist <i>is</i> an undocumented worker -- and keeping in mind the fundamental policy question outlined above -- Larson bellows, "We're going to give guys like <i>this</i> amnesty?"

Insofar as that particular case is concerned, it's an idiotic question. Of course we're not going to give child-rapists amnesty. Or adult rapists. Or ax murderers. No one is proposing that <i>anyone</i> charged of any violent crime be given a free pass. Larson knows that.

So, the question is asked: What shall we do with these 12 million people? Shall they be granted amnesty?

Lars answers the question, pointing and screaming about a man accused of raping a 10-year-old girl. "We're going to give guys like <i>this</i> amnesty?!?!"

Think it through, friend. Larson has.

Lars Larson Reeks of Hatred 28.May.2006 10:11


If Lars Larson isn't racist then no one is. I was listening to his shows last week, he can't get his mind off the topic of "illegals" and refers to all Hispanic people as "JOSE." Racist? Most definitely! Full of anger and hate? To the brim!

Demise of Political Discourse 28.May.2006 14:43

Lyle Wallace

Larson's repugnant politics are a symptom of a broader crisis of political and intellectual thought in this country. Today's bourgeoisie politicians and their media counterparts -- Larson, Tony Snow, they're all cut from the same cloth -- genuinely believe that they champion the highest, most advanced political and social perspective that has evolved out of more than 2,000 years of the development of philosophy. I dare say that 100 years from now, audio recordings of what constitutes political debate in this country today, particularly right-wing radio, will elicit howls of derisive laughter from virtually everyone, as they rightly should.

I think it is worth acknowledging a bit of my own naivte in starting this thread; I'd like to think that if enough people knew about undisguised racism Larson has on his web site right now, it would raise such a public shitstorm that he'd be fired by end of the day Tuesday. Twenty years ago, that would have happened. That, or he would have been shamed into quitting.

But not today. He has no shame. He will say anything, and the political culture is such that not only can he get away with it, it's barely noticed.

Larceny 29.May.2006 14:14


The real question about someone like LL is, why does such a grotesque miscreant who is wholly unrepresentative of the community he pontificates his obnoxiousness to, have access to such a soapbox? How does something like that come to pass? How can it be that rightwing "schlockjocks" get pride of place on the broadcast spectrum in a notoriously leftwing city, a city of half a million people that voted 85% against the current national regime in the last general elections, while we have only a single noncommercial community radio station?!

The spectacle of such a media personality as this in such a place as Portland should be more than enough to put the lie to the mythologies of capitalist propaganda such as, "the commercial media just give the people what they want!" The grotesquely disproportionate prominence of such a person is all the proof anyone should need that the moguls of the corporate entertainment industrial complex very much have their own political agenda, quite distinct from just making a quick buck this fiscal quarter, and are acutely aware of and deliberate about the power they wield.

angry sad-boy 30.May.2006 18:45


History 101. At one time(1979) L.L. aspired to be a news anchor on a major network, but was stuck at KPTV doing news at 10...alas no celebrity status nor appreciation of his keen political acumen..but another co-host did ascend to lofty national status--Beverly Wlliams(if i recall correctly)landed at the new cable network CNN(via KGW-TV) and achieved noted success. So Lars lost his opportunity for fame and fortune due to affirmitive actionx2(Black and Female!)..so in my mind Lars is more easily understood if you see him as a hurt and bitter ex-news reporter turned infamous racebaiter and gay-basher etc.Louder does not always equate to greater power.

I remembered 04.Nov.2016 20:11

A black woman

I lived in Oregon for about 30 years. One day,while ironing, I decided to listen some talk radio. That was when I first heard Lar Larson. When a minority called his show, he will always say something degrading to humiliate them. America has a lot bigots in this country and Larson is the king of bigotry in the northwest.