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Chemtrails are not Contrails

People have forgotten what blue skies and normal contrails look like.
Here is a normal contrail
Here is a normal contrail
Here is a contrail with a chemtrail
Here is a contrail with a chemtrail
Contrails and chemtrails are not alike
Contrails and chemtrails are not alike
Seeing the difference is easy
Seeing the difference is easy
Contrails look like brilliant white comets high in the sky, at an altitude of over 30,000 feet in cold, dry air. At that height, even a large airliner is barely visible. Contrails appear some distance behind the airplane where the hot exhaust and cold air mix. The air pressure up there is so low that the ice crystals sublime directly back into invisible water vapor in a minute or so. Contrails disappear completely, leaving clear blue sky.

Chemtrails appear at lower altitudes, often low enough to identify the model of aircraft with the naked eye. The number of streaks emerging directly behind the aircraft often does not correlate with the number of engines. Chemtrails form long clouds that can stretch from horizon to horizon. Chemtrails spread out into a milky haze that covers the whole sky. Chemtrails do not disappear like Contrails because they are a solid aerosol.

Transcontinental airliners fly along fixed paths, going both directions at different altitudes, another plane coming along every few minutes. You may have looked out the window on one of your travels to see another airliner come zipping by, separated by only a couple thousand feet in altitude. Have you every noticed one of these passing jets leaving behind a lasting Chemtrail? If that were the case, then visibility along these flight paths would soon be reduced to zero. Every flight would be forced to fly by a different path.

Have you wondered what has happened to the bright blue sky we used to enjoy all summer long? Go outside and look for yourself.

I forgot to tell you... 02.Jun.2006 02:31

Fred Bauer

I got the images from a video called "Areosol Crimes" that can be found at the link included along with alot of other videos well worth watching. "Clouds of Death" is also a good one about Chemtrails.

where is your proof? 02.Jun.2006 03:18


newer jet engines are more efficient, exhaust temperatures are closer to the condensation temperature. Just as clouds have a variety of distinct appearances, so do jet exhausts contrails; factors include air temperature and humidity. Unless there is some solid evidence, such as recovered samples, some sort of measurements (eg. spectrometry) there is little credibility about the existence of cumtrails.

alittleskeptical 02.Jun.2006 06:57

you can have all you want to know about the areosols

and then some at the following link:

But you can find all the proof you need just by looking outside on most clear days.

aerosols and skeptics 02.Jun.2006 09:08

Right Guard

"But you can find all the proof you need just by looking outside on most clear days."

This is an idea of proof, just looking and then deciding upon that? That is the type proof we expect from the Kansas and Dover, PA Boards of Education.

the content of the trails is the thing: blood cells, aluminum, and/or barium 02.Jun.2006 12:22

more informed

"Unless there is some solid evidence, such as recovered samples, some sort of measurements (eg. spectrometry) "

The proof is in the barium and aluminum samples recovered from chemtrails. The shape of the trails (as we can see...) can be a red herring used by trolls and other evil people to distract and harp (haarp...) upon.

I think the burden of proof is not on pictures or trail shapes per se, though they can be used to indicate the CONTENT of the trails, which is the issue.

The important core point is the content of the trails: the high amounts of aluminum and barium already noted by many samples (sometimes including biologicals like freeze dried human blood cells), and the interviews with leakers, accidental admittals of major chem spray operations in Canada over airport recorded messages by those who didn't know it was to remain a covert operation, etc.

Of course, if there was any legitimate skepticism, it's increasingly hard to brush it off, because I could cite the citizen complaints to the Canadian parliament about U.S. military chemtrail operations in their territory, complaints to the U.S. Congress, Kucinich's bill that was forcibly removed because it sought to ban "space weaponry, planetary damaging weapons, and chemtrails by name; the Russian Duma public statements against the U.S.'s HAARP global weather control designs.

You may think that it is pretty smart to cough up 60 year old photographs or use such ideas as a debunking strategy, though the simple issue of the shapes of the trails it ain't a full picture and you know it. The world is still stuck in WWII technology, you are saying? Update your science.

U.S. SECRETARY OF DEFENSE, WILLIAM COHEN SAID, THERE IS AN "ECO-TYPE OF TERRORISM": "Others [terrorists] are engaging even in an eco-type of terrorism whereby they can [in one technology with many different applications] alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves... So there are plenty of ingenious minds out there that are at work finding ways in which they can wreak terror upon other nations... It's real...." (1997 QUOTE)

By the way, Cohen's 1997 quote on this "eco-type of terrorism" is one year after the Air Force, in 1996, wrote up and submitted TO HIM their HAARP related plan of "Owning the weather by 2025".

Are the Chemtrails seeding the clouds for rain?... 02.Jun.2006 12:30

Pravda or Consequences

Just curious.

Do you actually know? 02.Jun.2006 14:15

Mike Novack stepbystpefarm <a> mtdata.com

This is getting tiresome.

You think you know what is NORMAL appearance and behavior for a contrail? Normal in terms of the relative humidity/dew point and presence or absence of "seed crystals" (ice or fine water droplets).

What I am about to say is NOT about whether "chemtrails" are real. Not even that the pictures were not of "chemtrails". But what I am saying is that under particular (not unusual) meteorological conditions it is perfectly normal for contrails to appear and to behave EXACTLY as the things being described as "chemtrails".

So when you want to point at one of these things and say "chemtal" please supply the temperatures and relative humiity at the altitude the plane was passing through to indicate that these WERE at levels which would cause contrails to dissipate like YOU think is normal.

PS -- I am pretty certain that military air forces ARE experimenting with "chemtails" (chemicals released into the contrail) but these would be in attempts to SUPPRESS the contrail (make it rapidly dissipate) because one of those persistant type contrails you think are "chemtrails" would make "stealth aircraft" less stealthy (maybe can't pick up that stealth bomber on radar but if it leaves a trail behind that doesn't dissipate a fighter simply follows that to make a visual intercept)

here's Mike Novack again with a debunking attempt 02.Jun.2006 15:36

I know my physics

Mike, I think you must be pretending to be ignorant of the science, I know you're a smart person. The trails we are calling chemtrails expand to cover much of the sky, often making the sky look overcast on a previously clear day. If the trails are the result of water vapor in the air, then how would they continue to be visible after the vapor has spread out to the original concentration before the plane passed? You cannot end up with more moisture than you started with, and the vapor was "invisible" more or less (clear sky) before the plane's hot jet exhaust caused the condensation. They are also occurring usually at an altitude much too low for condensation trails to form. Yes, I know factors like humidity and air pressure affect the duration / altitude / thickness of condensation trails, but seriously... where were all these thick milky trails ten years ago if the laws of physics haven't changed? Jet engines are "more efficient" or somehow different than they were then? The condensation trails are caused by the heat from the jet engines, which hasn't changed much, and there is nothing that normally would be added to jet fuel that would make the jet exhaust itself visible.

I still have for the doubters the same questions as always, which to this point have not been addressed in all of the many forum threads on chemtrails:

How these trails were not occurring about ten years ago? Jet planes still operate on the same principles, with about the same fuel, and the laws of physics certainly haven't changed.

Why the characteristic flight patterns? More like cropdusting (intended to give coverage) than normal flight traffic between airports.

I've looked over the chemtrail debunking sites, and they don't really address these things either. They do a very poor job of explaining the thick cloudy trails.

look, chemtrails are real 02.Jun.2006 16:24

Jody Paulson

Check it out. Ohio Congressman Dennis Kucinich makes specific reference to them in this failed bill:  http://www.fas.org/sgp/congress/2001/hr2977.html

I'm given to understand that they add certain elements to the atmosphere that make certain plasma and electromagnetic weaponry possible. They also make HAARP technology possible. If you're familiar with the electrical genius Tesla (a rival of Edison) you may know it was his dream to have electrical power transmitted without wires, through the atmosphere. It may be that the substances in chemtrails make this possible, along with a whole lot of dirty weaponry and wave-frequency technology that certain people in power would rather us ordinary folks know nothing about. Here's an interesting article towards that effect, which I submit for your consideration (I'm not offering an opinion on this one way or the other, I just know that chemtrails are real, it behooves us all to learn more about them!):  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2004/06/290343.shtml

Tuesday spray 02.Jun.2006 16:56

chemtrail aware

On Tuesday morning is SE Portland I awoke to a clear sky and two "strato tankers" laying down lines in the sky. by the time I was getting in my car and driving to work the entire sky was covered with the lines and intersecting haze. Early afternoon I noticed a second round of spraying from my window at work, and then again roughly 2 hours later. While returning home I noticed more spraying again directly over my SE Porland home. Essentially they sprayed all day and into the evening. These planes fly back and forth accross the sky, and they often make rounded turns near my house. I have witnessed these planes making a big turn all the while leaving a chemtrail behind, and then suddenly the trail just stops as if turned off with a switch. Show me a contrail that can behave like that. I just cannot imagine how anyone can observe the sky around Portland and not notice this activity. This is happening. This is happening in Portland. Just observe the sky for a week or two, and then think about your wife, kids, and your friends all being sprayed over and over again. I basically feel powerless and have no idea what to do or who to turn to make it stop.

seeding the sky for general HAARP electromagnetic weather control 02.Jun.2006 17:51


No. they are not seeding the sky for rain. They are seeding the sky for general weather control, whether drought creation, storm creation, or storm steering or enhancement/demotion.

As Jody said, they are laying down very specific electrolytes to enhance electromagnetic manipulation of the entire globe's atmosphere via HAARP. These particulates are actually of a scale that is illegal according to existing EPA law due to human health issues (10 microns or smaller).

Aluminum oxide has been leaked from those in the know as involved in the global weather control issues.

Barium compounds are presumably for high tech 3D radar images tests or war applications.

Both are toxic to humans. They can demote the brain function as well as impair the immune system.

From Jody's link above:

2 PDF FLYERS TO PASS OUT @ AIRPORTS/PUBLIC: Project Cloverleaf summary & HAARP connections
repost 19 Mar 2004 18:04 GMT

Two separate flyers:

1. Mechanics, Airline Executives, & Doctors talk of Project Cloverleaf, 1998 to the Present

2. Project Cloverleaf: Timeline, 1994 to the Present--with its HAARP connections

And god bless Dennis kucinich who attempted to introduce a bill in 2001 that would ban chemtrails operations--though hardly anyone supported it. One of the few Congressional friends to the American people--and the world--is Dennis Kucinich.

FLYER #1 mentions how Congressional and governmental stalling is excellent evidence of a coordinated cover-up. Plus, it has some testimonials that are excellent hooks for people to explore the referenced website.

FLYER #2 is a detailed timeline of documentable evidence about chemtrails with its HAARP connections, beginning in 1994. This one has detailed medical reports as well about chemtrails.



on HAARP, two author's interview:

Angels don't play this HAARP
Dr. Nick Begich
1 hr 36 min 46 sec - Mar 3, 2006

Jerry Smith - HAARP (BBLC 2005)
51 min 19 sec - Apr 7, 2006

video documentary HAARP: Holes in Heaven
Haarp Holes
51 min 3 sec - Apr 28, 2006
[there are several versions around, this one is smaller, though clearer in video and sound than some of the others]
Weather Central, Gakona, Alaska; smaller baby HAARPs elsewhere..
Weather Central, Gakona, Alaska; smaller baby HAARPs elsewhere..

it's all about the aircraft, not just the trails... 02.Jun.2006 18:18

this thing here

contrails appear directly behind the exhaust nozzels of jet engines. they are, after all, the trials of exhaust products FROM THE ENGINE.

chemtrials do not appear directly behind the exhaust nozzels of jet engines.

they appear behind pods and tanks, which are fastened beneath the wings of an aircraft much like bombs and other air dropped ordinance would be. keep in mind, on all large aircraft, there are underwing fairings which to the untrained eye may look like "hanging bombs". but they aren't. i'm not talking about underwing fairings, so i don't want to hear anything about underwing fairings. i'm talking about pods and tanks fastened under the wings or belly of an aircraft on mounts or ordinance points.

if there are no visible pods, then perhaps the chemtrails are appearing directly behind some kind of fuselage port or nacelle. in this case, all the liquid or powder would be stored in giant on-board tanks, much like the tanks on the huge in-flight refuelling tankers. the liquid would then just be squirted under pressure from the fuselage port into the airstream.

the point is: pictures. PICTURES. folks, all you need is a really really high powered telescope with a good tracking movement. and believe me, if your telescope is good enough, you'll be able to distinguish exactly where that stream of white vapour is coming from on the suspect aircraft. photographic evidence, not just of the trails, but high resolution pictures of the ACTUAL AIRCRAFT PRODUCING THE TRAILS, would do wonders for this discussion in my opinion. i wish i had a very high powered telescope that can take pictures, but i don't. so, if anyone out there has one, if possible, take some pictures of what you see and post them...

on the planes as the issue... to 'this thing here' 02.Jun.2006 18:43


Here's one I have seen.
U.S. military logo on one of famous generally unmarked
U.S. military logo on one of famous generally unmarked "white planes"

the visible contrails are moisture 03.Jun.2006 01:25

know physics

"contrails appear directly behind the exhaust nozzels of jet engines. they are, after all, the trials of exhaust products FROM THE ENGINE."

If by "trials of exhaust products FROM THE ENGINE" you meant that the visible contrails are the result of the heat trail left by the jet exhaust, then yes this is correct. They form some distance between the plane, you can even see this from the ground without magnification. They are the result of moisture or ice crystals in the atmosphere collecting in the hot jet exhaust, thus the name "contrail" which is a contraction of "condensation trail."

yes. 03.Jun.2006 08:49

this thing here

that's the kind of picture i'm talking about. there is some kind of trail coming from something other than an engine or a fairing. is it dumping fuel? or is it that a chemtrail? what ever it is, it sure as hell is NOT A CONTRAIL.

now, if someone really wants to make a strong case, i would take pictures of the trail AND pictures of the plane making the trail, and then say "at this time on this date, this plane was making this trail." if you're really concerned about it, keep a freaking log of that kind of info.

what's good about telescopes is that you'll be able to weed out the planes that are just leaving contrails.

Try this 03.Jun.2006 11:27

It can't hurt


Visualize the Earth without chemtrails.

it works 05.Jun.2006 12:00

try it

I saw some story elsewhere on this subject, thanx for the reminder, the air is stinky and gross today

Stop Chemtrails 15.Jun.2006 15:14

Sherri meyer_sherri@sbcglobal.net

Please Everyone sign this petition....it only takes about 1-2 minutes seriously. It's not alot of time when you think about our future, our health, our lives.