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What Amy Goodman refuses to talk about (besides 9/11)

And this time, it's not just the 9/11 truth issue. I used to think that Ms. Goodman was just avoiding the 9/11 truth movement and its concerns. But now I realize that what she avoids on her daily program is ANY subject of critical importance, such as what's contained in the following article:
Martial Law: Police State America - We're So Close Now

Thu, 01 Jun 2006

Gather round friends,

Let me tell you the story of the second Rome. A grand Republic which dominated the world in the early 21st century. Hear now the tragedy of how that great land, and with it the destiny of humanity, was nearly destroyed in those tragic times.

A time before the dark times. Before the world wars that nearly destoryed our race, and any hopes for its future began. Before the world moved on.

But teacher, how could they not know? How could they not see what they were doing?

Ah my poor child. It is the doom of men that they forget.

By Steve Watson / Info Wars / Prison Planet.com
Republished from Info Wars

The Fall of the Republic

For years we have warned that the police state is coming, how Martial Law will become the norm, how ancient laws, rights and freedoms are being overturned and replaced with repressive mechanisms of control.

For years we have presented the evidence, the Army War College documents, the domestic military takeover drills, the draconian legislation, officials left right and centre calling for more centralized military control domestically.

For years people refuted the evidence, or passed it off as being intended for something else, or simply refused to believe it. Now everything we warned you about is happening.

In the wake of the recent natural disasters on American soil, dangerous precedents have been set. We have been forced to watch how in times of crisis we must submit and follow the orders of Federal Commanders, no matter whether they deny us basic human rights or not.

Whether it be a state attack, a terrorist attack, an accident or a natural disaster matters not anymore, the outcome will be the same. We are just one event, ANY event away from Martial Law.

Getting rid of Posse Comitatus - Setting the precedent

"In a police state the police are national, powerful, authoritarian. Inevitably, national governments yield to the temptation to use the military to do the heavy lifting... .once the military is used, however minor initially, the march toward martial law ... becomes irresistible." - Representative Ron Paul of Texas - June 25 1997.

The Posse Comitatus Act is a recognition that the framers of the Constitution had a deep distrust of centralized power, particularly centralized military power that might be used against the people. State militias were preferred over a national army. In times of major disaster or emergency, it has been state governors - not the president - who call out that state's contingent of the national guard.

We have witnessed over a long period of time how Posse Comitatus is systematically being erased. After 9/11 this was particularly accelerated. All the so called "experts" were calling for changes to long standing laws, in order to "protect" us. This led to scores of lower level Government officials pleading for exactly what the criminal elements higher up wanted all along.

"Our way of life has forever changed," wrote Sen. John Warner, R-Va., in a letter last month to Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld. "Should this law now be changed to enable our active-duty military to more fully join other domestic assets in this war against terrorism?"

So let's get this right, "terrorists" attack us because they "hate our freedoms" and the answer is to get rid of our freedoms?

But before the war on terror it was clear that there was preparation afoot for such eventualities. Nothing is under review, this has always been the agenda. They were erasing Posse Comitatus 14 Years Ago. In 911: The Road to Tyranny Alex Jones presents footage of troops training to put Americans into Concentration Camps. This footage includes interrogations and a retired Marine admitting that in 1988 he was kicking down doors in Norfolk, Virginia. The Marines would be ordered to the local Police station where they would don Police uniforms. They would then go to the local gun shop or dealers home and "Take Them Down."

In Alex Jones' feature Police State 2000 he covers Operation Urban Warrior where actors posed as American citizens who were Unconstitutionally seized from their homes by the military and police. These Americans: were rounded up and confined behind barbed-wire.

The actors were told to demand to be let free and state that they had rights. They were also told to demand food and water. The troops in turn were taught to ignore them and to order them to behave in an orderly fashion. "Civil disobedience will not be tolerated" was one of the many disturbing statements heard to emanate from the military's loud speakers.

Over the years there have been countless drills of this nature. The media simply reports them as training for dealing with foreign enemies, yet the volunteers and the participants are always told differently.

Here's a report on another urban warfare drill entitled "The Millennium Challenge 2002". This drill was conducted secretly across 26 States in 2002.

Earlier this year details of just one of many Military operations on American soil was exposed in the run up to Lord Bush's coronation. A secret counterterrorism program code-named Power Geyser. A small group of super-secret commandos were hidden among 13000 police and troops and "stood ready with state-of-the-art weaponry to swing into action.".

There have been literally hundreds of these kind of operations in the planning and going on for years now. Many designed to use the military on the streets of American cities in direct violation of Posse Comitatus. The Pentagon has a full Command in operation working on these activities, the Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC).

Whilst Studying US COIN (Counter Insurgency) doctrine at University I was subjected to weekly showings of videos where military operations were carried out in purpose built mock American towns and cities. We were also informed of how future Counter Insurgency would be predominantly conducted from Military bunkers as they had developed the technology to map out entire cities to pinpoint accuracy from satellite images. The cities in the prototypes were of course all American cities.

I remember asking the lecturer what the point was in developing this technology for use in foreign insurgency wars in places such as the mountains of Afghanistan, and why were the drills and testing of the technology being carried out purely in American towns and cities. The answer was of course that in the event of a major terror attack on US soil these types of things would go into operation. The Pentagon does indeed have "War Plans" drafted in the event of any type of terror attack, which would be coordinated by Northcom in conjunction with the Department of Homeland Security and would involve Martial Law and thousands of troops on the streets.

According to respected military affairs analyst William Arkin, Northcom has defined three levels of operations, each of which triggers a larger set of authorized activities. The levels are "extraordinary", "emergency" and "temporary". During emergencies, the military can provide similar support, mostly in response to specific events such as the attacks on the World Trade Center. It is only in the case of extraordinary domestic operations that the unique capabilities of the Defense Department are deployed. These include not just such things as air patrols to shoot down hijacked planes or the defusing of bombs and other explosives, but also bringing in intelligence collectors, special operators and even full combat troops.

But as Arkin's article makes clear, Northcom is doing more than mere coordinating. "Under the banner of 'homeland security', the military and intelligence communities are implementing far-reaching changes that blur the lines between terrorism and other kinds of crises and will break down long-established barriers to military action and surveillance within the US."

He also said the Pentagon reviewed the Posse Comitatus Act and determined that it would not be a violation to deploy the National Guard to protect critical infrastructure in some circumstances. He said he expects more presidential directives in the future to expand the military's homeland defense role.

Then of course we have General Tommy Franks stating that a major terror attack on US soil would mean the Constitution will likely be discarded in favor of a military form of government.

Some say this is nothing new. In a speech to the Council on Foreign Relations in January, former US senator Gary Hart said American founders "created such an army and called it the militia: citizen-soldiers under the immediate command of the various states that can be deployed in times of emergency. Since the late 19th century these militias have been known as the National Guard, and they were created and given constitutional status as the first responders and the first line of defense in the case of an attack on our homeland".

This is clearly an alteration of reality. The reason why the founding fathers employed militias and later created Posse Comitatus was that they knew a centralized national army could be used in a future environment to take over the country and take away the rights of everyone.

We have further exposed how the infrastructure for a Martial Law Police State is already in place, and in many cases is in use. We have a whole archive on the revelations that FEMA has Concentration camps set up and ready to go in the event of any emergency that is deemed suitable for their use. As we have also seen recently, these camps need not have barbed wire and observation towers, they can simply be well guarded sports stadiums.

Detention centers are common features of any public protest event now, as we recently saw at the Republican National Convention and G8 protests.

We have also exposed the development of police State weapons that make Tasers look like water pistols. See this article on The Pentagon's Secret Scream Sonic devices that can inflict pain—or even permanent deafness. These type of devices that are routinely used in Iraq have recently been in use in New Orleans in the Katrina aftermath.

The use of Unmanned drone aircraft has also been documented recently in New Orleans. Again, such weapons are being used not only in foreign reconnaissance but also domestically for spying on "citizens" and controlling crowds. Industry representatives are enthusiastic about the drones' potential.

"I believe we will see Predator and Global Hawk unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) watching over major events, such as the Olympic Games and the Super Bowl, in the not-too-distant future," Brad Brown, then-president of the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International wrote earlier this year.

Alex's most recent film Martial Law: Rise of the Police State also documents the use of huge corporate sponsored surveillance blimps. The Department of Homeland Security is developing 900 ft long so called "Super Blimps" for surveillance, intended to fly about 65,000 feet, well above commercial airliner traffic.

We have also documented the rise in use of the national guard to break up public events. On multiple occasions we have carried stories, photos and video of tanks and armed troops on the streets of America. We saw earlier this year how such deployments are used not only to break up protests, but even something as insignificant as a rave in a field.

Future technology under development includes robot police that have the ability to run. Its like we are living in the Twilight Zone or in a futuristic dystopian film. Yet when you mention these kind of things to people they either don't believe you or simply laugh at you. Well here's a wake up call, IT'S THE YEAR 2006, not 1955, and these things are real.

Yet Ms. Amy Goodman steadfastly refuses to mention, let alone discuss, any of it.

Better Than the Alternative 03.Jun.2006 02:57

Eric Blair

There are many subjects you won't find covered by Democracy Now - chemtrails, alien lizard men, sasquatch, UFO's, Illuminati/Zionist conspiracies, sports, fashion news, etc. Democracy Now has covered 911 - Amy interviewed David Ray Griffith and moderated a debate in which he took part with a poor excuse of a "debunker" whose name escapes me. And, to its credit, DN also covers the Palestine/Israel issue. People have to understand that DN is semi-legit vis a vis it being part of the mainstream media. But it goes much further in its coverage than any other outlet in that category and there are no commercial interruptions. IMO, we are much better off for having DN as an alternate source to the MSM, even though it has some deficiencies. Nothing is perfect.

9/11 Inside Job should be primary topic 03.Jun.2006 05:08


The 9/11 Truth Movement is the shining star of the peace movement and the 9/11 Inside Job should be a primary topic of discussion on all peace movement programs like Democracy Now. The Chicago conference taking place this weekend on the 9/11 Inside Job should have been featured this past week on Democracy Now, with daily interviews with the speakers at the Chicago event. Yet, neither on Democracy Now nor on any other program on KPFA (online at  http://www.kpfa.org; in the San Francisco Bay Area, 94.1 FM) was this conference discussed. There is a wide political spectrum involved in the 9/11 Truth Movement because we are simply dealing with a crime, which mandates a criminal investigation. You do not have to be any kind of radical to expose a crime; lawyers and their investigators do it all the time. The most prominent radicals in the 9/11 Truth Movement are Ralph Schoenman and Mya Shone, both socialists, and they could have been interviewed. They have a program on New York's WBAI, Taking Aim, and are often interviewed on KPFA's Guns and Butter. This head in the sand attitude on the 9/11 Truth Movement is intolerable and must be protested constantly and loudly. Flashpoints on KPFA regularly interviews David Griffin and has interviewed Michael Ruppert. Guns and Butter is now Wednesdays at 1 p.m.; it should be during prime time after the 6 p.m. news or on the weekends between 9 a.m. and 10 p.m. We cannot settle for Democracy Now being adequate at best. The 9/11 Truth Movement is too important to ignore and it is extremely urgent that this Reichstag Fire be exposed with all deliberate speed. It should have been obvious as it happened that the 9/11 Inside Job was staged as there was no air defense, and Bush's reading of a goat story in his brother's Florida fiefdom instead of taking command as he knew this was staged was the other immediate tip. The facts we now have and which emerged within a couple months of 9/11/01 that 9 of the alleged hijackers were alive on 9/12/01; there were no hijackers on those planes; the planes were on automatic pilot guided by the reactionary US Air Force; the Twin Towers and Building 7 were brought down in a few seconds in their own footprint by construction explosives in small enough pieces to be carted away immediately so as to remove the evidence; that the Pentagon was probably hit by a US missile and the plane over Pennsylvania was destroyed by the US Air Force need to be discussed on Democracy Now and everywhere else as often as possible, preferably weekly. Everyone must be taught that there are no coincidences and that we are dealing with outright fascists, with the primary perpetrators of the 9/11 Inside Job being Bush, Cheney, Rumsfield and Rice.

I agree with Eric 03.Jun.2006 09:04

Dr. Know

Democracy Now relies on certain endowments to operate, so it's highly likely that it has pressure not to tread to heavily on certain issues. Overall, it is a valuable asset that brings attention to many issues. Obliquely, I think DN does point viewers to authors like Griffin, Gore Vidal, Greg Palast, etc, so that viewers know where to follow up for more info. KBOO and Air America are also very gun shy when it comes to 9-11. Air America in particular frames all discussion of what happened on 9-11 in terms of Al-Queda and the official theory.

Professed Journalism 03.Jun.2006 17:15

David Grace - Indybay.org

Both AirAmerica and Dem Now! can and do bring up the flaws to the official lies of 911, but I think there is a trap that professional journalists are in, and only columnists and editors are able to side-step. It is necessary to understand how to reach the various reporters, so the truth may be told.

The training of a journalist calls for 'just the facts', while feature writers and editorialists can explore topics in a more expansive way. Since most of the events of that day require technical knowledge, it is necessary to get experts to lay down the foundation, and then make themselves available to be interviewed. That said, there is a public display of the various lies and realistic interpretations of the events, but the total picture is rarely re-displayed. Since we get some new pieces every few months, the big picture needs to be laid out again and again.

Since journalists need to maintain their reputations, as their primary asset, a story that changes every few months is tough to master. I would propose that the conferences develop a summary statement, agreed upon by a majority, regarding the new facts as it relates to the preliminary story. In addition, these panels should lay out the unknowns, so the journalists can know where to tread lightly. This can allow editors and the press to know what parts are safe ground and where speculation begins.

I very much agree that the 911 frauds need to be exposed fully, and that will then force the issue of the budget plans of Congress. Until they acknowledge the lies, our governmental representatives cannot be caused to refuse Bush's neocon spending priorities. The press can help, but few of them have the expertise in the dozens of types of engineering, physics, financisl and geo-political aspects of the big picture.

Much of this work has been done, it is just necessary to compile it in an agreed upon on-going picture. New people see a pile of puzzle-pieces, and don't always see the rapidly completed total.

Indybay.org, in San Francisco, is glad to air the speeches, calls and lectures by 911 investigators. Check out our radio station and post good audio-files where we can find them.

415 864 1006
San Francisco, CA

Just because she doesn't cover it.... 04.Jun.2006 12:37


...doesn't necessarily mean she's in on the big conspiracy.
I agree with Eric , too.
There are a lot of things not covered in DN. But they still offeer the broadest spectrum towards the left of any news outlet.
Where elese are you going to hear Noam Chomsky interviewed? NPR? Air America?
Maybe she too is put off by the fact that the 9-11 debate seems to be infiltrated by the Mary-in-the-tortilla factor, too many folks jumping to conclusion based on what they think they are seeing in lo-rez video or pictures.
I too have watched many of these videos and they have knocked me way off of the fence. I now have a huge suspicion that we are being lied to about what went down that day, but I don't know if I buy all of what the various presenters are trying to say.
I guess I'm of the belief that it's just as easy for 'them' to encourage (and in some cases help) a cadre of terrorists to train for the mission and carry it out as it is to have to build robo-planes, dispose of a couple of hundred passengers, rig the buildings with demolition charges, etc.
But that doesn't explain the never recovered black boxes, a troublesome lack of aircraft debris and bodies, etc.
So don't paint everyone who's on the fence -or about to hop off- with the same brush.

Gate- keeper 04.Jun.2006 17:45


I admired DemocracyNow! back in 2004 when it "seemed" to be providing scandalously unembedded information during the first YEARS of the invasion. I volunteered -through an indymedia posting- to help on her book tour and ran the soundboard. After the event, I sat next to Amy at supper and we talked at length about a variety of topics. After she had just spoken about Pacifica Radio's firehouse studio being in the middle of the horrific events of 9/11 (and the ?co-importance? of Argentina's 9/11 coup), I asked her what she thought about the controlled demolitions of the WTC buildings. Her response was~, "Well, there's not anything we can do about it now". A disappointing and revealing response.

Gatekeeping INSIDE the 9/11 "truth movement" - manufacturing DOUBLETHINK 09.Jul.2006 08:40

theSaiGirl lynnertell@comcast.net

CONTELPRO ops witin the movement itself seem to be increasinlgy directed towards the creation of various personality cults and forms of DOUBLETHINK (see Orwell's "1984") and even "QUADRUPLE-THINK':
Thanks to reseracher Gerard Holmgren (Down Under) for this insight into some strange behavior

-------- Original Message --------
Subject: The quadruple think candidate
Date: Sun, 9 Jul 2006 09:57:46 +1000
From: Gerard Holmgren <holmgren@...>

Double think Griffin Groveller Buchanan wrote

[[I am not "running for office." I did so in 2004 as the ?9/11 Truth
Candidate" because I WAS ASKED TO DO SO, BY NUMEROUS PARTIES, including
David Kubiak of 911Truth.org. ]]

This in itself is a fascinating insight into this burgeoning double
think cult.

David Kubiak is or was the executive director of "911truth.org" (sounds
a bit like the head honcho of "ministry of truth" doesn't it ?)

So what is the truth" according to it's executive director ?

In an interview with the NT Times, Kubiak rejected "conspiracy theories
" about Sept 11 and said that all most of his members wanted was a
clearer explanation of why emergency response services didn't work
better on the day.

So, according to the ministry of truth, the truth is mad Arabs with
little knives taking over planes and crashing them, with a confused and
disorganized military powerless to stop this unprecedented event, after
which all four of the planes magically disappear, and 3 buildings
falling down in such a manner that if there was one positive outcome
from the event, we learned that the demolition industry is a scam
because buildings will fall straight down into their own footprints
anyway, because it's the only way they can fall.

OK - if that's what the ministry of truth says...

If so, one wonders why they need to have a 911 truth movement at all,
since supposedly the govt is already telling the truth.

But hang on ! If this is the ministry of truth's view , why then did the
executive director of this truth ask someone to stand as a "truth
candidate" on the grounds that the candidate is telling the *real *
truth ? That is that the govt was complicit in the event? That it
deliberately allowed to happen? Isn't this exactly the kind of
"conspiracy theory" which the executive director of truth emphatically
denied - in an interview in a **reputable** newwspaper ?

Double think. The ability to present two contradictory views
simultaneously, as both being true.

The Govt was not complicit and it was. Both views are championed by the
ministry of truth.

In accordance with its second mentioned truth, the ministry regularly
lauds and promotes the views of one Mike Ruppert.

Ruppert, while fully supporting the basics of the first version of truth
(Arabs hijacking planes etc, buildings unfortunately falling down etc)
is adamant that the Govt consciously and deliberately allowed the
attacks to happen, in accordance with Buchanan, but seriously at odds
with Kubiak

Nevertheless, Ruppert, like Kubuiak is therefore a champion of truth,
according to the ministry.

Which is strange , because Ruppert himself openly admitted on his own
website that he routinely lies in order to make his work more acceptable
to the mainstream. He said that he doesn't buy any part of the govt's
story , believes that the buildings were demolished and doesn't "for a
minute believe that an airplane hit the pentagon" , but says that
telling the truth about these matters might damage his reputation, and
so therefore what Ruppert believes and what Ruppert publishes are two
different things.

Of the many words which might describe such an attitude, "truth hero" is
not one which springs to mind. Whether you subscribe to the ministry's
first truth - no conspiracy - or the other truth, govt was complicit-
(buildings miraculously falling down, big plane hitting the pentagon and
disappearing etc) or Ruppert's second truth (buildings demolished,
pentagon strike a hoax) , or indeed all 3 truths simultaneously,
shouldn't one at least assert them all to be "true " ? Apparently not.

Truth is lies.

There is a third truth to be endorsed by the ministry..

Enter Ray McGovern, ex CIA, another "truth hero" championed by
911truth.org. He often appears on the same platforms as Ruppert, not to
debate him but as a fellow truth champion.

According to McGovern, the Govt was merely negligent. The scale of the
negligence may have been criminal, as indeed the scale of the subsequent
cover up, but there was no active complicity. This is a fundamental
difference of opinion from both truths endorsed by Ruppert, (only one of
which he actually presents in public, that being the one which he says
is not actually true)

So we now have three simultaneous and contradictory truths, all endorsed
by the ministry of truth. In addition we have the observation that the
best way to be a truth hero is to routinely lie, in order to hide what
you really believe.

Enter David Ray Griffin.

Griffin publicly endorses what Ruppert privately believes but publicly

Griffin rejects the notion that the Govt was merely complicit, and
states unequivocally that it fully orchestrated the attacks itself,
pointing to the demolition and that no big plane hit the pentagon as
established facts.

This puts him fundamentally at odds with Ruppert (well the public
Ruppert anyway) and with Buchanan and even more seriously at odds with
McGovern and Kubiak.

Griffin is also heartily endorsed by the ministry of truth, appearing on
the same platforms as Ruppert and McGovern - not to debate them, but to
bond with them as a fellow "truth heroes". He even described Ruppert as
a "great hero of the 911 truth movement".

So we are now up to quadruplethink truth. The ability to endorse four
contradictory views simultaneously as all being "truth".

In addition, we have the idea that whichever of these four truths we
don't actually believe should not be stated in public for fearing of
people thinking that you are actually speaking what you believe to be
the truth. That routinely lying about what you believe is an essential
characteristic of a truth hero.

I guess that's why we have four truths. You can speak whichever one of
them is convenient at the time and thus be guaranteed of being able to
legitiamately claim the status of "truth hero" at any time in any
situation. I guess which truth hero you send to a particular event
depends upon which truth will be best received by the audience of
potential donors. In fact you might even speak several of them at the
same time, but the option is always there to temporarily drop one or
more of them. Or even attack it/them as temporarily not being truth.

As Ruppert did recently, when he described the idea of AA77 not hitting
the pentagon as thoroughly debunked.

Was Ruppert merely speaking publicly, while still holding the opposite
view in private, or has he actually changed his mind ?

Perhaps its both. Why not ? All truths are true if the ministry says so.

Follow the Money: Amy Goodman, Pacifica and the Ford Foundation 09.Jul.2006 08:59

theSaiGirl lynnertell@comcast.net

re: Amy Goodman, Pacifica gatekeeping and Ford Foundation control:

Whoever provides the financing, usually pulls the strings: