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katrina aftermath

Katrina Refugee seeking resources

Katrina refugee seeking help
I am refugee from New Orleans now residing in Portland I have been traveling since September when I lost everything including college and am looking to get settled with a place to live school and a job I am now working with homleless youth services and am getting some needs met through them but I am to old for full sevices. I also know about adult homeless services but looking for more specific for Katrina refugees Fema has screwed me over and I am looking for help If anyone know of any resources or odd jobs my boyfriend or I could do please contact me at  columbia138@yahoo.com

... 14.Jun.2006 20:10


I don't know of anything specific to Katrina victims, but a person here who knows "the system" really well is Cassandra Garrison, of the Oregon Food Bank. Her email address is  cgarrison@oregonfoodbank.org. She works at the food bank, and is also a public policy advocate, and has been featured on the Bill Moyer show. I am in an unusual situation, and all my searching for solutions led to her.
Also, Sister's of the Road Cafe on NW 6th is a pretty supportive place. Some people and agencies in the safetynet try to "fix" you as if something is wrong with you, but Sister's is not like that.
Also, a small tip (you may already know this): the streets in Portland are organized around a grid, with it's centerpoint in the middle of the Burnside Bridge. That means that Burnside is the dividing line between north and south, and the Willamette river is the dividing line between east and west. So, whenever anyone talks about NW, or SE, etc., this gives you an idea of where it's located. Another tip: the "Alphabet District" goes from south to north, in streets that start with letters of the alphabet....Ankeny, Burnside, Couch, Davis (?), Everett, etc.--so this will give you an idea of where something is located. These tips will help you avoid burning yourself out going all around town for services, if you can get things done more conveniently in one spot.
I used to live in Harahan, and I worked at Southern Scrap on the Industrial Canal. I was there during Andrew and the freeze of '89, but no one in this country experienced anything close to what you have been through with Katrina. I understand that fema screwed you over, and I know how you feel because I was just screwed over by our government as well. My neighbors are upset, and two elderly people said they were willing to risk going to jail to right the wrongs that were done to me. Believe me, people understand the difference between right and wrong, and eventhough I don't know of anything specific to help you with, I can tell you that you have allies everywhere you turn. Know that everyone is on your side!!!!

try TPI 15.Jun.2006 00:44


Try Transitional Projects. 503-823-4930. There's a waiting list to get in but it's a great program. There's nothing set up for Katrina specifically, but when you can get in, they help you find permanent a job, housing and can even help pay for it. You'll get a case manager who will be able to help you navigate the bullshit system and get what you need.