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Portland IMC Newsletter for Aug 20, 2006

please help print and distribute
If anyone else is interested in getting the word out beyond the internet and would like to help layout future newsletters, please email  pdxmedia@mutualaid.org
pdf file won't load 20.Aug.2006 20:43

pirate pdxmedia@mutualaid.org

but you can download it from  http://pdxmedia.mahost.org/pdxprint082006.pdf

Please print and distribute

Hell Yeah! 20.Aug.2006 21:53


You go!

avid 20.Aug.2006 23:33


Excellent! Great Job putting this together. The site techs should link it on the pdx print page!

let's try it again 21.Aug.2006 01:43

phantom uploader

there's no reason this shouldn't work

On the print project page 21.Aug.2006 20:00


Ok... this is on the print project page now.

photocopy 22.Aug.2006 08:08


i can copy a bunch and throw them from my aircraft over the green zone of portland. free the masses!

nice 22.Aug.2006 22:58



off your asses and into the streets 23.Aug.2006 04:32


gotta get your hands dirty people