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"Dark Water Rising, the Truth about Hurricane Katrina Animal Rescues"

I want you to know about an amazing film, "Dark Water Rising, the Truth about Hurricane Katrina Animal Rescues". You can see the only Portland showing of this moving documentary for three more nights (Tuesday Aug. 22-Thursday Aug. 23rd) at 7PM at the Laurelhurst Theater at SE 28th and Burnside.
The director, Mike Shiley, and his collaborator and narrator Kim Upham, traveled to New Orleans after Katrina and filmed the heroic efforts to rescue pets left behind in the wake of Katrina.

Director Mike Shiley will be on hand to personally introduce each showing at the Laurelhurst Theater.

ATE: August 22-24, 2006
TIME: 7:00 pm
LOCATION: Laurelhurst Theater, 2735 E Burnside

I urge you to support these courageous local filmmakers by spreading the word and attending one of the remaining screenings.

Diane Rosenbaum