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Left to Die

Last Night Film Screening
I just wanted to thank the film maker for shooting the documentary, "Left to Die" regarding the Causeway Concentration Camp, which was created in the wake of hurricane Katrina -- where thousands of predominately poor, black residents were subjected to deplorable conditions: no food, no water, no shelter, just mud, garbage, and disease. Left at machine gun point to wallow in putrid squalor to die, while the military waited with body bags.

Although it still needs a good editing job and the audio wasn't the best, this is an important film. It was so heartening to see so many folks out last night at the Hollywood Theatre. (The line was so long the film was delayed 45 minutes until everyone entered the theatre.) This documentary was a real eye opener; for ethnic cleansing is indeed alive and well in this country as shades of the slave days were re-lived by their descendants. I pray with an open heart, spirit, and so much love that some day we can truly achieve the impossible: overthrow the murderous terrorists that rule this country -- you know the ones: that prey on the sick, the poor, and the helpless. In the words of the honorable Amy Goodman, Democracy Now!
Spring Break in NOLA - SOU Student Journal 28.Sep.2006 20:39

From a Rogue IMC Volunteer

Students from Southern Oregon University and Rogue Valley community members went to New Orleans during spring break with a big dose of solidarity. Sunny Lindley was one of them. She shares her journal with us.--rogueimcvolunteer

"My last day at St. Mary's I overheard some folks who had attended the church service that day talking about the most recent body that was found, a five year-old girl. She had her backpack on, fully packed for an overnight stay. She was found several miles from her own neighborhood, seven months after the levees failed and washed her away."--sunnylindley


Don't get it? 29.Sep.2006 06:33

Mike Novack stepbystpefarm <a> mtdata.com

EVERYBODY was "left to die"

The was no government sponsored evacuation from New Orleans, no government paid for support of those who had managed to evacuate themsleves. Until you understand this you won't be able to understand what took place.

Sure the rich got out. Sure the middle class got out. Sure the better off of the working class got out. USING THEIR OWN ASSETS TO FINANCE THAT. To finance their transportation, to finance their shelter and food wherever they arrived, etc. Now of course the rich havd assets to spare. The middle class of NO, that varies, some ended up "stripped". And the better off of the workers, "stipped" and probably in debt for having managed to save themselves.

The really poor got left behind because SOMEBODY would have had to paid, not so much to transport them out but to support them wherever they arrived. And this wasn't being done for ANYBODY.

trying to contact the filmmaker.. 30.Sep.2006 14:28


Hi, an author on my blog wrote a review of this film after seeing the premiere. We haven't published it because we'd like to get a production still or two to illustrate the review. After googling around I couldn't find any web page related to the film. If anyone can hook me up, please do. Thanks, mjb2000 AT gmail . com