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Portland IMC Newsletter for Oct. 11, 2006

Articles included in this addition:

GAO Shows Biscuit Logging Lost Taxpayer Dollars
Why swap boxes?
September Iraq War Demonstrations and more
Fouad, we have not forgotten
Portland IMC Newsletter for Oct. 11, 2006
Portland IMC Newsletter for Oct. 11, 2006
Please Help Print and Distribute
newsletter picture 10.Oct.2006 23:40


. trying out png file type
newsletter picture
newsletter picture
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here 12.Oct.2006 06:47

try these

these will fit on most people's screens

then you can do this 12.Oct.2006 07:02

not rocket science HTML

Download the PDF, make copies, and distribute.

Thank you 12.Oct.2006 16:08

this is a great idea

Can I suggest that Port. IndyMedia's web address be included on the newsletter so people unfamiliar with this website can partipate?