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James Chasse's Family Speaks, Chanel Twelve does not listen.

The family has made their statement, and naturally feels shortchanged from justice.
Mark Chasse openned the remarks, stating the family's reaction. His father invited the community to the peace vigil mentioned elsewhere on site. He also eexpressed gratitude to the people.

The attorney stated that, just like in the case of the murder of Fouad Kaady, and all other murders by cop, no cooperation was received from the cops. Only a stone wall. He argued at length about the "facts" as reported by the cops, and how aggregiously innacurate and inhuman the cops were.

The "factsheet" did not even mention the witness, Ginsberg (probably did not want to call attention to him, and his photos).
He is giving up a lot of information and argument that should best be saved for the courtroom, but public sentiment must also be addressed. Perhaps he is unaware of all the support that is already out there.
Unfortunately, the channel twelve twit started talking over the statement before any further information could be gleaned.
I sincerely hope there were some Indy reporters present, so we can get the whole story, instead of the snipet that the dipshit on twelve presented.

Sorry, I do know how to spell, 18.Oct.2006 14:18


Here is the missing "n"

easy to understand 18.Oct.2006 14:50


It is easy to understand how LN was frustrated by the 'breaking news' coverage on corp media. Finally the Chasse statement was being presented and suddenly he "news" person broke in and gave her own coverage of the event. It was terrible. Just terrible. More is promised on 'the ten o'clock news', but we know better. I know I should not even attempt to gather information on corp news. Still, the lawyer did manage to make the point that the fact sheet and officers' statements did not match.

interesting 18.Oct.2006 14:57


I noticed FOX 12 didn't cover live the Police Chief yesterday, but was the only one with live coverage of the family's statement. So maybe lacking, but more than anyone else.

Defend Yourselves! 18.Oct.2006 15:52

Damos Abadon KoldPhraust@hotmail.com

James P. Chasse Jr., a homeless mentally ill 42 yr old man, was BEATEN & MURDERED by thuggish cops here in Portland on September 17th last month. Here is a report ov James' many injuries:

"James P. Chasse Jr., the 42-year-old man who died Sept. 17 after three officers struggled to arrest him, suffered more than a dozen fractured ribs, some that punctured his left lung and caused massive internal bleeding, according to an autopsy report released by his family's attorney Tuesday.

The state medical examiner's report revealed 16 of Chasse's ribs were fractured; 26 individual rib bones in the front and back of his rib cage were broken, splintered or crushed after his initial encounter with two Portland officers and a Multnomah County sheriff's deputy.

He also suffered multiple bruises, contusions and abrasions to his head, chest and abdomen. Toxicology tests revealed no alcohol or drugs in his system.

Further, a deputy medical examiner's initial investigative report done the night of Chasse's death indicates that American Medical Response ambulance medics who first evaluated a handcuffed Chasse on the street said they were not told Chasse may have gone into respiratory arrest, although police called an ambulance because they believed Chasse was unconscious. The medics also said they were unaware officers had used a Taser on Chasse, the report says.

The ambulance medics said they found Chasse conscious and his vital signs in the normal range, and let the police officers decide whether to transport Chasse to a hospital, Dwayne Bigoni, the deputy medical examiner, wrote in a narrative report.

Police then shackled Chasse's ankles together, tied his feet to his hands in a "hog-tie" and drove him to jail, accusing him of resisting arrest and interfering with police. There, jail nurses determined he needed further medical attention, and police drove Chasse to Portland Adventist Hospital. He died en route.

When Chasse's body arrived for autopsy, his left chest appeared "flattened," the report said. "

Yesterday (Oct.17th) a grand jury, who is OBVIOUSLY in the pocket ov the police bureau, has cleared James' murderers ov any wrong-doing! Here we have a man, who was no threat to anyone, chased down by cops, brutally beaten/his chest stomped in, then hog-tied like some ferral animal (w/ life-threatenng injuries) & thrown in the back ov a squad car.

James Chasses' crime? "Appearing" to urinate in public.

That's it, people. What was once a Public Nuisance offense punishable by [up to] 90 days in jail &/or a $500 fine has NOW become a VICIOUS DEATH SENTENCE! DEATH BY BEATING, to be met out IMMEDIATELY! Liberal nicities such as: charges, lawyer, arrainment, trail, jury, etc. be damned!

Some have complained about gangs in this city - well i agree. We have a serious gang problem here & it's called The PORTLAND POLICE BUREAU! Heavily armed & ruthless! WE as citizens, have to protect ourselves against such armed gangsters. We have to take up arms (or ANY weaponry avalable) to defend ourselves against the police! James Chasses' murderers & any/all other murderous pigs ought to be KILLED THEMSELVES! Obviously, there is NO other recourse to take.

witnesses, family, and friends, please contact us 18.Oct.2006 16:04

videoista #24313

If you knew James Chasse, or if you know anything about this murder by the police, and you would like to share what you know with a community who will listen, please contact the pdx indy video collective.  Videoresistance@riseup.net

Note to Chasse family, lawyers 18.Oct.2006 16:22

Hugh Duel

You folks would be smart, if you want to have any control of the spin, rather than leaving it to the whores at fox, Katu, Kgw, and the like, to contact someone here, at Indy, whenever you want to get the word out. If the way they chopped up this afternoon's statements does not convince you, try a google search on any of the other police murders in the area over the past few years. Try, for instance, a google of the Fouad Kaady case, and see where you get the truth, and all of it, as opposed to some media sound bite designed to support the cops.

Senseless Death is never okay 18.Oct.2006 22:12

Dag's mom

Our thoughts are with the family and friends of James Chasse. It seems clear that there is no reasonable explanation for the circumstances under which Mr. Chasse died. Lack of accountability among law enforcement, boldness in filing inaccurate and incomplete reports, covering-up errors, and the misguided idea that law enforcement is above the law, are destroying our communities from the inside out. We are still waiting for our sheriff to admit and correct the errors of his officers and himself about the murder of our 14 year old son, still waiting for true oversight, still waiting for our local media to get the story right. Still waiting for justice. No family or community should be dragged through nightmares because of law enforcement at a time when they are grieving the loss of a loved one. To do so, especially out of arrogance or CYA (covery your ass) is the greatest insult and offense. Nothing can bring Mr. Chasse back, and nothing can bring our son, Dag, back. However, through recognizing the basic problems that led to their deaths, we can hope, as a society, to prevent further tragedies. We found these organizations helpful: Citizens Against Homicide: http://www.murdervictims.com/CAH.htm Parents of Murdered Children: http://www.pomc.org/ May your sorrows be eased, your spirit remain strong, and justice be served, Susan Botts (More on Dag at http://www.caresociety.net. Please consider signing our online petition asking the FBI to intervene and investigate Dag's death at http://www.gopetition.com/online/9310.html.)
Heart of Nature
Heart of Nature

do we have to wait for permission? 19.Oct.2006 15:26

aching throat

October 22nd is "Rally against Police Brutality", just not in Portland...I guess we just can't go and protest this without permission......oh well. Guess we just wait for the next killing, and it will give us all something to talk about?

see you downtown soon....


Whats the truth? Any witnesses? 20.Oct.2006 08:16


What is the truth? Did the officer fall on top of James or did he just nudge him? He made the statement that he did not fall on top of him immediately afterwards, then in grand jury and official reports it was said he fell on top of him.

October 22? I will be there with wrath!
I will talk to Handleman at copwacth and make this really big. Enough is enough!

this has to stop 20.Oct.2006 09:32


this has to stop. Please on behlf of supporting Cop wacth, COME DOWN ON SUNDAY!

no more! 20.Oct.2006 19:59


When Humans are torched and killed by ones spending 8 hours a day searching for a conflict, the Grand jury should not be a `judge` on whether a humans life is worth going to TRAIL. That's all, it is in no way a conviction of the Officers. All `Police Related deaths` should have a Preliminary Hearing, like in the Perry Masson days, where all evidence can be presented and public on whether an Indictment is handed down, which is not a conviction. a`secret grand jury is not the way to go.

But there has to be a way. I am no longer taking this. I will do what I have to to protect my family and my brother's and sister's (that's you (:) form this EVIL. NO MORE.