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Portland Residents Protest Police Killings

Oct. 22, 2006

Portland, OR—Around fifty people gathered at the North Park Blocks in downtown Portland today to protest police brutality and the recent death of James Chasse who died in police custody. The event was held in conjunction with similar events around the country to highlight police abuses, but was organized autonomously of the national coalition. Most participants dressed in black to show support for the families of people killed by police.
People started banging on plastic bucket drums and a parade formed behind the banner "Cops and Klan go hand in hand." People paraded through downtown streets chanting against police abuse and the system that fosters it. Portland police remained mostly out of sight except for a few plainclothes officers videotaping the crowd.

The parade ended in Pioneer Square where people unrelated to protest held signs reading "free hugs." Many people accepted the free hugs. People soon gathered again to talk about police abuse and why they were there. The names of people killed by the police in the Portland area were announced over the megaphone. One man spoke in detail about how his cousin Fouad Kaady was murdered by police. These speeches attracted more people from the square who were curious what was going on.

The event ended without incident. Some participants expressed the need to do more outreach and education to get more people involved in the future. Others expressed the continued importance of people standing in solidarity with the families and friends of people victimized by the police.

PPB meeting on NW Flanders and Park 22.Oct.2006 19:18

Jasun Wurster

About 5 blocks to the north (NW Park and Flanders) there was a PPB gathering that consisted of 5 horse officers and 4 bicycle officers that strayed there from 1:45pm to 2:50pm. I went up and asked Sargent Edwards why they were in this location. His reply was that "They were there to deal with an un-permitted rally that never materialized".
Pro-Police Brutality ralley
Pro-Police Brutality ralley

ps 22.Oct.2006 19:48

don't forget to mention

after the pioneer courthouse square demo, 50 or so people bussed to Police Chief Rosie Sizer's house (2280 SW Humphrey Park Rd)and had a home demo there, chants and merriment were enjoyed, and the crew bussed back into the rest of Portland (where the po' folks live). They went to protest the injustice center, did a little copwatch, and scampered to their homes and sleeping-places, to rest up, and eat well, and maybe, just maybe, be a little less polite next time.

Police Protest Good and Bad 22.Oct.2006 21:33

Before During and After

A few random comments on today's actions:
(1) Excellent spirit, organization and cooperation shown by all. What a joyous sunny day full of loud voices! Great chants and songs, little negative energy and no infighting at all. Very impressive.
(2) Cops behaved well for 98% of the day. The cops at Chief Sizer's house were respectful, calm, followed procedure and kept the situation from getting tense. If we are going to call out bad cops, which we absolutely should, we should also recognize when cops do right. Course, it is different with witnesses and cameras around .... but still, give credit where due.
(3) After coming back downtown, a small group went to the steps of the federal building. A woman pulled up in a minivan to take a picture and show support. A unmarked car came up behind her and told her to move on, which she did. The cops then waited until she went around the block to pull her over and write her a ticket, which brought everyone from the steps around to the back of the building and allowed the SWAT cops to have their moment of confrontation. If the cops are reading this, which I assume they are, you should ask yourselves whether it fits your "community policing" model or makes any sense in terms of public relations to write that ticket and to bring the SWAT team out at the very end of the day like that? We all know some activists who want to have confrontations with the cops, but it seems that some cops want confrontations just as badly. Can't we send them all out for a good game of rugby or flag football or something??

The Fight Against Police Brutality Began in Portland 30.Oct.2006 20:28

terry keeneyrd@aol.com

Regarding the protest on Sunday, Oct. 22, the organization was thorough, and as one person noted, the protest went off without a hitch. It was strange to stand in front of the police chief's house, and have a mixture of a cop who seemed determined to allow our civil rights (even if he wanted to say it between his teeth) and the cop with the riot gear and some sort of gun (rubber bullet?).
It helped, I think, to have the legal observers walking along the line, reminding us of the law and our rights. It also helped that the two legal observers at Rosie's house resembled full-backs on a football team. It was great fun to ride the bus, to and from the protest. I had wondered what the bus driver would say when he saw 50 people, mostly dressed in black, many with bandanas, board his bus all at once. But, he seemed totally unfazed, and this was also interesting. It was a beautiful day for a walk along the windy, hilly roads to the chief's house. The chants and megaphone sound bites were well done, especially repeating "If you are going to call yourself community police, then you need to live in the community you police." While I have protested before, this protest had more of an edge to it than others I've attended. yet, no one was hurt. And as one speaker said at the rally, the movement to stop police brutality has to start somewhere, and it might as well start in Portland.
My only wish: that there were some more experienced action medics along. [There may have been, and I didn't know them].It was a little nerve-wracking to think that there were only one or two medics. Personally, I've had a training, but I'm not really a medic, mostly a water-carrier/witness with a bottle or two of Maalox to make liquid antiacid and water (LAW). It was nerve-wracking to think that if the cop shot his rubber bullet gun (hopefully it was rubber bullets), then someone could get hurt, and I wouldn't really know what to do other than call Legal Aid and plead for an ambulance. If there were other medics there, then of course that's good. The Black Cross Health Collective has info on-line:  http://www.blackcrosscollective.org/ and  http://www.blackcrosscollective.org/ and  link to www.indybay.org and other groups that come up on a search for Action Medics/Street Medics.)

a little belated -- free hugs and struggle 16.Dec.2006 12:20


a friend of mine recently forwarded me some info on this free hugs campaign that was going on at the same time as the rally. at the time i was a little baffled by it and wasn't sure who was behind it. well, i'm still not sure, but i have to say, i really enjoyed this video:
which contains a number of funny interactions with security and law enforcement people. these scenes reminded me of one of my favorite lines from harold and maude, when maude is arguing with the cop about the liberated tree: "oh *stop* being officious! you're not *yourself* when you're officious! that is the curse of a government job!!!"

the effort's website --  link to www.freehugscampaign.org

weird, but kind of fun.

also, with regards to the last person's post, i'm sure most people know that "the movement to stop police brutality" has certainly already "started" -- no need to "start" it here. just participate and contribute to it. or maybe the poster was joking?!
if not: the indymedia.us site has an archive of stories about police brutality struggles all over the country:
most notably the community response of the murder of sean bell in NYC:
also, recently it was the anniversary of the 25th anniversary of mumia abu-jamal's incarceration --  http://www.indymedia.org/en/2006/12/876386.shtml -- who was, of course, a journalist and activist who exposed police brutality on the airwaves, and this was why he was targetted -- 25 years ago. thank goodness for the long tradition of activism that has gone one much much before us, which we can learn and draw strength from.



its seems that there are murders evetyday ojn the news truth is only 20 were here in pdx it seems to me ive seen at least that many by the police alone can anyone confirm this fact

HOW MANY KILLED BY PPD IN 2006 09.May.2007 08:04


I would have thought the issue should be why so many, and why are the ppd so trigger happy.