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Milwaukie Peace demonstration continues

This Peace demonstration has now become a weekly gathering.
When people began standing for Peace at Mcloughlin and Oak Grove Blvd. in Milwaukie early this year, they were coming to the street on the first and third Saturdays of each month. Gradually the group grew and enthusiasm from citizens made it seem right to be out there every Saturday. Today there were 20 to 25 people with signs, waving and flashing the Peace sign to motorists who for the most part honked and offered support. Jan Samoge and Greg Flynn brought their guitars and harmonica and sang. Though we stand for Peace in all seriousness, the added gift of the music lightened our spirits greatly. I noticed a lot more positive support today than when I was last at this vigil, though we still got a few (very few) thumbs down and other not so supportive gestures. We are not daunted. We will stand there with our message until this war is over.

Some clips 28.Oct.2006 15:12


Here are three clips of our small but spirited group in action. It all felt like a flashback

That is very cool you get that many people to join!! 30.Oct.2006 17:32



I am impressed with the Milwaukie spirit!! There really is something to making it an expected event, same time, same place with regularity! I do the Hawthorne Bridge most mornings between 9 and 10a, and some days, people join me, and other days, it's just my One Man Parade, as some woman dubbed it. I don't know the road that you are on, but I could figure it out and maybe I will join you next Saturday?!?!

Keep fighting the good fight!!


location 30.Oct.2006 22:16


Styve...and anyone else who wants to join us...the location is Oak Grove Blvd. and McLoughlin...where Fred Meyers is located. I am told that this is Oak Grove and not Milwaukie, but most folks know where it is if I tell them Milwaukie. Whatever we call it, we are there from 12 to 1 each Saturday. Come when you can with sign or without. You will be welcome!

Sorry, but I can't make it down there... 04.Nov.2006 13:17


I just checked the map and I won't be able to make it because I have no car, and it is wet out there. Please join me at the mouth of the Hawthorne Bridge weekday mornings from about 9a to 10a, if any of you guys feel like doing some morning protesting!!