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Old Growth Forests Protected in Southern Oregon!

* CWP and Allies Stop Three Old-growth Timber Sales in Southern Oregon

This week the Cascadia Wildlands Project won two significant legal victories that have stopped old-growth logging dead in its tracks. The Cow Catcher (Roseburg BLM), Cotton Snake and Willy Slide (Medford BLM) timber sales were sold to the highest bidder without the BLM performing required surveys for the elusive red tree vole, a critter that lives its life in the upper canopy of older forests and a major food source for the endangered northern spotted owl. Instead, the BLM relied on an internal memo it generated that removed the vole from the "survey and manage" list. On Tuesday, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals found the BLM violated the National Environmental Policy Act and the Federal Lands Policy and Management Act and immediately halted logging at the Cow Catcher and Cotton Snake timber sales. This decision triggered the district court decision that halted the Willy Slide timber sale the following day.

Recall, the all volunteer Northwest Ecosystem Survey Team (NEST) spent considerable time climbing old-growth trees at both Cow Catcher and Cotton snake during summer 2003 locating red tree vole nests. These surveys were critical in compelling the decisions that were handed down this week. Kudos to the tireless efforts of NEST. The Cascadia Wildlands Project was joined by our allies at Umpqua Watersheds and Klamath Siskiyou Wildlands Center on the lawsuits and was represented by the powerful legal team of Stephanie Parent of the Pacific Environmental Advocacy Center, Erin Madden and Marianne Dugan.


red tree vole
red tree vole
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