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Eugene Grand Jury Resister Freed after Six Months

For Immediate Release: 11/17/06

Lauren Regan, Civil Liberties Defense Center, Eugene, OR: 541-687-9180
Alejandro Queral, NW Constitutional Rights Center, Portland, OR: 503-295-6400,
Green Scare Continues, Further Subpoenas Possible

After spending almost six months in jail without being accused of any crime, Jeff
Hogg has been released from imprisonment. On May 18, 2006, Hogg, a nursing student
and caregiver for disabled adults, was jailed for civil contempt after he declined
to testify before a federal grand jury allegedly investigating "eco-sabotage"
cases. His incarceration led to public outcry and support efforts in Eugene and
beyond. Hogg was released from the Josephine County jail in Grant's Pass, Oregon,
Wednesday evening, rejoining his partner and community.

"I'm happy to be free and not to have compromised my principles in the face of the
abusive grand jury system." Jeff Hogg stated from his home in Eugene, Oregon.

Hogg's attorney, Paul Loney, of Portland, Oregon added, ""While Jeff Hogg's liberty
is restored, he is still subject to a new subpoena from a future empanelled grand
jury as the FBI is not satisfied with guilty pleas from all Oregon eco-sabotage
defendants. For some reason the FBI wants information Jeff does not have for cases
that have been resolved. We hope that Jeff will not have to face the prospect of
another six months in jail."

Hogg was released less than one week after four District of Oregon defendants,
facing charges from the FBI's "Operation Backfire," resolved their cases and took
non-cooperation plea deals. The "global resolution" of these remaining Oregon cases
has not ended the FBI's campaign against environmentalists, however. In
Washington, Briana Waters still faces serious federal charges relating to sabotage
at the University of Washington. Waters asserts her innocence on all counts and is
scheduled for trial in May 2007. The FBI continues to search for several other
individuals they accuse of conspiracy and arson.

Grand juries are secret government investigative bodies that strip witnesses of
their basic constitutional rights. Those subpoenaed to grand juries lose the right
to remain silent, to hear any evidence presented against them, and even the right
to an attorney in the grand jury room. A grand jury can jail people without
convicting them of any crime or giving them a trial. They are frequently used as
tools of repression against political movements.

In the Bay Area, grand jury resister Nadia Winstead will face contempt proceedings
[today] for her refusal to testify before a similar federal grand jury
investigating animal advocacy movements there.

A press packet of current related articles, background information, historical
examples of sabotage in the U.S., and a history of F.B.I. repression of political
activism is available. Please contact the Civil Liberties Defense Center at
541-687-9180 or email  info@cldc.org.

Yay! 18.Nov.2006 21:01


I'm so glad to hear of Jeff Hogg's release! What a human being, what a principled activist, and what a true healer and warrior to hold true in the face of such manipulative and coercive repression. thanks so much for your example and your courage Jeff!

Thank You from Jeff 20.Nov.2006 14:06

Jeff Hogg

Thanks you so so much to everyone who supported Cecilia and I with love, letters, food, money, legal representation, outreach & media work, organizing fundraisers (especially the garage sale), yardwork, firewood, palm readings, cranio-sacral body work, and loaned-cars that allowed Ceci to make the 5 hour drive to visit me when our car broke. It is important that as a community we stood up against Grand Juries and the McCarthy-esque Green Scare. My role was no more important than yours. We couldn't have done it without you. This has been a success for us all in community-building at a time when the Federales have been spreading divisiveness. Hooray for solidarity! All for one and one for all!

Let's continue this support for the other Grand Jury resistors in San Francisco and wherever else they may be.

Jeff & Cecilia