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stop the war on the poor .stop the tax breaks that were designed to benefit and maintain civilized local community.stop the bogus support of a local business that attacks those in need of using the bathroom while they contribute to the plight that justifies to a drug dealer to continue relying on his drug revenue due to the lack of kind ness displayed daily in down town seattle.
boy-cott bartell's drug. discipline greed ask people to take their business elsewhere.

because..... 21.Dec.2006 19:28



End Coporate Fascist Subsidies,that's why! 22.Sep.2011 16:26

aristokronik anarkst boycottbartells@gmail.com

Because 9/11 patriot act grants that Bartell Drugs applied for and received in the form of a private security contractor(securitas), was brought in for free onto Bartell drug stores with premise of looking for terrorists and illegal aliens, but began being used by corporate to enforce a "no bathroom use", with extreme violence . the victims (many),were pictured and displayed in back office of 3rd and an Union st store.