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9 years ago today a day of horror was lived in the Acteal region in Mexico's turbulent state of Chiapas. The Zapatista Revolution was but three years old, the Mexican government, under the PRI dictatorship, had begun it's own dirty war against the Indian communities of it's country, trying to suppress the swelling of rage and dissent beginning to build, calling for a new world.
nd then came Acteal, and the whole world for a moment payed attention. 21 women, 15 children and 9 men were killed by paramilitary forces employed by the Mexican government. Some of the officers involved were even trained at the School Of The Americas, or School Of The Assassins as it is more widely known. The assassinated natives were killed in a church area, some were praying, none were armed. Some of the killers were Indian traitors, scouts employed by the Mexican authorities, they even killed pregnant women and tore their babies from their wombs. Essentially the Mexican government employed old terror tactics used even in the U.S. during the conquest of Navajo and other native soil. These were also typical tactics used during the dark era of military dictatorships in Latin America where unspeakable horrors were taking place in Chile and Argentina.

It was reported that Mexican authorities surrounded the area, when the killing began some Indians ran to the officers and begged for help, they were ignored, left to drown in their own blood. No doubt the actions of the Mexican government were a direct response to the Zapatista movement and it's appeal to the oppressed Indian communities. REVOLUTION NOW IN MEXICO! ON THIS 9TH ANNIVERSARY OF THE BUTCHERING OF ACTEAL WE THE FREE PEOPLES OF ALL NATIONS DEMAND CHANGE IN MEXICO NOW!




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Cool reminder, but.. 29.Dec.2006 10:59


Hey there, cool post and good that you're reminding everyone about these important issues. However, I hope you'll accept this bit of constructive criticism: please don't call the indigenous people of mexico Indians, I know they don't like that, and prefer to be called indigenous.

otherwise, right on with your posting!