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Mission Accomplished In The War On Christmas

My fellow atheists...
...another Christmas season is about to come to an end, and I am pleased to report that we in the atheist majority of America have had another successful year in our "War On Christmas". At the rate we're going, we'll have the entire Christmas celebrating minority locked away in internment camps in remote locations throughout Alaska in three or four years. Keep up the good work comrades.
ok I'll bite 24.Dec.2006 00:36


yeah, I wonder where you get this atheist majority crap from when 76.5% Americans identified themselves as Christian in 2001. I know they want you to believe that they are a dying breed so they can pedal this "we're so oppressed" crap.

We Got The Christian Minority On The Run 24.Dec.2006 01:24

Atheist Majority

The only problem we've got is that John Gibson and the rest of Fox News is on to our plan to opress the Christian minority and lock them away in camps.

Forget about "The War on Terror" 24.Dec.2006 01:28

Fred Bauer

Now it's "The War on Christmas"!

Try selling building 7 back to Larry Silverstein.
Mission Accomplished
Mission Accomplished
Great Boshy Yabackos to thee and thine!
Great Boshy Yabackos to thee and thine!
Support our troops
Support our troops

PTL 24.Dec.2006 05:51

Rev. Ted

Well, I would just like to say that I'm happy to see our troops locking up that little pagan elf-creature behind bars. Those little pagan elf-creatures are really just nasty little demons and they've been muscling in on our Christmas for years now. I hope they round up a bunch more and stash 'em at Gitmo.





Who is the war on Christmas *really* being waged on? 24.Dec.2006 12:41

Jody Paulson

I agree with Fred. The "war on Christmas" meme is just another weapon being used to divide and distract people. It's kind of sad, because the true spirit of Christmas (which is celebrated by most as a blend of Christian and Pagan beliefs) is "Peace on Earth, goodwill to men" (the Greek word in the Bible means people in general). It's about hope and celebrating the return of the sun. It's about giving. And here you have a bunch of dogmatic S.O.B.'s trying to use it as a wedge to divide people.

Whatever label you attach to it, I wish you all Peace in the coming year. Happy Holidays! :)

According 24.Dec.2006 15:22

Jim Lockhart

to a program I was listening to on Air AMerica, some folks on the religious right are making big bucks off this "War on Christmas."

Through websites, right wing radio programs and churches they're selling an extremely large number of Christmas buttons, bumper stickers, and packets. With slogans, like, "Merry Christmas, it's Worth Saying," Christians are literally buying into a conflict which doesn't exist, outside a few paranoid imaginations.

I've included the link to a good article on this fact................

christian propaganda, ho hum 24.Dec.2006 17:53

kirsten anderberg kirstena@resist.ca

Oh right...let's see - The Sea Tac airport in Seattle put up 8 christmas trees this year, and when a Rabbi offered to donate a menorah to also go on display the airport had a FIT and then took down all its trees to avoid a menorah, then a bunch of christians complained and they got their trees back up BUT NO MENORAH WAS ALLOWED, so Christians won that one, they hate being treated how they treat others...
Then the Capital building in Olympia put up christmas trees this year, then a menorah and now here come the crazy christians DEMANDED A NATIVITY SCENE! Jesus Christ! What a bunch of crap...ever heard of seaparation of church and state? The christians did not get what they wanted with their nativity scene but the government says it is "considering" it for next year...right, that was said just to shut the crazy christians up...
Then there is that nut Congressman Goode, who is now worried that "immigration" being too slack, in his opinion, letting more Muslims into government and he is a biblethumping christian nut who is most well known for trying to fight TO KEEP TOBACCO SMOKE IN HOSPITALS!!! So his dying mother could smoke out the other patients on her death bed!
WalMart returned to Merry Christmas greetings due to crazy christians whining loudly, as they do...
We have GWBush saying God, that white male christian god, no less, told him to go to war in Iraq!
No, it has been quite a big year for the crazy christians and their crazy christian bullshit...

Well summarized Kristen 26.Dec.2006 12:05


I'm just trying to get past this dumb holiday season. The only thing I can relate to are the earth centered celebrations.