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Chickenhawk Chief to send 20,000 GIs to Iraq meat grinder

A Xmas present by the White House Occupier to USA voters--"Ha ha, I'm still the decider. and I will decide to send more American men & women to kill and die in Iraq next year..."
To paraphrase an old Imperialist, "Never have so many(voters), owe so little, to so few(NeoCons)!"

The Village Idiot-Savage has really outdone himself! This time, defying not only the vast majority of the U.S. Public(who have, despite corporate & media-inspire fear mongering, voted overwhelmingly in Nov. to repudiate the Bushed debacle in Iraq) but also all of Daddy Dearest's closest advisors in the ISG, and about 95%+ of any objective World Public Opinion poll, the Crawford Coward has the gall to unilaterally "decide" to "surge" on Iraq!

Will citizens allow this Lying Pretzel's latest attack on the U.S.Consitution? Or will the bankrupt U.S. Treasury finally put an end to America's KGB(King George Bush) regime?
Every action has a reaction 25.Dec.2006 03:15


US escalation in Vietnam was met with escalation by opposing forces. Unfortunatley, body bags of our soldiers are the only thing that gets may US people off their ass. Hardly anyone gave a damn during the Clinton infanticide in Iraq with UN sanctions. We reap what we sow.

IT"S A PARTY 25.Dec.2006 07:31


Come on! Don't you want to die in Iraq. How special! You are all officially invited to "GEORGES" party in Iraq. Don't miss it. Never been one quit like this. He will provid free transportation and party favors. Drugs and alcohol will be provided. On your return home, you will have the choice of stylish body bags to choose from. Some of you will enjoy it so much you will want to stay. So sign up now and be the first in your block to come home in a body bag. You know the saying "where ever you go, you take something with you and leave something behind".