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Hell no, we won't go

That's what Cheney and Bush said when asked to surge in Vietnam
Time to abandon Israel.

And support the Semites with the oil.

It's in the American national interest.

The Baker/Hamilton report is dead on arrival to many. Israel and their US employees have launched a relentless attack on it.

They say the much anticipated report by the Iraq Study Group proved to be a major disappointment to Israel.

Those who believed that the commission, co-chaired by Republican James Baker and Democrat Lee Hamilton, would produce a precise outline of a successful end to the war in Iraq and return American soldiers to their homes, were right but discovered that the Israeli/Palestinian conflict would have to be solved as a first step to solving the Iraqi problem.

This is not possible as Israel will never give back the land it has ethnically cleansed in Palestine.

Indeed, only one day after the report was presented, President George W. Bush, whose boss -Cheney - has worked for the Zionist wing of the Israelis since his first time in the Ford White House, distanced himself from some of the central recommendations.

Particularly those calling for:

1)... Israel to be subjected to international law (UN 242-338)

2)... Negotiations with Syria, who want their Golan Heights back.

3)... Iran, who now control southern Iraq and lead the Shi'a resurgance and the hope of occupying their proper place at Mecca early this century.

"There is no magical formula that will solve the problem of Iraq," Baker told a press conference as he unveiled the report. "However, there are actions that America can take, if it is allowed, to improve the situation and to protect American interests."

The commission then released its list of 79 recommendations but failed to use its 'fresh eyes' to look at what would stop the recommendations being put in place.

Baker need to set up another study group to find why Carter says it would be political suicide for anyone - Republican or Democratic - to abondon Israel.

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GEORGE AND DICK 27.Dec.2006 06:48


didn't someone just commit suicide because they were called back to duty in iraq?

small search 27.Dec.2006 08:54


No one comes from war unscathed. I am always a little surprised when I hear statements like, "this is higher than normal for war suicides." What can possibly be normal about war? It is a hideous terrible business. This morning I did a very quick Google search for an answer to the suicide question and came upon these two links. For those who want to read further, check them out.