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9.11 investigation

Open letter to a "conspiracy theory" expert

I wrote this open letter to Mark Fenster, a law professor who has written about "conspiracy theories," criticizing his statements in the media about those who question 9/11.
My main theme is that he has a PhD in communications and has written that the term "conspiracy theory" is used strategically to delegitimate certain positions, and therefore should take greater care before using the term on 9/11, a serious issue that he has not written about. Professor Fenster has responded to me privately but will not give me permission to post his response.

He has shown no indication that he has thought seriously about the questions raised about the government's story by those he brands "conspiracy theorists," and I stand by my position that he has acted irresponsibly.


Open letter to a "conspiracy theory " expert

Professor Mark Fenster of the University of Florida School of Law has written a book entitled "Conspiracy Theories: Secrecy and Power in American Culture."

The introduction to his book can be read here:


Professor Fenster is often asked for his opinion on the "9/11 conspiracy theorists," most recently in today's Tampa Tribune, where he is quoted as follows:

"Conspiracies are part of every political culture," says Mark Fenster, a University of Florida law professor and author of the 2001 book "Conspiracy Theories: Secrets and Power in American Culture."

The Scripps Howard poll may reflect disillusionment over Iraq, Katrina and political scandals, he says.

"You ask people if they believe the government could have been behind 9/11, and they say, 'I wouldn't put it past them.'"

Fenster says similarities exist between the effects of the JFK assassination and 9/11 attacks. The whole country watched both events. Images were seared into people's brains through television.


He is also quoted by Scripps Howard here:

"What has amazed me is not that there are conspiracy theories, but that they didn't seem to be getting any purchase among the American public until the last year or so," Fenster said. "Although the Iraq war was not directly related to the 9/11 attacks, people are now looking back at 9/11 with much more skepticism than they used to."


Professor Fenster was also interviewed by Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Radio. A critique of his comments on CBC Radio by Michael Keefer, Professor of English as the University of Guelph, is here:

 link to www.globalresearch.ca

The critique raises points similar to mine. After praising Fenster's work, Keefer says:

But I can't help wondering why Professor Fenster thought himself qualified to comment on current historical and materials-science research into the events of September 11, 2001, and why he thought it appropriate to conflate this kind of research with the popular-culture paranoia on which he is indeed an expert.

Maybe because Fenster has no problem with participating in the delegitimation of inquiries into 9/11, which his own research shows is the purpose of the term "conspiracy theory." Keefer is too polite in my opinion -- I think Fenster's actions are highly irresponsible.

Fenster's CBC Radio interview, which I have not yet listened to in full, is here:


(Notice how CBC Radio begins with satire about NASA losing Apollo tapes -- "it's time to re-open that old TV studio." Yes, of course, all "9/11 conspiracy theorists" think the moon landings were faked. Hah hah. Isn't the murder of over 3,000 people a barrel of laughs?)

Based on what I've heard so far, I see that deconstructing Fenster's comments on CBC Radio will have to wait, and now return to his comments in the Tampa Tribune.

Fenster's comments above may seem innocuous, as he has not compared 9/11 to UFOs or Holocaust denial. However, he assumes that his studies of the Illuminati, the Turner Diaries, millennialism, the X-Files, and similar phenomena are inherently applicable to citizens' concerns about the crimes of 9/11. This is not only offensive, it is highly irresponsible.

Although he does not invoke the more distasteful or outlandish theories here, instead comparing 9/11 only with JFK, Fenster understands that the term "conspiracy theory" is an insult that "groups its victim with such unsavory characters as militia members, Oliver Stone, computer hackers, and the John Birch Society, and accuses him or her of believing in a secret, omnipotent individual or group that covertly orchestrates the events of the world." Fenster understands that the term "conspiracy theory" is used "as a strategy of delegitimation in political discourse." Thus, what he does here is worse, as he groups both 9/11 and JFK in with the Turner Diaries, Illuminati, and X-Files, and he does it knowing the effect this will have.

Knowing the effect of the term "conspiracy theory," one would expect Fenster to be more careful about using the term, particularly about as grave an issue as 9/11. He may think the questions about the official story of 9/11 are completely irrational, but has not published anything on the substance of these questions. Even for the conspiracies he discusses in his book, Fenster disavows any attempt to provide "the most logical explanations of the plots on which conspiracy theorists obsess."

I may be obsessed with finding a logical explanation for the events of 9/11, but that does not make me a "conspiracy theorist." It makes me a thinking, caring citizen. If the official explanation made any sense whatsoever, I could live with some gray areas.

Given that Fenster is an expert on the effects of characterizing a position as "conspiracy theory," it is fair to hold him, of all people, to a higher standard of care before characterizing a position as a "conspiracy theory."

Fenster's view of "conspiracy theories" is typical of "progressive" intellectuals: such theories are pathological responses to secrecy and power by the ignorant masses, who are too unsophisticated to understand "the relations of production and ideological structures of domination." Noam Chomsky, Chip Berlet, Alexander Cockburn, and Michael Albert make very similar arguments, blaming 9/11 conspiracy theorists for diverting the left from the worse crimes of capitalism. I'm still waiting for Chomsky to explain what would be a worse crime than 9/11, "even if it were true."

I wrote Professor Fenster the letter below, initially intending to send it to him. I have decided to post here instead, and will email him the link should he wish to respond.


Dear Professor Fenster:

I think 9/11 was likely an "inside job." I've never read the Turner Diaries and I don't watch the X-Files. I don't think the Zionists or the Illuminati did 9/11. Christianists scare me more than Islamists. I think Ruby Ridge and Pine Ridge were both handled wrongly by the FBI. Am I a "conspiracy theorist"?

I have seen you quoted several times in articles about "9/11 conspiracy theories," most recently in the Tampa Tribune. I've not had a chance to read your book, but reading the introduction at your website, I see that your argument is more complex than has been portrayed in these articles, and seems based on laudable ideals of participatory democracy.

As quoted in the Tampa Tribune, however, you either engage or are used in the very strategy of delegitimation that you describe in your book. As an expert in communications, you know the effect of characterizing questions about the official story of 9/11 as "conspiracy theories." You express concern about the disabling effects of "conspiracy theories" on political activism, while allowing your ideas to be used to disable the political activism of millions of Americans and to characterize their concerns as "marginal and extreme."

I question whether your "disillusionment" theory is applicable at all to questions about 9/11. Sure, it may be true that Iraq, Katrina, and scandals like Enron and Abramahof have made the American people more open to consider the criminality and indifference to human life of the current regime. If the American people knew more about the EPA's lies about the safety of New York's air post-9/11, and the emerging damage to rescuers' health that has resulted, they might be even more dis-illusioned.

On the other hand, it could be that rational suspicion about 9/11 is independently contributing to the anger that shows up in Scripps polls. Citizens' belated realization they are being lied to, and their growing willingness to question these lies. may be due to the wearing off of the trauma of 9/11 and the lifting of its chilling effect on free speech and free thought. As a doctor of philosophy you must know that correlation is not causation.

You suggest that there is no rational basis for belief in government complicity in 9/11, and that these beliefs are driven only by "disillusionment." I say that removal of illusions has allowed a more rational and objective view of the government's statements and actions.

The lack of substantive proof and dizzying leaps of logic you describe are indeed important - they apply to the official explanations of what happened on 9/11. Government complicity in at least a coverup is self-evident. It is wrong to shift the burden of proof to the American people, who lack the information necessary to "prove" government complicity and are ill-served by both the press and academia in getting that information.

Given the expertise for which you are invited to comment on the "9/11 conspiracy theories," and given that you show no special understanding of the issues surrounding 9/11, is it unfair to say that the only responsbile comment for you to make as an expert is that we should be very careful not to use the term "conspiracy theory" to characterize questions about 9/11?

Your thesis is that secrecy engenders "conspiracy theories," and you have written as a lawyer about the need for more robust enforcement of open government laws. Do you have any concerns about government secrecy surrounding 9/11, which was even criticized by members of the 9/11 Commission? Did you state those concerns in your interviews, and if so and you were quoted incompletely or out of context, did you object?

It is clear that you reject a priori the possibility of government complicity in 9/11. This is illogical, and given your excellent intellectual training, I can only attribute it to the psychological handicaps of your position in what you call "the relations of production and ideological structures of domination." Structural critiques can as easily be applied to you, Chomsky, Berlet, and Cockburn, who do not have any special claim on "progressive" thought.

As you state, with "conspiracy theories," closure does not occur, interpretation does not stop, and the political does not become transparent.

In criminal law, closure can occur, interpretation can stop, the crime can become transparent, the perpetrators can be punished, and the community's trust in their government can be restored.

Thousands of Americans died on 9/11, and thousands more Americans and hundreds of thousands of human beings have been killed and maimed because of the post-9/11 "War on Terror," which is not over yet. These crimes are ongoing, and the perpetrators are still at large.

Your book was written in 1999, and you disavow any need to analyze the particular "plots on which conspiracy theorists obsess." Therefore, it is tremendously irresponsible for you to assume that your work on militias, Turner Diaries, Illuminati, and the like is applicable to 9/11.

JFK may have some applicability, in the sense that the comparison of this crime to the other "conspiracy theories" is also strategic delegitimation. The murderers of JFK (and RFK and MLK) are likely dead, so I am not as concerned about your lumping JFK in as the result of "scapegoating, racism, and fascism."

In relation to 9/11, a much more interesting, as well as more responsible, phenomenon for you to study is the distortions of science by government agencies like the National Institute of Technology and Standards and professional bodies like the American Society of Civil Engineers. The bar associations to which we both belong might also be an interesting subject to study. These institutions are indeed pathological in their patently absurd explanations of the 9/11 "collapses" of the World Trade Center towers, and in their acceptance of these patently absurd explanations. Structural critiques indeed have a place in considering 9/11.

Please look at the picture below, and when viewing it, please remember three things:

[Picture is of WTC South Tower exploding -- see my blog.]

(1) the official explanation is that this is a picture of a gravity-driven collapse;

(2) NIST did not model this "global collapse" beyond the point that it "ensued," because they could not with any semblance of rationality;

(3) hundreds of American citizens are being killed in this picture.

Am I a scapegoater, a racist, or a fascist because I demand that the perpetrators of this crime be brought to justice? Based on what you said on CBC Radio, I will ask: Am I seeking a "black and white" answer to what is a "gray" area? Am I looking for a "villain," when the government has already provided me with one?

Please understand that I am perfectly willing to believe that radical jihadists did this without any assistance from any American government, military, or private assistance. The first question is what is "this"? If you think it is "paranoid" to ask these questions, then it seems that your fine education has closed your mind more than opened it.

Can you honestly explain this by the "stuctural inequities inherent in capitalism" and "the vagaries of coincidence and mistake"?

I will stop now, as this is turning into a rant. I trust you will think a little harder before you use the term "conspiracy theory" to characterize a position, and I hope you will consider whether or not your work is being used in pursuit of the progressive values I think we share.

I apologize for posting anonymously, but my position within the relations of production and ideological structures of domination is less secure than yours.

Or maybe I'm just paranoid.



happened before.."conspiracy theory" coined by CIA in 1967 as disinfo program? 28.Dec.2006 10:23


"Professor Mark Fenster of the University of Florida School of Law has written a book entitled "Conspiracy Theories: Secrecy and Power in American Culture." "

In my opinion, that shallow psychologizing book was funded as a CIA operation. If Fenster really gets into it, he's involved in a conspiracy to publish such rubbish.

read this little CIA note:


where it reads:

The term "conspiracy theory" seems to have been coined by the CIA in 1967--for psychological warfare purposes to hide their own hand in the JFK assassination. It certainly sounds like they hauled out this 1967 document and substituted in the word "9-11" for Kennedy Assassination to get some ideas. It's the same tactics as 40 years ago.

...the CIA basically admits that they invented the term "conspiracy theory" back after the Kennedy assassinations to deflect blame from treason themselves. It of course is a way of changing the subject instead of answering charges of treason.

In my opinion, stop giving a trash book by Fenster any press...Lots of empty heat and light, like Ann Coulter, both empty of purpose and unable to stand to any scrutiny (which you have shown). Besides, he's a LAWYER in a law school, whose job is making (false) one sided cases to defend the guilty as much as to protect the innocent--lawyers the higher you go, do more of the former than the latter I would presume.

(If you really wanted to get into it, just research Fenster's life. Probabaly a lot questionable there.)

Thank you for your ideas 28.Dec.2006 12:04


That CIA document is very interesting. Thank you. I thought propaganda against American citizens was illegal, though I don't know when that law was passed. I would like to see the memo on 9/11 - maybe in 20 years.

I agree with the CIA on this point that physical evidence is more reliable, assuming it has not been fabricated or tampered with (a big assumption):

"b. Critics usually overvalue particular items and ignore others. They tend to place more emphasis on the recollections of individual witnesses (which are less reliable and more divergent--and hence offer more hand-holds for criticism) and less on ballistics, autopsy, and photographic evidence. A close examination of the Commission's records will usually show that the conflicting eyewitness accounts are quoted out of context, or were discarded by the Commission for good and sufficient reason."

Fenster's resume is linked from here:


I see no reason to think he is CIA asset, or to say that even if he is. It might be interesting to know if he got a grant for the book and from where, but the book is finished. His ideas are out there and he is being quoted in the media, so his ideas should be refuted where wrong.

He wrote the book while in law school, but I think it is based on his prior work in communications and popular culture. Saying his work cannot be believed because he is a lawyer is not very persuasive. I think that in general, accusations that a person is not acting with sincerity are not useful and serve mainly to disrupt rational inquiry. Arguments have to be addressed on their merits. I'm sorry to use your comment to make this point, and I am not at all saying you are doing that, but I think it is an important point.

today's certitude 28.Dec.2006 12:35


I've been studying the 9/11 disaster and the so called attacks in London, I've read all kinds of stuff some crazy some clever and I'm now perfectly sure that both the 9/11 et 7/7 London tricks were both organized by the local secret services with the help of the israelian secret services. I'm totally convinced and 100% persuaded that they made so many error in the planning and actions that everything that was told on corporate media is false from a to z, it's not a theory it's the only inventive way they found of governing us and no honest mind can believe the story they served and the more you study the file the more you find irrelevancies made up out of cocained brains that sound much alike the cia way of thinking with an inappreciable help of the israelian services but such plan which are not theories leave a lot of strong and positive proofs. the only dilemma is whether the american justice or government can accept these proofs which would make a little earthquake in the administration which in the seismic situation of the nation is probably politically untimely.

Sending 9/11 info to Media and Legislators Is Not Spam 28.Dec.2006 13:43

Myra M. Jackson someoftheabovenews@yahoo.com

{{{{ Below is a current sample of a compilation I send to media and legislators and other "opinion makers" etc. I'm placing it here and at other forums, comment places, etc. in the hope that some who have the time and inclination will do something similar. (Hopefully a lot of people are ALREADY doing something like this.)

I recommend people consider sending their own unique compilations, on a regular, updated basis, to as many legislators (state and/or federal), and media as they can handle.

I am able to send to a list of around 1500 approximately once a week. One of the easiest ways to accumulate such a list is by using congress.org . Their government lists are easy to find and use. Their media lists are also extensive, and can be found far down the left side index. One can concentrate on one's own state, or go nationwide.

Once one gets one's list(s) into one's address book and one's message in draft, the mailing, while time-consuming (especially with dial-up), is "automatic pilot," allowing one to keep up on Air America or whatever, while visions of firing squads dance in one's head.

Ha Ha Just kidding about "firing squads." Sort of.}}}}


Post proofs that brotherhood is not so wild a dream as those who profit by postponing it pretend....
~~Norman Corwin



From YES!Magazine
Winter 2007 Issue: Go Local!

Local Energy, Local Power
by Winona LaDuke

Tribes lead the way to energy democracy with local control of renewable production


Politically Correct or Factually Correct About 9/11

I have decided on a New Year resolution. I am going to stop beating around the bush (no pun intended) when it comes to the events of 9/11. I have seen enough to know for a fact that the official explanation about 9/11 is a crock and that most of the evidence indicates that it was an inside job.

In the past I have refrained from openly discussing this in some circles because I wanted to avoid getting into uncomfortable social situations. But I have now decided that I am the one who is made to feel uncomfortable when 9/11 is referred to as defined by the official story.

I have learned many things about the event. I have also learned that when I tell people about some of these facts more often than not they listen. I have learned that information is more powerful than personal opinion and I am armed with a lethal amount of information where it comes to 9/11.

From now on, regardless of the venue, when the issue is raised I am going to speak my mind....


Where Are The Bodies?

DEAD PEOPLE DON'T TALK. And people say that 9/11 couldn't possibly be an inside job because "someone would talk." Not if they were rounded up in the big CIA disappearances in the DAYS after 9/11. They lost no time at all rounding up people. Anyone who could have provided information is dead now. Bank on it.


"Progressive" Pundits:

[The writer of this review focuses on the lethal CAREERISM of the Neo-cons and Neo-liberals; but the craven careerist hacks embeded in some of the most influential "progressive" media are at least as dangerous to our democracy:
David Corn of The Nation magazine, for instance, is currently RUNNING AN AD on Air America Radio frantically urging us to leave off questioning the Bush regime's account of 9/11 (even though scientific polls clearly show that only SIXTEEN PERCENT of Americans accept that account!), and to banish impeachment from our thoughts!
Some of the others who are advancing their careers by helping the Neo-cons and the Neo-libs to squelch questioning and investigation of their crimes:

Alexander Cockburn of  counterpunch@counterpunch.com , Ed Schultz of  ed@edschultzshow.com , The Young Turks of  theyounturk@yahoo.com .

Then there is the new "democratic" site  http://www.buzzflash.net which with great fanfare advertises that its readers can vote on its articles for importance and relevance -- but anything having to do with 9/11 or anything the least bit critical of the Israeli government is instantly deleted from the site! Karl Rove could learn from these people.

And we must not forget to include in this list of treachery the grand old man of Manufacturing Consent himself: Noam Chomsky, diligently manufacturing cover-up for the most dangerous regime in US history!]

Vol. 29 No. 1 dated 4 January 2007

by Corey Robin

"....Many people believe that great crimes come from terrible ideas: Marxism, racism and Islamic fundamentalism gave us the Gulag, Auschwitz and 9/11. It was the singular achievement of [Hannah Arendt's book] EICHMANN IN JERUSALEM, however, to remind us that the worst atrocities often arise from the simplest of vices. And few vices, in Arendt's mind, were more vicious than careerism. 'The East is a career,' Disraeli wrote. And so was the Holocaust, according to Arendt. 'What for Eichmann was a job, with its daily routine, its ups and downs, was for the Jews quite literally the end of the world.' Genocide, she insisted, is work. If it is to be done, people must be hired and paid; if it is to be done well, they must be supervised and promoted.

"Eichmann was a careerist of the first order. He had 'no motives at all', Arendt insisted, 'except for an extraordinary diligence in looking out for his personal advancement'. He joined the Nazis because he saw in them an opportunity to 'start from scratch and still make a career', and 'what he fervently believed in up to the end was success.' Late in the war, as Nazi leaders brooded in Berlin over their impending fate and that of Germany, Eichmann was fretting over superiors' refusing to invite him to lunch. Years later, he had no memory of the Wannsee ['final solution'] Conference, but clearly remembered bowling with senior officials in Slovakia.

"....Most modern theorists, from Montesquieu to the American Framers to Hayek, have considered ambition and careerism to be checks against, rather than conduits of, oppression and tyranny....

"The main reason for the contemporary evasion of Arendt's critique of careerism, however, is that addressing it would force a confrontation with the dominant ethos of our time. In an era when capitalism is assumed to be not only efficient but also a source of freedom, the careerist seems like the agent of an easy-going tolerance and pluralism. Unlike the ideologue, whose great sin is to think too much and want too much from politics, the careerist is a genial caretaker of himself. He prefers the marketplace to the corridors of state power. He is realistic and pragmatic, not utopian or fanatic. That careerism may be as lethal as idealism, that ambition is an adjunct of barbarism, that some of the worst crimes are the result of ordinary vices rather than extraordinary ideas: these are the implications of EICHMANN IN JERUSALEM that neo-cons and neoliberals alike find too troubling to acknowledge."


Esteemed Professor and Law Expert Warns Of Police State
Francis A Boyle says 9/11 was allowed to happen, war on terror is facilitating the downfall of The Republic, concentration camps are in place and US citizens are the targets



Report rebukes FBI over Okla. City probe
By JOHN SOLOMON, Associated Press Writer

WASHINGTON - The FBI failed to fully investigate information suggesting other suspects may have helped Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols with the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing, allowing questions to linger more than a decade after the deadly attack, a congressional inquiry concludes.


From the current issue of THE WASHINGTON FREE PRESS:

Does the World Trade Center Study Add Up?

by Rodger Herbst

[Numbered references appear at end of this article.]

....why did the building disintegrate into dust?

....The study does not attempt to explain why much of the mass of the building vaporized into fine dust....

....The NIST investigation also omitted or distorted many important aspects of the collapses, including movement of the WTC1 antenna before the adjacent facade, the pyroclastic dust clouds, and pools of molten metal In the WTC basements weeks after the attacks....

....The NIST study is a product of the Bush administration. An enumeration of the inconsistencies of the NIST study is consistent with a long standing and well documented pattern of Bush administration abuse of the scientific method.

The House Committee on Government Reform found "numerous instances where this Administration has manipulated the scientific process and distorted or suppressed scientific findings."

On February 18, 2004, over 60 leading scientists, including Nobel laureates, signed a statement that "The distortion of scientific knowledge for partisan political ends must cease". Since then, over 9000 additional scientists and engineers have signed on. [7]

A clear example of distortion of scientific knowledge was seen in the subsequent declaration by EPA Administrator Christine Todd Whitman that the "air is safe" in Manhattan a week after the attacks. In fact, according to top scientists, the air at Ground Zero was highly corrosive, and a "significant threat to health." The White House Council on Environmental Quality directed the EPA to edit the scientific findings "based on how it should be released publicly."[8]....

[Rodger Herbst has a bachelor degree in Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering and a master degree in Mechanical Engineering.]


The NIST 911 Report On The World Trade Center Collapse
By Mark H. Gaffney


9/11 Signs of The 9/11 Times

"I'm going to keep pushing WTC 7 until I have little kids saying:

"'Mommy, what's WTC 7 mean?'...

"If any of you have any ideas for signs, let me know.

"I'm hoping that these signs will help me recruit for the local 9/11 study and activist groups that I will be starting in the new year...."



Dam Breaks On 9/11 Truth
Lynch and Brolin re-focus attention, will more Hollywood personalities follow in their footsteps?

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet
Thursday, December 7, 2006

Two more major influential Hollywood stars using their fame to attract attention to 9/11 truth proves the dam is breaking and....



Michael Keefer on Alex Cockburn's anti-9/11 skeptic stance.

Into the Ring with Counterpunch on 9/11: How Alexander Cockburn, Otherwise So Bright, Blanks Out on 9/11 Evidence



William Rodriguez Featured in Devon Newspaper and Interviewed on BBC Bristol

Hero of 9/11 Won't Stop Speaking Out Against Bush

One minute he was going about his business, the next he was looking at a vision from the depths of hell. Still reeling from a blast which rocked the World Trade Center, William Rodriguez could hardly believe what he was seeing."A man came running into the office shouting 'explosion, explosion!'" Mr Rodriguez soon saw a third of his body had been badly burnt by the blast. "When I realised, I started screaming. I looked at his face and it was missing parts."

It was the start of a day that transformed Mr Rodriguez from a maintenance man to the hero of 9/11...


Barrett: Academic freedom is good policy

(Barrett is a part-time lecturer at UW- Madison.)
Wisconsin State Journal

In the former Soviet Union, the monopoly media acted as cheerleader for a brutal, repressive government. Dissident academics were silenced, fired, or institutionalized.

For two or three years after 9/11, our media served as a megaphone for Bush administration lies, and academics were intimidated into silence....

....The excuse that my position is marginal no longer holds, given that only 16 percent of the American people believe the government is telling the truth about 9/11 (New York Times poll) and 36 percent of Americans, and half of New Yorkers, believe top US officials conspired to commit mass murder and high treason on 9/11 (Scripps-Howard and Zogby polls).

It is long past time for a rational, evidence-based debate on the facts and meaning of 9/11. Any takers?



Fewer people are believing the official reports on September 11 attacks:



There is help for you!

If you are among the 16% who still believe the Neonazicons' conspiracy theory about 9/11, YOU CAN BE HELPED! Simply click on the links below to read the scientific debunking of the Bush pseudoscience fairytale about the WTC 9/11 atrocity.




[Cindy Rodriguez's column below is the most truthful and objective report on 9/11 investigation that Some Of The Above News has so far seen in the mainstream media.

Read entire column:




Literary giant says 9/11 allowed to happen, slams Bush administration coup de'tat of American freedom



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The iron is glowing the time is late the door is grinding shut 28.Dec.2006 17:38

jess me

-It is wrong to shift the burden of proof to the American people, who lack the information necessary to "prove" government complicity -

I think this alone is the sign to everyone that even despite the heavy cloaking the the stonewalls the lies and denials
the people have used this new tool of theirs to show the rulers great fear in the unceasing endeavor of the common people for truth and justice.

We need to strike the hot iron into a movement and rally to rid the world of this degenerate insanity.

Fenster is out of his depth, shallow mass psychological theorizing... 29.Dec.2006 10:50

...instead of 9-11 analysis

"I see no reason to think he is CIA asset, or to say that even if he is. It might be interesting to know if he got a grant for the book and from where, but the book is finished. His ideas are out there and he is being quoted in the media, so his ideas should be refuted where wrong."

No. You didn't read his background at all then.

The author is Yale all over: that's enough for me to say he is totally compromised--or utilized.

The second he hit Yale Law School and Skull and Bones networks he was amplified (beyond his capacities and out of his depth) to serve someone else's spin on 9-11. His ideas are hardly "out there in the media" they are being selectively amplified by the media, which is something entirely different that shows that he is a useful tool and nothing more.

Don't bother talking to Fenster.

Fenster timeline, assembled from his resume, approx 1991-present, or How Yale Pushed Him Into the Limelight

Visiting Assistant Professor, Telecommunications Department, Indiana University (Bloomington), 1991-93.

Assistant Professor, Mass Communications, Shenandoah University, 1993-95.

Conference Coordinator, Yale Law School, 1997. Assisted Professors Angela Harris and Harlon Dalton in
planning and coordinating national Critical Race Theory conference held at Yale in November 1997.

Teaching Assistant, Civil Procedure (Professor Judith Resnik), Yale Law School, Fall 1997. Led weekly
class discussion; developed and reviewed student assignments; researched updates to casebook

J.D. Yale Law School, June 1998.


Conspiracy Theories: Secrecy and Power in American Culture (Minneapolis: University of Minnesota
Press, 1999).

and he's Manuscript Reviewer
Critical Studies in Mass Communications
Cultural Studies
Law & Society Review
University of Alabama Press
Yale Journal of Law & the Humanities

check out the sponsored media appearances:

Media Appearances
TELEVISION: The News with Brian Williams (CNBC/ MSNBC); ZDF German Television.
PUBLIC RADIO: Australian Broadcasting Company Radio; Canadian Broadcasting Company Radio; German
Radio (Cologne); Todd Mundt Show (syndicated to NPR stations); WGN-AM, Chicago (Milt
Rosenberg Show); WBEZ-FM, Chicago (Odyssey) (also syndicated to NPR stations); WNYC-FM,
New York (Brian Lehrer Show); KCRW-FM, Santa Monica (Marc Cooper Show); WANC-FM,
Albany, NY; Wisconsin Public Radio.
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Kansas City Star; Miami Herald; New York Newsday; New York Times; Newhouse News Service
(wire story picked up by numerous newspapers); Newark (NJ) Star-Ledger; Orlando Sentinel;
Richmond Times-Dispatch; Rocky Mountain News; Sacramento News & Review; St. Petersburg (FL)
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LOCAL MAGAZINES: Boulder (CO) Weekly; Jacksonville Business Journal; Minneapolis/ St. Paul City
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He's either an oblivious useful tool, or he's a plant from this:

Member, Committee for Democratic Communications, 1996-2001. Assisted in efforts to defend illegal
microradio broadcasters and to establish legal low power radio broadcasting.

He's stopped defending them after 9-11, then? :-)

So he went to Yale 29.Dec.2006 12:46


As I wrote in my letter to him, I think his place in our society makes it harder for him to accept the possibility the government is lying about 9/11.

I've looked for his book in the University of Washington libraries and the Seattle Public Libaries and they don't have it. It seems the CIA would do a better job of getting a book they funded into libraries.

I happened across a book yesterday -- The Cultural Cold War: The CIA and the World of Arts and Letters, by Frances Stonor Saunders. It's reviewed here (I think the same book, with British title):


Amazon has it too but I didn't like their review.

I know that what you describe can happen. If you can prove it, that would be interesting -- please post your results on Indymedia. Regardless, his arguments still need to be rebutted, and that is what I did, as best as I could.

One more thing 29.Dec.2006 13:00


Historian, you said:

"His ideas are hardly 'out there in the media' they are being selectively amplified by the media, which is something entirely different that shows that he is a useful tool and nothing more."

I don't disagree that his ideas are being selectively amplified by the media, and I am just trying to counter that in whatever little way I can. I suggested he was being used as a tool when I said he was irresponsible for engaging in or participating in the "strategy of delegitimation."

What is your point? I shouldn't be talking about him at all? Sorry, he made me angry and I channeled that anger into the letter and decided it was worth posting here. I hoped he would defend his ideas at my blog but he declined.

Yet another thing 29.Dec.2006 13:16


I'm assuming that is still you, historian.

I have a hard time seeing that Yale = CIA, though I'm aware of the old links that may still be strong.
One would have to know how admissions decisions are made at Yale Law.

The idea that CIA funding lifts up and publicizes compliant second-rate intellectuals, which is what I see you saying, is an interesting one that is discussed in the Cultural Cold War book. I won't call Fenster a second-rate intellectual, but I will say he has not thought about 9/11 facts and has acted irresponsibly in smearing citizens' efforts at factfinding with the term "conspiracy theory." So I agree he is a tool.

Thank you for your comments.

Yale networks central to American spycraft & inbreds, which are same thing 29.Dec.2006 14:04


"I have a hard time seeing that Yale = CIA, though I'm aware of the old links that may still be strong. One would have to know how admissions decisions are made at Yale Law. "

Bill Clinton at Yale, brought into the CIA as asset while he was in England. Bill and George H. W. Bush, as CIA head in 1976, working on setting up the Mena, Arkansas connection of CIA drug transhipment into the United States illegally for sales around the U.S. One year after leaving Yale, Clinton is 'run' as a politican in Arkansas.

Hillary Clinton at Yale, same background
(Hillary and Bush Senior had working spycraft relationship in the 1980s via both on the board of American LaFarge, which sold and profited from seeding weapons to Iran during the 1980s Iran-Iraq War.

All Bushes at Yale.

George W. Bush is a perfect example of pushing (being overly kind) second rate intellectuals like him who are barely qualified as frymaster at a local fast food shop.

When all the Presidents or acting Presidents (and even presidential candidates like Kerry) all come from Yale for the past 20 years, it should be an open secret by now that Bonesmen promote a Bonesman United States of America, "of, by, and for the Bonesmen."

A statue of spy Nathan Hale at Yale was copied to be the main statue outside CIA headquarters.

Yale is central to American spycraft and political developmental direction the US has taken for over 150 years. Yale's spycraft connections always there--even during the American Colonial Revolution. The CIA after WWII was built through Yale Bonesmen networks.

CIA supposedly even even sing Whiffenpoofs (a Yale singing club) songs, in the CIA.

Yes, tis true, I never claimed to prove the relationship of CIA-Fenster, only hypothesized based on the amount of Yale connections and amplification he got after making himself known to Yalies.


You might find certain areas of Millegan's _Fleshing out Skull and Bones_ book useful if you wanted to persue how central Yale is to such things.

Book Description

This chronicle of espionage, drug smuggling, and elitism in Yale University's Skull & Bones society offers rare glimpses into this secret world with previously unpublished documents, photographs, and articles that delve into issues such as racism, financial ties to the Nazi party, and illegal corporate dealings. Contributors include Anthony Sutton, author of America's Secret Establishment; Dr. Ralph Bunch, professor emeritus of political science at Portland State University; Webster Griffin Tarpley and Anton Chaitkin, authors and historians. A complete list of members, including George Bush, George W. Bush, and John F. Kerry, and reprints of rare magazine articles are included.

About the Author
Kris Millegan is the son of a CIA intelligence official. He has written articles for High Times and Paranoia Magazine. He lives in Walterville, Oregon.
Product Details

* Paperback: 720 pages
* Publisher: Trine Day; New Ed edition (October 1, 2004)

get it at:

little interesting article on two Dumb Bonesmen running both Parties:

Transcript shows Kerry's Yale grades similar to Bush's

BOSTON (AP) — Sen. John F. Kerry's grade average at Yale University was virtually identical to President Bush's record there, despite repeated portrayals of Kerry as the more intellectual candidate during the 2004 presidential campaign.



so what? 29.Dec.2006 14:24


Polls say about a third of the public believes in these theories. So why has this not translated into a third for impeachment? Or a third for trial and punishment?

There is already copious evidence of high crimes and misdemeanors on grounds other than these theories. Why are you not in the streets demanding removal of these thugs from office?

One must question if the conspiracy might not be the creation of conspiracy theories to occupy the time and energy of those who might otherwise be doing something meaningful.

it translated, however, party frameworks corruptly gatekeeping against it 29.Dec.2006 18:51


"Polls say about a third of the public believes in these theories. So why has this not translated into a third for impeachment? Or a third for trial and punishment?"

Actually, I'm not sure what you mean by translating into for impeachment, because impeachment is being stalled by the double neocon Democrats and Republicans. The people at large, in polls, shows that well over 50% do want impeach on grounds of lying over the false dangers that were promoted to scare the US into invading Iraq without being attacked or even in danger.

And only around 16% or so of the US (see above links) actually believe in the ever-changing artless dodging of the 'official story' (which official story? there have been several, particularly on the NORAD timelines...)

To be fair the Greens (though I don't think the Libertarians) have called for Bush impeachment, though that just goes to show that the issue is the corrupt Democrat and Republicans, in bed with each other, instead of actually parties, that is the spanner in the works.

All that talk about Democratic led impeachment evaporated like dew in the neocon desert, as Conyers was told to shut up. That he has AGREED to shut up, shows how useless are even 'dissenting Democrats.' Kucinich as well. There are good grass roots Republicans as well, though concerned about the erosion of the Bill of Rights and the erection of a police state, though the neocon wing is shadowing over them.

Once again, people telling me to do something else 29.Dec.2006 20:16


jedgar said:

"There is already copious evidence of high crimes and misdemeanors on grounds other than these theories. Why are you not in the streets demanding removal of these thugs from office?"

And jedgar suggested I am "creat[ing] conspiracy theories to occupy the time and energy of those who might otherwise be doing something meaningful."

Maybe I made Fenster think, and it will affect how he talks to students and to the press. Or maybe he's hopeless like historian says. I thought it was meaningful to call this guy on his actions.

Since I wrote it up, I decided to post it here because I knew Portland IMC is one of the IMCs most interested in 9/11, because I often visit Portland, and because I thought someone might be interested.

I didn't force you or anyone else to click on my article, so apparently you are worried that other people will read it, instead of reading what you think they should be reading.

So now I'm responsible for getting people out in the streets for impeachment? Nothing I'm doing prevents impeachment from proceeding on the political crimes. Organize a *meaningful* protest and I'll try to be there. (It sucks, doesn't it, to have someone say your protest, no matter how small, is not meaningful.)

Conyers has written the book on grounds for impeachment, and I'm all for investigations starting right away. The investigation should take about a week, and then the impeachments can start.

Crimes were committed against the American people, and the criminals must be brought to justice so they can't kill again. There's no statute of limitations on murder, but evidence is getting stale so I think pressure on the 9/11 crimes has to continue while impeachment is proceeding on the lesser political crimes. Maybe I'm misguided, but I thought my letter was a way to apply pressure.

Like I said, tell me when you have a protest scheduled and I'll try to be there.

You talk about "these theories." They are facts. Most of the public does not know all of these facts, but a third are smart enough and aware enough to smell the stench. Interestingly, in some polls, African-Americans and persons without college educations are more likely to smell the stench. Interpret that as you will. You and Fenster apparently are in full agreement, so I hope you read my letter to him about labeling someone's position as a "conspiracy theory" when you don't know the facts.

I don't tell you, Noam Chomsky, Alexander Cockburn, or Matthew Rothschild how to be a citizen. Don't tell me.

Also, there are lots of other serious issues. Global warming, destruction of the oceans, prison rape, genocide in the Sudan, decline of the middle class, for example. What are you going to do about those while you are working on impeachment? Are you trying to divert people's time and energy from those issues?