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what is that stench?

why the hell does it smell so bad?
So I got up this morning and it smelled like ass when I opened my back door. I just thought it was by recycling bins, then I went out the front door and it still smelled, (this is near fremont and mississippi) then when I got to work at the lloyd center it still stinks, I talked to my coworkers who live in milwauki and st. johns, they too smelled the stench. The oregonian has said nothing. I did notice a manhole that was steaming like crazy on my way to work, is our sewer system taking a dump on the city?
bad smell 29.Dec.2006 08:23


I think I smelled the same thing on thurman and 23rd yesterday at about 11 am.
smelled like burning electrical wires, brakes or something

IF IT SMELLS 29.Dec.2006 08:58


If it looks like a duck and walks like a duck, it's a duck. If it smells like SHIT it probably is SHIT........but Portland officials sweep what ever they can under the rug....it's hard to sweep "STINK" under the rug!
We are lead to believe that our hard earned income, that goes for taxes, is used for improving our city.. But it's not. It goes to make the city look good for tourist and the rest is pocketed by officials in charge. There is alot of stink going on in Portland because of it.

Have you heard of Camas 29.Dec.2006 15:14


There is a pulp mill in Camas, just over the river. That's no doubt what you were smelling.

it always stinks over here 29.Dec.2006 18:06


on sunderland right next to the columbian correctional facility is a city compost site. the compost sits in open piles right on top osf asphalt. they scoop and push and dump it from one place to the nxt steaming and reeking - not a good earthy smell but a stench . it is sprayed with what i dont know, its been difficult getting a staight answer. the city says it is harmless yet in the the summer the black sooty dust billows and setteles everywhere and people get sick and boogers are black. in the winter it comes in the form of a stenchy fog. i ask if it is indeed harmless topeople and wildlife then why are the workers there wearing masks?

Read the signs 31.Dec.2006 17:58


This comment is late to catch the topic when it was more recent, more "fresh."

Next time we notice something "in the air", it might be collectively useful to note any atmospheric conditions accompanying the stink.

Things like wind direction (might require more than just what's in your face at the moment as urban surface conditions confound the sense of prevailing wind at the surface). Look for indictors taller than your face, like tree tops, flags, maybe the direction that lower clouds are moving (although that can be deceptive if there is frontal activity). Also, not if there are "inversion" conditions, promoting stagnant air.

For instance, as dv suggests, if the wind was fairly steady and forceful out of the NNE, NE, ENE, it's plausible that it was from the corporate polluter's site in Washougal.