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George Bush attacksAlabama

Tonight my car was spray painted "fuck you" with other "art" thrown in for flair. I ride my bike to work 60% of the time, bus 30% and walk or jog about 10%, yet my car, in front of my house in SE, gets tagged by some assholes too lazy to drive to the suburbs or too lazy to just think. I'm all for supporting sustainability but this is the kind of mindless lazy shit that makes the relationship between the far left and mainstream antagonistic.
I'm sure a segment on you will decry my auto ownership at its core. And fair enough. But to defile a car in an area of primarily liberal minded households that generally support sustainability at the ballot box is just idiotic. Its the kind of thing that turns good-hearted people into self-interested republicans. Next time think before you act and choose your targets a little more intelligently.
Interesting 01.Jan.2007 06:56


How do you know the person or people who did this are members of the far left? Beyond that, just what is the far left? I don't support property damage, and I hope any repairs needed don't cost much, but to assume that the person or people who did this are not just numbskulls with little or no political affiliation, I find, is often a leap.

Sounds like just a dumbassed vandal to me.... 01.Jan.2007 08:10


How do you know it was directed at your car ownership ? Is your car a Humvee or some other huge gas guzzler ? ( That does not justify vandalism in any case ) Did the vandals write anything other than Fuck You ? Vandalism is assinine and I hope the perps get caught. I wouldnt make assumptions about the motives of these people ..they may be just bored 12 year olds with no political aims.

I'm sorry to hear about your car 01.Jan.2007 09:46

Fred Bauer

But what makes you think this is a political issue and why do you think the perpetrators would be found here? Don't you think it was just some dumb, nasty kids acting out of meanness rather than some political agenda?

I suspect 01.Jan.2007 09:55


You just MAY not be as "liberal" as you think.

or maybe 01.Jan.2007 09:58


...it's personal like maybe you pissed off someone in your neighborhood? because it doesn't seem like you have very good communication skills and are paranoid to boot-why don't you check your own shit before walking it over here?

Liberals 01.Jan.2007 11:43


What makes you think they are attacking your car ownership? They could be attacking your decision to run power to your house and to not use a rainwater collection system. They could be attacking the fact that you grow grass and not corn and beans in your yard. Or they could be attacking the fact that you voted in the last election (which, of course, only serves to support the imperialist system). Or, they could be attacking your personality, your sexual preference, your personal odor, or the color of your house.
Or, maybe they weren't targeting you. Maybe this has nothing to do with you or who you are, and is just another random act of violence.

The jump to the conclusion that they were attacking your car ownership/usage is pretty rich. I think it falls under the very misguided assumption that "most people" think the way "we" do, when in fact, as a new convert to radicalism I can tell you, the MAJORITY of people don't have a clue. The vast majority of people don't like gas prices but don't see what that has to do with deaths in the Middle East. Or, they have heard of this whole 'global warming' thing but don't feel their own narcisstic selves should have to take any steps to lessen it.
Not that vandalism is EVER okay, and I know how much it sucks to be a victim of a crime where you just KNOW no one's ever going to be caught, but honestly, it would give me a tiny ray of HOPE for the future of our country if I could make myself believe that people were taking so strongly to the idea of not using cars that they were resorting to vandalism. Again, it is NEVER justified and is most certainly NOT okay, but it would make me happer to think that people were actually attacking car usage than to think they're just destroying property for the fun of it.

that sucks 01.Jan.2007 20:38


sorry to hear about your ride.
But to comment on other comments, somtimes vandalism is good. Sometimes. I would willingly trash a humvee if given a good opportunity. somtimes people don't hear the message to well and they need to See the message.