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A REALLY New "New Year"

/pop-pop/ "Happy New Year!" /honk-honk/
Obviously, this New Year is TOTALLY different. Life is no longer carbon-based, but is now silicon-based. Everyone speaks Esperanto. Color spectrum inverted, & what was orange is indigo, & what was indigo is orange. Stadiums are filled with fans watching players read books. Televisions no longer work. Water cycle has reversed, & Columbia River flows upstream & goes into the sky as raindrops & snowflakes. People rush to the end of lines. Children everywhere are well-fed, & laugh & play.

And nobody hates anyone.

Where is this "new" year.

Onward, radical progressive sisters & brothers. Thank you. I love you. Stay with it.

Den Mark, Vancouver
xiu xiu 01.Jan.2007 10:04

xiu xiu

pop pop to you too

happy hopey Hopi

Year yee here the Ear

5 days ‘til Pirate Xxmas 01.Jan.2007 12:31



Tis now the advent of our solemn-not fricassee, when we sing the holy songs around the house-fire and pray that someone is sober enough to put it out. Long it is since we remembered whatever the hell it was anyway. What? Did I say naught, or else? Here's mud in yer eye, an' pirated silicon in yer pocket, ye salacious celebrants o' somethin'!

Deck the decks with plastic decking
Never mind the nails, we'll slide about
Strike the sails, the storm is blowin'
Grab the scummy pots, an' throw 'em out
Don is a short name for Donald
Rumsa feld, rummy field, gives me gout
Put King George in rusty clappers
Yar har har har har, an' watch him pout

An' remember too, it's not just about shopliftin,' it's the avoidin' of wood alcohol, which is not as easy as ye might think when the decks are shiftin.' Har. A Merry Pirate Xxmas to you all, and to all a good fuck. Oh fuck, did I say that out loud?