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Asset Forfeiture Laws Creating Army of Informants

Asset Forfeiture Provisions of Patriot Act join-with illegal-NSA-Domestic Spying on Americans
How Asset Forfeiture Provisions of Patriot Act join-with illegal-NSA-Domestic Spying on Americans: Greater success against provisions of the Patriot Act and illegal-NSA-Domestic Spying on Americans could be achieved by publicly addressing "Patriot Act-broad-Civil Asset Forfeiture Provisions" that now threaten innocent U.S. Citizens and business assets, and Intellectual Property. Few organizations that claim to oppose the Patriot Act have focused on Patriot Act provisions that permit government/police Civil Forfeiture of Assets belonging to U.S. Citizens, including heirs and businesses using only a Preponderance of Evidence and/or by so-called secret testimony: Under the Patriot Act the same informants who provide secret testimony may be paid a percentage of a citizen's or business's assets confiscated and/or resulting fines the government collects. There appears to be no Statute of Limitations for Police/Government Civil Asset Forfeiture since 2000 when Rep. Henry Hyde's got passed HR 1658 the "Civil Asset Forfeiture Reform Act of 2000." Hydes bill included over 200 felonies and violations that can subject property to civil asset forfeiture. The statute limitations under Hyde's bill for government civil asset forfeiture was changed to 5-years from the time police allege they discovered that an asset became subject to forfeiture. Consequently NSA by itself or other Federal/state agencies using the Patriot Act may be able to share/use information gleaned from illegal-surveillance of telephone, fax and emails in the future to go back indefinitely to seize assets of businesses and U.S. Citizens using the low standard a "preponderance of evidence." Patriot Act provisions refer to civil asset forfeiture laws guiding Patriot Act forfeitures according to Title 18 of the United States Code. However this statement appears trashed when you consider the Patriot's "Substitution of Assets for Forfeiture provision." Under that provision it is difficult to determine if the government is using any standard of evidence whatsoever to forfeit offshore funds that may be connected to a crime, including funds that may have been innocently connected to the same offshore entity: The U.S. Government or a joint sharing foreign agency need not prove the source of the funds being confiscated: this would apply for the "substitution of assets being forfeited" in the U.S. For example, one person that is alleged among many others to have or had an interest in a tainted offshore bank account could have their shopping center confiscated in Las Vegas, NV and the evidence for the forfeiture can be kept secret by the U.S. Government in the name of National Security. The Republican controlled Congress 3/2006 voted to extend Patriot Act provisions that allows the U.S. Justice Department to hit individuals and businesses with "Administrative Subpoenas" without probable cause (fishing expeditions). This can act as a prelude to Government Civil Asset Forfeiture proceedings using only a "preponderance of evidence" to threaten, confiscate assets and/or assess huge fines against individuals and businesses. Rep. Hyde's passed Hr. 1658 Civil Asset Forfeiture Act of 2000 included more that 200 alleged crimes and violations that can make property subject to civil asset forfeiture. U.S. Citizens and corporations would have little chance of protecting themselves from civil asset forfeitures and fines when served with Administrative Subpoenas. Please find summarized below "asset forfeiture information" from the Patriot Act and Rep. Henry Hyde's passed "Civil Asset Forfeiture Reform Act of 2000, HR 1658." Rep. Hyde's "Forfeiture Act" gave the Patriot Act more power to seize and forfeit property using a low standard of evidence; including employing secret informants, secret witnesses, hidden evidence to forfeit property and to impose huge fines: Note: that the secret witnesses can share in the same assets they cause to be confiscated by police from Americans. New Federal Civil Forfeiture Laws "CREATING ARMY OF INFORMANTS" U.S. Government can now Forfeit Property "Involved" In Most Felonies and Seize Inheritances: HR 1658, "The Civil Asset Forfeiture Reform Act of 2000" expanded government Civil forfeiture laws to include approximately 200 felonies and violations making more property subject to Government forfeiture; even after the statute of limitations has passed for criminal prosecution. Only a "mere preponderance of evidence" is needed for federal agencies and police to confiscate property, not "clear and convincing evidence." Inheritances and Innocent Heirs: Heirs need not be "involved" in a felony that makes their inheritance subject to government forfeiture. They need only have reason to know that someone e.g., a relative, employee or other person previously committed a felony or violation that involved their inherited real property or other assets.