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NYC: Demonstration in solidarity with Mapuche struggles

Anarchists in NYC demonstrate against Benetton, due to their attacks on the Mapuche people in Chile and Argentina.
Nearly a dozen people demonstrated outside of the Astor Place Benetton store in NYC two days ago. After angrily entering the store and being kicked out, the demonstrators set up a picket outside of the Benetton. Flyers were distributed and conversations started with shoppers, with the aim of disrupting business.

The demonstration ended after a little while, just as the police arrived, apparently ready to make arrests.

Banners read: "Solidarity with the Mapuche: Eco-Action is Self-Defense" and "United Colors of Dispossession." The flyer called attention to Benetton activities in Chile, and the complicity of the Chilean state in repressing Mapuche resistance. It also called for the release of all Mapuche prisoners and eco-prisoners everywhere.
'Nearly a dozen'? 08.Jan.2007 07:27


How many is that exactly?