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Conscientious objectors lock down to federal building

"Silence [and inaction] is the voice of complicity"
Surge Protection Brigade Locks Down to Federal Building Jan 11 '07
Surge Protection Brigade Locks Down to Federal Building Jan 11 '07
Code Pink Activist Linda Weiner
Code Pink Activist Linda Weiner
Four left to be arrested
Four left to be arrested
The face of resistance
The face of resistance
Ann Huntwork being interviewed after her release
Ann Huntwork being interviewed after her release
Press coverage (which most likely won't appear on corporate media)
Press coverage (which most likely won't appear on corporate media)
VFP support!
VFP support!
Five women, most of them grandmothers, handcuffed themselves to the Edith Green-Wendell Wyatt Federal Building in Portland this morning to protest President Bush's escalation of troops in Iraq.

"We have a duty to protest when our elected officials are committing illegal acts," said 64-year-old DeEtte Beghtol as city police worked to uncuff her from the front door of the downtown building.

Beghtol said not protesting would have made her complicit in the Bush administration's doings overseas. And she said protesters picked the Federal Building for a reason.

"It's the closest we can get to the White House," said the Portland resident, "without traveling thousands of miles."

Beghtol said protesters brought their own handcuffs. Then, smiling weakly at the officers attempting to free her from the front door, she said, "They have their own keys."

(from Oregonlive.com)

why print corporate media??? 11.Jan.2007 16:56

where are indy values

this article says its from oregonlive.com that is the friggin oregonian...

why are you reprinting corporate news on portland imc???

this is so, so against principles of independent media centers... we make our own news... what gives? great story but take 5 minutes and write a real report

Sensitive 11.Jan.2007 17:14

RhondaB sweet_earth_lover@hotmail.com

Because I'm a bit too fatigued to do my own writing, and I was standing right there when Deette made the statement (which was quoted verbatim by the evil corporate media), and I thought it was a great quote from her. The harm in doing this escapes me. The photos are ones I took while there.

Great action, great photos! 11.Jan.2007 17:15


And by the way, great job! You all rock! I wish more people were stepping up like this. Bush is a criminal, and any politician that continues to support this war (and support the funding for it) need to be held accountable.

...one more thing.... 11.Jan.2007 17:17

RhondaB. again

yeah, it takes five minutes to write as story...and four hours to be at the action....and days of meetings planning it....and an hour to get the photos set up just so....

I'd rather have the corporate news than no news... 11.Jan.2007 17:27


Before this story, all the indy reporting on this was pretty slim, and had a few mistakes (this was at federal building, not federal courthouse).

This looked a great action, and it needs to be reported here. Unfortunately, oregonlive had a decent story on this action before indymedia did.

These women rock 11.Jan.2007 17:29


Good for them! I am glad this was posted here on Indy so we could all celebrate the stand these women are taking.

Not Oregonlive 11.Jan.2007 17:34


Excuse me, this article is by a woman who was a witness to the act. She is not with the Oregonian nor mainstream media. She may be quoting from Oregonlive, however, as I just did numerous searches on their website, there doesn't seem to be anything at the moment.

There were mainstream media folks who showed up, amazingly enough.

Being a witness to these women getting arrested was amazing to me. The police were kind (for a change), however, the public was especially cruel as they tried to get into the building by pushing their way through these elder women. It's the elder women who seem to be leading the way.

There are people saying this is ineffective, to them I would ask, "What are you doing?" We are good at dividing each other. I choose to support all actions no matter how effective or ineffective. These people are doing something to try and create change. The author of this article, Rhonda, asked me earlier "Where are all the people from four years ago?" We are still out here trying to create change. Where are all those people? Where are the 15,000 that were in the streets four years ago? People are still being killed!

Anyway, these women are heroes of mine. I know them well enough that they do far more than just this to try to bring about change in this world. May we all have the courage they portrayed and get out there and do our part!

Good Going "Grannies" 11.Jan.2007 18:09

hope to be a Grannie in 30 years

I've never seen "Raging Grannies" do anything but dress in over the top clothes and sing silly songs. This is really inspiring that the Portland team is doing lock down!

Proud of all of you 11.Jan.2007 20:41


Incidentally, the Raging Grannies don't sing "silly" songs. Their songs are unique and creative and always on peace. They DRESS silly. I am their no. 1 fan and will defend them forever.

I am proud of all the protesters, some of whom I know from other actions: Martha O, Ann H, Linda W, and Ptld. Civil Resist. You didn't tell me about the action, but we had a very good one here in Vancouver. Almost 30 people showed up!

.. 11.Jan.2007 20:54


great photos!! thanks!!

(((i))) 11.Jan.2007 20:59


"I'd rather have the corporate news than no news..."

Would be nice though, to have some original writing to feature

oh for pete's sake 11.Jan.2007 21:12


Quit complaining about the frigging writing, this was an awesome event and we're all tired, give us a break. Thanks Rhonda for posting the photos and the quote from DeEtte.

Watch for more actions from the Surge Protection Brigade!!!

(((i))) 11.Jan.2007 21:20


It is not a complaint, just a desire to see the story in the center column, but there is no original writing to put in a feature.

hey troublemaker 11.Jan.2007 22:03


The Federal Building is the Federal Courthouse.

RE: hey troublemaker 11.Jan.2007 22:24


The federal building is most definately not the federal courthouse. I work there come inside sometime and look at the plaque by the elevators, theres no judge in there..IRS, immigration, navy recruiting...etc... any by the way coming from a federal worker....

Raging Grannies you rock! I may work for the government but I definately don't agree with the war and I sure as hell can't stand the idea of sending any more troops to Iraq. keep up the good work, I definately wasn't one of the people pushing past you, I would have been cheering for you.

Thanks, Ann, Terri, Linda, and everyone! 11.Jan.2007 22:29


Looking forward to more Surge Protector actions!

s 11.Jan.2007 22:48


yeah, great action everyone!

corporate news should be on indy.. you say "WTF?" 12.Jan.2007 04:45

Ecotopian Yeti

corporate news should be on indy.. you say "WTF?"

well but within context.. I think it is perfectly legitimate to "reprint" corporate news within comments that investigates the corporate media biases or in some cases sections that might be valuable and again wih comments as to why.

Just my opinion.. I did not post the story though

Names? 12.Jan.2007 10:30


Does anyone have the names of all the Grannies? And, I mean, they are ALL grannies, I think, not most of them. Is there contact info for the group?

yes 12.Jan.2007 13:37


Surge Protection Brigade -- contact us via  surgeprotectionbrigade@yahoo.com

All but one of the women are grandmothers. Linda Wiener (not a gramma), DeEtte Beghtol, Pat Schweiber, Martha Odom, Ann Huntwork.

And just to be specific 12.Jan.2007 13:40


This was not a Raging Grannies action. These are all members of a brand new coalition, the Surge Protection Brigade. The five women and the support team present yesterday come from a variety of peace groups - Code Pink, Vets for Peace, Civil Resist, and others I'm not remembering just now....Most are veteran activists. You'll be seeing more of us!

You Go Mom!!! 15.Jan.2007 10:31

colette beghtol-zakel cbz@qwest.net

I am so proud of my mother. It takes guts and attitude to stand up for what you believe. She has set a great example of fighting for what you believe in my whole life! More peolpe should follow her example!



thanks portland,org grannies- the nyc grannies would like to be in touch with you = betty check out our web site- www.granniepeacebrigade.org

Grannies are to be applauded for trying to stop the "surge" 05.Feb.2007 08:01

Joan Wile, Director, Grandmothers Against the War, NYC joanwile@grandmothersagainstthewar.org

Bravo to the brave and patriotic grandmothers who barred the entrance to the Federal Building. The Grandmother movement opposing the war in Iraq is leading the desperate struggle to end this tragic, illegal and immoral war. We of the Granny Peace Brigade (arrested and jailed on October 17 for trying to enlist at the Times Square Recruiting Center) and the Grandmothers Against the War peace vigil (held weekly at Rockefeller Center since Jan. 14, 2004) support you in your admirable action to protect our children's and grandchildren's future.