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Beaverton Peace Vigil Against Escalation

photos of tonights vigil
Over 150 people assembled at 5th and Hall this evening to protest Chimpy's call for another 20,000 soldiers and an additional carrier battle group to the middle east.The majority of Americans want our soldiers home now.Yet, the cabal that runs the White House does not "get it".Dems plan to block funding, but they MUST know that they have your support. Call toll-free: 800-614-2803.And GOP senators who are up for reelection in 2008 are, by in large, now breaking with Bush. Let them know you support them on ending the war (then vote them out anyway in '08).

Beautiful 12.Jan.2007 15:33


Beautiful! Thank you! I'll have to get out to your event again soon. Wednesday nights can be tough for me, but I'll get out there again sometime.