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Tonight's rally to protest escalation in Iraq

14 Protestors gather at Pioneer Courthouse Square
The crowd begins to march
The crowd begins to march
Denouncing corporate media's role in prolonging the war
Denouncing corporate media's role in prolonging the war
Flags for peace
Flags for peace
Protestors take to the streets
Protestors take to the streets
Red and black flyin'
Red and black flyin'
"Not my president, not my war!"
Haha - Just pretending to be corporate media! If anti-war activities are reported at all, the numbers are always underreported.

A large crowd braved the cold and showed up at Pioneer Courthouse Square to protest Bush's announced escalation of the Iraq war this evening. The crowd marched to the Oregonian newspaper's office, chanting and taking over the street for a short time. In spite of delays, motorists showed great support to the protestors by honking and waving. This has not been the typical reaction of Portland drivers to such delays in the past. Perhaps this is reflective of a poll conducted showing that 89% of Americans oppose sending more troops to Iraq.

It was also unusual to have no noticeable police presence at the event this evening; no storm troopers, no smell of pepper spray in the air, no violation of free speech rights.

The demonstrators marched back to PCS, where singing, chanting, percussion music and general camaraderie took place.

The rally and march, along with the civil disobedience at the federal building earlier today, were part of nationwide protests in response to Bush's announcement yesterday.

?! 11.Jan.2007 21:38

vehicle madness

uhh...didn't someone try to ram people with her car tonight?

hmmm 11.Jan.2007 21:46


The reason to go to the Oregonian is because the corporate media is owned by the same war machine profiteering from suffering and death in Iraq, Somalia, Afghanistan and Palestine. The corporate medias job is to help that war machine and the job of the people is to take back control of the media to represent the people and their interests.

some thoughts 11.Jan.2007 21:53

not there tonight

>> This has not been the typical reaction of Portland drivers to such delays in the past

Actually in my experience it has; it's just that the few people who are pissed off about it complain endlessly afterward.

It's good to hear that the police stayed out of people's way and let them exercise their first amendment rights without interference for a change.

about those cars 11.Jan.2007 21:57


there is a provision in the Oregon Code which allows for citizen initiated violation complaints. Basically, you can file a driving infraction against someone, which some bicyclists have used to good effect. I think its in chapter 153, but I'm not sure. We should all keep it in mind for future protests, as there are numerous infractions which someone is violating by "ramming" or threatening to do so with their vehicle.

AUDIO Excerpts 11.Jan.2007 23:09


a couple of the speakers and more from Jan. 11 Pioneer Courthouse Sq.
17 minutes
17 minutes

ramming 12.Jan.2007 11:25


Yeah, my partner and I were there ready to mend anyone who managed to get themselves run over. A woman in her car hit a protester going pretty slow, and he just layed out. He wasn't hurt, but people were pissed and kicked her car, which later resulted in a guy from another car almost getting into a fight with the boy who kicked the car.

Thanks Protesters 12.Jan.2007 11:52

This Time

There is always a bad apple in the bunch (car hitting protester)

I liked reading that the STORM troopers were not out rubber bulleting/horse-stomping like they seem to like to do

Now that seems to me to be a big step there!

Thanks for enduring the cold to drive the message home
"The Message"

My Thanks 12.Jan.2007 12:34

Mike mikefeeny@gmail.com

Happy to hear of this protest, and I'm proud of the folks who braved the cold. Disappointed though, that I didn't hear anything of this beforehand. Maybe I'm not looking hard enough, but it seems that more people would turn out if there was better communication about protests like this. The corporate war machine needs to be stopped in it's tracks! Is this website a good resource for getting involved and being notified of events?


yes 12.Jan.2007 14:50


You can pretty much count on protests being announced here. It was well covered ahead of time. The thing is, there was only a couple days lead time. Also, I'd suggest signing up on MoveOn.org or True Majority or one of those, they are often the clearinghouse and/or the springboard for these kinds of events.

KBOO 12.Jan.2007 15:29


KBOO announced this quite a bit as well. 90.7fm

Solidarity is easier said than done 12.Jan.2007 16:29


Its bad enough that drivers stuck in the traffic created by a demonstration would assault protesters with their cars, as one angry driver did to me (Oregon plate SWC 995). I understand their frustration, and I have no intention of making an attempt to report this incident.

What really grinds my gears is my fellow protesters, if I can call them that, who tried to physically remove me from the street. Myself and a few (too few) comarades were blocking traffic, and two grey-haired men made independent attempts to drag and push me out of the street. I believe in peaceful protest; blocking traffic is peaceful. I respect those who wish to remain on the sidewalk, and if we want a strong movement, we must all respect each other's individual decisions and callings in protest.

I would like to thank the woman who came to stand by my side after these men man-handled me, and of course the other youth who helped in stopping some traffic.

how to initiate a citizen complaint 12.Jan.2007 22:04


Hey, here are some articles on the "citizen initiated complaint process" which you can use if a driver breaks the law in harassing you with their automobile:



 link to bikeportland.org


sassykathy46 sassykathy46@gmail.com

Not only did the police not interfer - a police car passed me, the officer read my sign, then he smiled and gave me a peace sign. My sign read, "SUPPORT OUR TROOPS - FIRE BUSH, chicken-hawk-in-chief. IMPEACH"

Hey "this time" 04.Apr.2007 13:09

every time

Why would you call some one a "bad apple" for hitting a car that just hit them (or their comrade)? Wouldn't the driver be the bad apple? Since when is self defense a bad thing, or have you just gotten that apologetic about the demos you attend? Why don't you silly liberals ever call out the people who initiate skirmishes(like cops or people who hit protesters with their cars) instead of people you are supposed to be acting in solidarity with?