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Olympia Opposes the Escalation

A surprisingly large number of people turned out on this too freezing cold night in Olympia to register their outrage at this latest Bush insanity.
The word went out over email today and close to 100 people stood on the corner of Division and Harrison in Olympia's Westside. Some with signs, some without but all committed to ending this insane war. One woman I spoke with said she had thought long and hard about whether it was worth coming out--after all, what good what it do? Then, she asked herself, what good would it do to sit at home? Showing up made more sense, even if it did nothing more than provoke the drivers to think about how strongly we feel about this war, she said.
While Evergreen College sits only a few miles from this intersection, there were few young people. Even on this bitterly cold night, this was the older crowd. There is no question that the peace activists will be busier than ever and word went out that a peace rally is planned for January 27th at noon at the 4th street bridge at noon, in solidarity with the demonstration in D.C. that same day.